Tyra Banks’ Homes (Condo & Single Family Home)

Check out this mansion in the sky in Battery Park, NYC. This is Tyra Banks' condo which she's listing for sale for a whopping $17.5 million. Also check out her Pacific Palisades home she's selling.

The model turned host has a net worth of $90 Million, no wonder she has a very luxurious condo in the Riverhouse complex in New York City. Just imagine a home located in the beautiful city where diversity of culture is rich and very artsy, it is no mystery why living in this city is very expensive (but worth it)!

About Tyra Banks

We all know her as the host of the America’s next top model but her career started way before that.

She started modeling at the age of 15 and was rejected plenty, but as we know how fierce she is, she never gave up. After a few years she had a chance to move to Europe and had her first gig as a runway model. In 1997, she received an award as the “supermodel of the year“. She was also known as the first African-American woman to be in the cover of GQ and Victoria’s Secret Catalogue (which is no longer being printed).

Of course, this capable woman would eventually forge her way to the different mediums of show business. She had her first gig in acting as an old friend of Will Smith in the “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and from there she different casting opportunities just came rolling in. Now, she is not just a super model but also a producer, a businesswoman, an actress and an author. She truly has come a long way (source: Wikipedia).

A very independent and talented woman like Tyra Banks should be hailed as queen, there is no doubt that she deserve her success!

House #1: Pacific Palisades

In April 2018 Tyra Banks listed her Pacific Palisades house for $1.499 million.

This is a fairly small house with 1,852 sq. ft. Check it out:

Source: Trulia Celebrity Homes

Pacific Palisades Map

Tyra Banks House #2: NYC Condo

Tyra Banks’ condo, which she’s listed for sale for a whopping $17.5 million, is a duplex in New York spanning 7,000 square-foot home with five bedrooms, eight bathrooms and a stunning view. See it all below.

The condo duplex overlooks the Hudson River, needless to say this will be a perfect spot to relax and unwind after a long day of enjoying the life in the lively city.

What I like about this condo

  • The view: Any time there’s a water view, I like it.
  • Primary bedroom:  simple in design letting the spectacular view through floor-to-ceiling windows do the design work.
  • Large open concept kitchen:  Kitchens tend to be small in NYC. Not in this condo. t/he kitchen features a large island and includes large dine-in area.

About River house

Riverhouse Complex is very luxurious residential building that it houses very well-known personality-from the Roosevelt Family to different celebrities. Units can range from $2 million to $17 million depending on the number of rooms and square feet of the unit (Streeteasy.com)

The Riverhouse Complex is a co-op apartment building thaw was built in the 1930’s in a site of a former cigar factory. It is well-known for its river club where residents and club members enjoy and relax after they enjoy sailing in the Hudson River with their yachts (NY Times).

Riverhouse complex is perfectly situated in the waterfront property of the Battery Park City, a block west of Tribeca. It is a great location with a perfect view of the east side of the Hudson River, you will also get the very New York style of living.


Image source: Trulia

House #3: Pacific Palisades Mansion

About her Pacific Palisades Home

Tyra Banks put her five bedrooms and seven bathrooms Pacific Palisades mansion in the market for a whopping $9.5 million. The 6,135 square feet luxe property boasts a contemporary style designed by Douglas Breidenbach.

What to Love About the House

The contemporary beauty features stylish living rooms equipped by modish furniture while the kitchen boasts a spacious area with a large center island styled by marble countertops. The bedroom is connected to a kids room, which features carpet flooring. There’s a spacious closet with a nice sitting area and a bathroom that offers a deep soaking tub and a powder area.

The home’s fascinating kitchen set extends to outdoor space featuring an outdoor dine-in kitchen. There’s a patio overlooking the beautiful surroundings while the rooftop can be the perfect place for a night time bonding.

Pacific Palisades Map

Image source: Trulia

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