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7 Natural Shower Alternatives

A collage of shower alternatives.

A daily shower has become a standard in modern society’s concept of personal hygiene. However, this simple practice isn’t always an achievable goal especially for busy moms who need to keep up with other more demanding daily tasks. It’s also not that practical for those who live in drought areas where conserving water is considered more important.

For older adults, showering isn’t as easy although keeping clean is just as important. Fortunately, there are practical and natural ways to manage one’s personal hygiene and stay clean even without taking a shower. Scroll down below to find out how.

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1. Taking a Bath

A woman taking a bath with flowers and milk.

If you are having trouble taking showers, it might be best for you to switch to being a bath person. Not everyone who owns a shower has a bathtub, as some showers are simply stalls.

Regardless, if you have the option to take a bath, then this is going to be your best bet. Even if you are hurting or having some problems, you should be able to take a bath.

Those who have severe injuries may need to have some type of supervision during the bathing process. At least having someone outside the bathroom door may be enough to keep you safe.

If your need for a shower alternative is more due to having problems standing, then a bath is a perfect option for you. Even if you weren’t a bath person up until now, it will be best to get used to it.


You likely already have a bathtub and will be able to switch over to taking baths right away. Even if you have trouble standing, you’ll be able to sit down in a bath and get cleaned up.

This will allow you to maintain proper hygiene while letting yourself heal. Even those with permanent disabilities should be able to bathe safely with the right supervision.


Some people simply do not enjoy baths as much as they do showers. If you are very injured, you might require some assistance to get into and out of the bathtub.

Those who don’t have someone to help them may not be able to make use of this method easily. Even so, this is the most practical shower alternative that most people will turn to.

2. Shower Chairs

Shower chair in the shower room.

Shower chairs are another alternative that you will want to consider. This type of alternative will appeal to people who avoid the shower due to medical reasons.

If you can’t shower because you are having trouble standing up, there is something that can help you. Buying a simple shower chair will allow you to take a shower while sitting down.

This is a handy tool that helps people to enjoy a refreshing shower without having to feel like they are in danger. These chairs are capable of supporting quite a bit of weight too.

If you are a bit on the heavier side due to your injury, you will be happy to know that the shower chair being shown here supports up to 350 pounds. This is the option that most people choose when they have suffered an injury or are too frail to take a normal shower.


A shower chair can potentially help someone regain their feeling of independence. This tool can help someone who feels too unbalanced to take a normal shower.

Being able to sit down while showering will feel natural and will help a person get cleaned up very nicely. Also, these shower chairs are not all that expensive, so they should be affordable to purchase on any budget.


Shower chairs can be great, but sometimes people still require supervision. Depending on the severity of a person’s injuries or their physical conditioning, they may not be able to stand up from the chair without assistance.

This means that someone will need to be present even while they are using the chair. This largely depends on how severe the physical problems of the user are, of course.

3. Using Baby Wipes

Cleaning hands using baby wipes.

Baby wipes can actually be a really good tool for you to make use of if you cannot use your shower for some reason. If you need to avoid taking showers for a few days due to an injury or your shower needing repairs, you’ll need a method to stay somewhat clean.

The easiest thing that you can do is purchase some baby wipes. You can use these to easily clean yourself so that you can stay as fresh as possible given the circumstances.

There are many people who take baby wipes with them when they go out camping too. You can use these unscented wipes to clean up and stay fresh without having to take the time to shower.

It’s excellent for times when you simply do not have access to a shower, and it doesn’t cost too much money. Baby wipes are very inexpensive and you can purchase them just about anywhere, so this is a solid shower alternative to consider.


Baby wipes don’t cost much at all, so anyone can make use of this shower alternative. If you use baby wipes to wash yourself up, you should be able to stay relatively fresh.

Most people won’t even be able to tell that you haven’t had a shower if you have cleaned up in this fashion. It’s a quick process and you’ll never even feel inconvenienced. Also, baby wipes are useful for multiple purposes, so you’ll love having them around.


You aren’t going to be able to avoid showering forever. Baby wipes are certainly better than nothing, but you will notice a change in your skin condition if you don’t take a proper shower after a few days.

This is a great solution for a few days, but it isn’t the best long-term solution. If your shower is being repaired, this should work fine while you fix things up, however.

4. Getting a Fresh Change of Clothes

Young man putting on a long sleeves shirt.

