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12 Mega-Mansions with 20,000+ Sq. Ft. (Photo Galleries)

Here's a collection of the biggest houses in the world. These are the mega mansions that the world's richest can only afford. All houses have 20,000 sq. ft. or more. Incredible houses you have to see to believe.

4 mega mansion photos

It’s like we’ve gone back to medieval times when massive castles were built by nobility given the size of some of today’s mega mansions. In fact, today’s homes are just as ostentatious as the gilded age mansions built in Newport, Rhode Island, the Gold Coast and other incredible historic mansions.

Except for these days, the mega-mansions aren’t designed to protect and provide for entire villages. Today’s mega mansions are built for one or two families.

20,000+ square feet for a private residence is an insane amount of space, yet there are many of these homes located all over the world.

This post features photo galleries of today’s mega mansions.

For a home to be featured here, it must contain at least 20,000 sq. ft. Some have more than 50,000 sq. ft. While I have no desire to live in such a large home, I must say some of the interior designs and outdoor amenities are really awesome.

Check them out.

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1. Los Angeles, CA Mega Mansion (31,000 sq. ft.)

Aerial view of 31,000 sq. ft. mega mansion in Los Angeles

Click here to see this entire house

2. Thousand Oaks, CA Mega Mansion (50,000 sq. ft.)

Spectacular 50,000 sq. ft. Mega Mansion in Southern California (Thousand Oaks)

Click here to see entire home

3. Millbrook, NY Castle (34,000 sq. ft.)

34,000 sq. ft. Millbrook, NY old world mega mansion castle

Click here to see entire castle-like home

4. New Jersey Mega Mansion (35,000 sq. ft.)

35,000 sq. ft. New Jersey mega mansion on a mountain

Click here to see this entire home

5. 31,000 sq. ft. New Jersey Mega Mansion

31,000 sq. ft. New Jersey Mega Mansion on the Water

See entire mansion here

6. 30,000 sq. ft. New Jersey Mansion

As you can see, New Jersey is filled with plenty of mega-mansions (so is California). Here’s another beauty – you’ll love the living room.

Backyard exterior view of New Jersey mega mansion

Click here to see entire home

7. Epic 25,000 sq. ft. Arizona Mega Mansion

Get a load of the living room in this house.

Click here to see the rest of this house

8. 26,000 Sq. Ft. Florida Waterfront Custom Mansion

If you like new and absolutely incredible interior design throughout, you have to check out the design quality in this amazing home in Florida. It’s listed for sale for $20,000,000. DouglasElliman Real Estate has the listing.

Aerial view of Florida mega mansion

See the rest of this home here

9. 36,000  Sq. Ft. Bel Air Beauty

Here’s a stunning 1.1 acre Bel Air mega-mansion with 36,000 sq. ft. home that includes endless patios, courtyard, indoor pool and bowling ally. This home is listed for sale for $49.9 million. Coldwell Banker Global Luxury has the listing.

Aerial view of mega mansion (36,000) in Bel Air, California

Click here to see the rest of this home

10. 25,000 Sq. Ft. Arizona Mansion

Here’s an incredible 25,000 sq. ft. mega mansion in Paradise Valley, Arizona sitting on 5 acres of land. The grounds, exterior and interior of the home are nothing short of spectacular. Listed by The Joffe Group.

Front view of Arizona mansion

Click here to see the rest of this home

11. 31,000 Square Foot Los Angeles Mansion

An amazing 31,000 sq. ft. beautifully design mega-mansion in Los Angles on a 1.81-acre property. This home, at the time added here, was listed for sale; the listing is held by Hilton & Hyland.

Incredible Los Angeles mega mansion

Click here to see the rest of this home

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12. 23,000 Sq. Ft. Sumptuous Southampton Mansion

I absolutely love the interior design of this new Southampton mansion. The grounds (3.84 acres) are spectacular too. It’s for sale (as of the time this was published); the listing is by the Corcoran Group.

View of new Southampton mega mansion front drive at dusk

Click here to see this home

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