20 Eclectic Kitchen Ideas for 2019

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If you’re a person who likes a mixture of different styles, fabrics, textures, and time periods, then you have an eclectic sense of taste. When designing a kitchen, you can select a variety of materials, colors, and appliances from different decades to create a unique room. Out of all the styles, eclectic kitchen design ideas probably give you the most freedom to imprint the kitchen with your personal touches.

Eclectic Design Popularity

While it isn’t the most popular, eclectic kitchens are among the top 10 most popular kitchen designs. Out of a survey of 1.78 million kitchens, 2.08% of them were eclectic designs. Although that’s a small percentage, it’s enough for a place in the top 10.

Express Yourself

If you’re a collector, then an eclectic kitchen design could allow you to show off some of the treasures you’ve found over the years. Place industrial lighting over the island in your kitchen or display the appliances you’ve found on the countertops instead of hiding them behind cabinet doors.

A mixture of textures can be chosen as well, such as vinyl flooring with tile backsplashes and classic wood furnishings. If you’re on a budget, but the kitchen badly needs a makeover, then an eclectic look can help you save money and express your creativity.

Fits Any Kitchen

Whether you have a large, spacious kitchen or one that takes up just a corner of your studio apartment, eclectic kitchen design ideas work well for any size rooms. For instance, if you don’t have much cabinet space, you can add shelves above your kitchen counter to stack your dinnerware or hang pots and pans by the stove for quick access.

Even in larger kitchens, you may want to display your dishes by having glass cabinet doors or add splashes of color by painting the island instead of having it match the rest of the kitchen’s cabinets. There are many ways to complete an eclectic kitchen, as these photos demonstrate.

Creative Freedom

If you can’t find a kitchen style you that suits you, then consider using a mixture of styles, textures, and elements you do like. Eclectic kitchens fit every budget, every size kitchen, and they allow homeowners to be creative in the design and functionality of the space.

Incorporate eclectic kitchen design ideas to save space, create an eat-in kitchen, or to design a room that allows you the freedom to add any style elements you wish.

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