20 Purple Kitchen Ideas for 2019

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Purple is one of the most underrated kitchen design colors, with a scanty 0.13% of our survey responders featuring it in their kitchens. That’s a shame because we think that there are some great purple kitchen design ideas out there—but people just don’t understand how to make the most out of them.

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Use Purple In Splashes

Purple isn’t a color that’s meant to dominate your kitchen; it doesn’t have enough light reflecting ability to make for a pleasant area, and it’s a bit distracting to be everywhere at once.

Purple is a color that you can use to add a splash of color to an area that needs a little bit of perk-up. If you have a table that’s a beige or wooden hue and lacks a nice texture to tie it together, try a purple place mat or table runner.

Purple works well when it’s kept to one object that’s in a place where there aren’t many other colors that stand out. That way, you’ll get the most out of purple’s subtle yet cheerful color.

Don’t Pair Purple With Dark Hues

One of the biggest but most obvious mistakes that you might make while envisioning a kitchen design featuring purple colors is to pair purple with a darker hue of another color or even to use a darker hue of purple.

Purple needs to stay light, cheerful, and attention-grabbing—pairing it with a darker colored object means that it’ll sit in the color-shadow of something that the eye will get drawn to first, and it’ll end up looking too subtle. The prototypical mistake in this category is putting a purple vase in the corner of the kitchen, under dark cabinets.

Purple should be a pleasant surprise, not an afterthought in a dark place. Make sure that if you incorporate purple objects into your kitchen, they get some natural or unnatural light on them enough of the time to get someone’s attention. After all, what’s the point of having a subtle yet attractive color if it never gets the chance to be seen?

Use Purple With Natural Accompaniments

Purple works well with bright greens, light browns, and other nature-colored and textured kitchen concepts. You may make an association between purple and flowers, which is exactly the way you should think when you implement it in your kitchen.

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