25,000 Sq. Ft. Arizona Mega Mansion

Front view of Arizona mansion

Stunning 25,000 sq. ft. Paradise Valley, Arizona mega mansion where the grounds, exterior and interiors are extravagantly and beautifully designed sparing no expense. The home offices, bathrooms, living spaces, home gym, pool, patio and every other square inch is gorgeous.

Here’s an incredible mega mansion in Paradise Valley, Arizona on 5 acres with 25,000 square feet of total luxury. This home includes 2 amazing home offices, a beautiful billiards room, luxury living room, palatial dining room, home theater and extensive grounds including fire pit, covered patio and swimming pool.

The design and style fits well with the region. The front has a large brick driveway leading up to a gorgeous exterior facade with large custom dark wood door, and that’s just the beginning. See more of this home below. The listing is by The Joffe Group, a luxury home real estate leader in Arizona. Also listed on Zillow.


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