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These Mezzanine Kits Are the Cheapest Way to Increase Your Home’s Usable Square Footage

Examples of mezzanines built from mezzanine kits

I love kits because it makes things easier for me yet are cheaper than hiring someone to build it.  Actually, kits are often cheaper than me going to buy the materials myself because kit producers can buy in bulk and save money. Kits often result in a better looking project too. My designs can sometimes be amateurish.  Kits are a win/win/win.

Either way you slice it, kits are terrific.

Introducing the versatile mezzanine kit. 

When it comes to dollars per square foot, few offer as inexpensive an option as a mezzanine kit.

I haven’t bought one but it’s only a matter of time before I do.  I currently don’t have any space tall enough to accommodate one but given my penchant for buying real estate lately, I just might end up with a space that would benefit from a mezzanine kit.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Medium-sized mezzanine kit by Mezzanines Online


The good news is there are so many of these kits available online.  I particularly like MezzaninesOnline and Tecrostar for home-based mezzanine.  If you have a warehouse, there are commercial mezzanine kits and builders you can check out.

When it comes to these kits, there are two considerations:

  1. Where will you put it; and
  2. What will it be used for.

Where you put your mezzanine will also dictate what it’s used for.  For instance, if in a bedroom with a regular height room, you’re best bet is to sleep on it because there won’t be much clearance.

However, if in a tall space, it can be used for anything – office, storage, lounge, gaming room… whatever you want.

Mezzanine Kit Examples

1. Home Office / Lounge

These days people are scrambling to add a home office with all the remote working.  If you have a taller space in your home, a mezzanine kit could be your best solution.  Check it out:

Mezzanine used for office

You can watch this mezzanine being built. FYI, this mezzanine kit is by Tecrostar.

2. Sleeping Quarters

Loft bed Mezzanine Kit by MezzaninesOnline


3. Mezzanine Deck

Yup, you can use these mezzanine kits as a deck. Check it out:

Mezzanine kit used for a deck


4. Storage

When I see a garage like that, I’m jealous. It’s a perfect place for a mezzanine kit to add space to an already massive space.  Notice in the example below that the clearance isn’t all that high which is totally fine for storage.

Mezzanine kit for storage

Source: Tecrostar

More examples of mezzanine for increase usable square footage:

How much money per square foot do mezzanine kits cost?

It will vary depending on the size you get and whether you enlarge with add-ons (which will lower the cost per square foot). But suppose you get the large 161 sq ft kit which costs $5,779, you’re looking at a mere $35 per sq ft.  Considering the cost to build a house is north of $150 per square foot, a mezzanine kit is a budget-friendly option to add more usable square footage to your house.

Stair Options for Your Mezzanine

Once you decide on a size, you get to choose the type of stairs for your mezzanine.  Options include (per

types of stair options for mezzanine kit by MezzaninesOnline


Making it bigger with extensions

Large mezzanine kit with extensions by Mezzanines Online

Source: Mezzanines Online

Both Tecrostar and Mezzanines Online offer extensions.  These kits are basically modular and so you can add on as much as you like to create as big of a mezzanine as you want.

Check out Tecrostar extensions here and Mezzanines Online extensions here (go to “Mezzanines” and look for Extensions option).

Both Tecrostar and MezzaninesOnline offer add-ons to enlarge your mezzanine kit.  If you have plenty of space, be sure to check out the add-on options.