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Philippe Starck’s House in Los Angeles, CA (Listed for $2.8 Million)

This is the front view of a house with black exterior walls accented by white and the landscaping that has tree, shrub hedges and a concrete driveway. Image courtesy of

Being a well-recognized name in the design world, Philippe Starke has been long know for his history and contributions, and many are now committed pieces in very famous museums themselves. So, it’s catching eyebrows and attention that Starke’s Beverly Hills home is now for sale. The property is listed for $2.8 million to the right buyer.

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With a footprint of 2,900 square feet, the home offers a buyer a modest three-bedroom layout with the same number of matching bathrooms. The interior of the home is entirely climate-controlled, and the internal furnishings follow an Italia style. Of course, the buyer can choose whether to include these items or not. The set can be added to the purchase price as desired.

From the outside, the home is not ostentatious or shocking. In fact, it fits into the neighborhood with subtleness, looking somewhat classic versus modern suburbia designs instead.

Inside the home, however, is another world. Starting with the living room, the entire walls are a lemon yellow framed with a bright white wood floor and slanted ceiling. With matching bookcases, the main room opens up to a patio and outdoor yard deck with double-doors.

Bedrooms are also designed for both adults and children. For example, the kid’s bedroom portrays a classic environment for a young child complete with a classic bunk bed and pastel decorating. Natural light is brought in from a sizable window and the room is complete with its own entertainment system as well.

The kitchen is a continuation off of the living room, carrying the white ceiling and floor into the cooking area. However, the floor changes to marble for more durability and easier cleaning. The entire room is a mix of white or very light gray, including all the furniture and counter styles.

The master bedroom also carries the same décor style with an all-white theme. For a Beverly Hills home, the bedroom is surprisingly small, but it’s cozy as well. The double-door exit opens to the pool on the property as well as with a view of the same. Surprisingly, the master bathroom follows more of a minimalist approach. Starke’s style was not one to follow a traditional layout of sinks, toilets, and shower. Instead, he has an open room with a view and a standalone sit-in tub. The sink is a stand-alone vanity with more of an old-world style versus a modern melded room so often found in typical home design.

For anyone who is a fan of Philippe Starke’s style and designs, this home is dream come true. Every room evokes Starke’s sense of style and shape as well as the use of space. It’s a complete package representing a legacy of a famous designer who definitely left his mark in the U.S.

Photo credit: The Agency