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Nicolas Cage’s House in San Francisco (Listed for $10.9 Million)

Read about this Gothic estate home that is for sale for a cool $10.95 million and was previously owned and loved by actor Nicolas Cage. This ornate home is located blocks from the San Francisco Bay and Lombard Street. It includes dressing rooms, a mirrored wet bar and wine cellar.

This Tudor Revival home has gorgeous beige exteriors with minute architectural details that give the exteriors a unique character. The front of the house is adroned with a couple of plant boxes with shrubs to complement the exteriors. The two A-frame roofs of the house towers over the inclined street below. On the side you can see a garage and the main entry in the middle is adorned with stone carvings making it look like an entrance to a church. Images courtesy of

Nicolas Cage is well known for his roles in Leaving Las Vegas, Gone in 60 Seconds and Con Air. What few may know about him is that he is also the nephew of the famous Francis Ford Coppola.

He chose to change his name so that he could make his own way in acting. In addition to being a quirky actor, he enjoys purchasing real estate and houses, including a former home of his in San Francisco that is up for sale once again.

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This Gothic Tudor estate home is over 105 years old and has known many owners in its time. While Nicolas Cage was the most well known, he was not the only one to love the neighborhood of Russian Hill, which is located just blocks away from the San Francisco Bay. This house was built to help bring this area back to life after the devastating Earthquake that hit San Francisco in 1906.

I love the location of this house because it is only a couple of blocks away from Lombard Street and perfectly set for romantic walks to the park. This spacious estate is 6.305 square feet and expands over four floors. Each floor gives an amazing view of the San Francisco Bay.

Before you even enter the house, you notice the gothic stonework on the outside of the house. Inside you will find stained glass windows, majestic fireplaces, and unique molding. Everywhere you look, you notice little touches that make this house extraordinary.

The entry way on the main floor opens to a grand staircase, multiple dining areas, the library, a powder room, a formal living room, and an eat in kitchen. The kitchen has a more modern look to it and connect to a 2 car garage. Spaced out among the other three floors are 6 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms.

The primary suite is located on the second floor and it includes 2 dressing rooms, a linen closet, large bathroom, and a mirrored wet bar. There are 2 guest rooms on this floor. The third floor offers 2 additional bedroom with vaulted ceilings. The wine cellar, gym, a bedroom, bathroom, and expansive family room are located on the bottom floor.

This home is for sale for $10.95 million, which is more than the $7.7 million Cage sold it for in 2008. He purchased the home in 2006, along with many other pieces of land which included an island in the Bahamas and a castle in England. The price of this home has come down by almost $1 million dollars of the price from 2 years ago.

The outside of the house features a grassy yard and landscaped garden complete with stone benches. There is a lot adjacent to the house, that is 40 x 60 feet. It is also for sale and if both in combination with the house, the asking price for the lot is $3 million.

Photo credit: Open Homes Photography