Another important thing to do when you aren’t able to shower is simply getting a fresh change of clothes. If you change your clothes, you will smell a lot better.

The most important part of your clothing to change regularly is your undergarments. These clothes get very sweaty and will begin to smell after some time, so change those at the very least.

If you combine changing into fresh clothes using the baby wipes as mentioned above, you will feel relatively clean. Even if you have to avoid showers for whatever reason, you will be able to stay fairly well-groomed this way.

People won’t notice that anything is different about you and you’ll be able to go about your business. Just try to clean up with baby wipes before changing, if at all possible.


Changing into a fresh pair of clothes is a very simple way to freshen up. You will feel a lot better when you put fresh clothing on too.

Changing your undergarments is probably the most important aspect of this shower alternative. Your other clothing should be changed out as well, but pay close attention to your undergarments at the very least.


If you are particularly dirty, changing into fresh clothes isn’t going to cover up that fact. This method really does need to be paired with using baby wipes in order to be as effective as possible.

If you want to be able to appear as clean as possible, you will certainly need clean clothes. You just might need to clean your body too, depending on how dirty you are at the time.

5. Washing Your Face with Olive Oil

Olive Oil

One of the biggest problems that people encounter when they are unable to shower is that their skin starts to look bad. When you can’t shower for a stretch of time, your pores will begin to get clogged up.

This can lead to you feeling dirty and your skin looking bad. Luckily, there are some natural remedies you can make use of to mitigate the damage.

Washing your face with olive oil is an effective way to cleanse your pores. Olive oil contains a ton of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for your skin.

Your skin will look more vibrant if you use olive oil instead of a normal commercial facial cleansing product. This is inexpensive to do as well, so it’s definitely worth trying. Simply wash your face with some olive oil and a little bit of water to ensure that you look as good as possible.


Buying olive oil is very easy to do. You can find it at pretty much any supermarket that you visit. It should only cost a pittance and you’ll be able to start washing your face with it right away. It will invigorate your face and cleanse your pores, making you look as good as possible.


This will help the look of your face but it won’t really get you clean. You’re still going to be dealing with other hygiene issues even if you address your skin condition. It can be a good part of a shower alternative, but it is not an entire solution.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Source: Walmart

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent way for you to cover up the smell of your body. If you are starting to notice that your body has an odor, you will want to do something about it.

Buying some apple cider vinegar is a cost-effective way to deodorize yourself. Apply some of the apple cider vinegar to your armpits and other areas of your body and you will smell ten times better.

Many people are not aware that apple cider vinegar was widely used in the past to help people smell better. The advent of modern deodorant options made this an uncommon practice.

Even so, apple cider vinegar can be very useful today. It has natural anti-bacterial properties and can really help your skin look better.


Apple cider vinegar is very easy to find at any grocery store. You’ll be able to use this inexpensive method to ensure that you smell fine.

Using it on your armpits and other sweaty regions of your body works great. You’ll feel fresher and people won’t be able to tell that you have not showered recently.


This is another shower alternative that can help you cover up the symptoms of not taking a shower. You need to be able to bathe at least semi-regularly for the sake of hygiene.

No amount of special products or remedies is going to completely replace showering or bathing. You should use these methods to help, but should not count on them as a complete replacement for showering.

7. Baking Soda

Baking Soda

If one of your biggest problems is that your hair is getting incredibly greasy, you should be able to solve things with a bit of baking soda. Using baking soda as a sort of dry shampoo is an effective solution.

If you put some baking soda on the greasy parts of your hair, things will start to dry out. This will allow you to go a little longer without having to take a shower or wash your hair.

You will need to comb your hair out in order to ensure that you don’t have any white flakes in your hair. If you leave the baking soda in, then people are going to be able to tell that you did something to it. You don’t want it to be obvious that you put baking soda in your hair, so it’s a good idea to go to some lengths to comb out your hair and inspect yourself after using this method.


Baking soda doesn’t cost a lot of money and it can help to eliminate greasy hair. No one likes having greasy hair, as it can feel somewhat nasty to the touch. Eliminating this problem is easy when you use baking soda, so don’t hesitate to give this a try if you have a greasy hair problem.


This method isn’t exactly quick, as you will need to comb out your hair. If you are going to go to these lengths to make your hair less greasy, you could just go ahead and wash your hair.

Even washing your hair in a sink is something that can be effective. This method may not be appealing to everyone because of this.

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