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23 Awesome Features You Only Find in Luxury Homes (Mansion Photos)

Collage of mega mansion interior.

Are you rich and designing a luxury home? Perhaps you’re not rich, but like many people, enjoy looking at spectacular mansions.

My first understanding that there were rich folks was watching the TV show Silver Spoons. I couldn’t believe the size during the intro when they showed the Stratton house exterior. Of course, as a kid, I was impressed with the large model train that ran throughout the house too.

One fun thing about luxury homes is seeing what features and amenities they include that regular homes don’t include. While not all luxury homes have all the features below, many luxury homes have some of the features.

This is a fun article that sets out luxury home features and amenities that you don’t see in regular homes. Enjoy.

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Swimming Pool

Plenty of modest homes have pools, especially in warm climates, but the swimming pool is definitely a hallmark of a luxury home.

Huge swimming pool with pool house


Most luxury homes are huge and have plenty of space, large rooms, and all kinds of interesting rooms.

Aerial view of mega mansion (36,000) in Bel Air, California

Bowling Alley

It’s not often you find houses with a bowling alley, but they exist. I enjoy bowling but am not sure I’d pay for it.

Luxury home with 2-lane bowling alley

Home Bar

The home bar, especially the one below, is a nice feature for most mansions. While many regular homes have a home bar, mega mansions create bars the size of a regular neighborhood pub.

Home bar (modern.

Indoor pool

Not all luxury homes have an indoor pool, but most homes that have an indoor pool are luxury homes.

Large indoor swimming pool with columns and indoor patio

Tennis Court

I had a friend growing up who had a tennis court. I was very jealous because I love playing tennis. The irony is he didn’t play.

Tennis court in backyard

Court for Playing Sports

Take the tennis court to the next level and turn it into a full-blown court for playing sports like this. I love it.

Gorgeous tennis and basketball court in backyard.

Home gym

I enjoy going to my gym, but it would be convenient to have a gym like this in my home for those days when I can’t get to the gym. This is one seriously well-outfitted home gym.

Walk-in closet

There are walk-in closets, and then there are mega walk-in closets with dressing rooms. The real deal is like the one below.

Huge walk-in-closet with white cabinetry including glass-faced storage cabinets.

Wine cellar

The rich love their wine and so why not invest in thousands of bottles? But then you need to invest in a wine cellar to store all those bottles. Well, it’s not uncommon for luxury houses to have massive wine cellars like the one below.

Massive wine cellar in private residence.


One of my favorite luxury home features is a library. While we live in the digital age, there’s something magical about a room with walls lined with books. The library below is by far my all-time favorite home library design.

First floor of massive round home library with circular staircase leading to second floor of library.

Home theater

These days most higher-end homes include some kind of home theater or media room.

Side view of incredible modern home theater with stadium seating.


While not all mansions have acreage and it’s also true that not all acreages are luxury homes… but many fine homes do have large, sprawling properties (i.e. estates).

Backyard exterior view of New Jersey mega mansion


They’re not making any more waterfront so being able to live on the ocean, a lake or even a river is a nice luxury few of us can afford.

Large round patio with fire pit situated next to ocean.

Game room

The game room is an ode to the kid in all of us. Who doesn’t love playing foosball, ping pong, or billiards now and then?

Large game room with ping pong table

Golf Greens (and even courses)

Wealthy golf-lovers who no doubt have golf club memberships are also known to build putting greens and even full-blown golf courses on their properties.

Circular driveway

I love grand, circular driveways that fall at the feet of a sumptuous mansion.

Aerial view of Florida mega mansion

Massive Custom Garages

With a luxury home comes luxury cars that need a place to park. That’s where some really cool luxury garages come into the picture… garages that can store 4+ cars and include apartments and/or guest suites.

Massive custom carriage door style garage.

Sumptuous Home Offices

There are home offices, and then there are sumptuous home offices fit for titans of industry. Check out the beauty below.

Fabulous home office.

Terrific Stuff for Kids

Most people raising kids are strapped for cash because kids are expensive. You have to buy a bigger house, pay for clothing, food, activities, vacations… all sorts of things you never bought before kids. It’s not often parents with young kids have millions of dollars at their disposal to build extravagant kids’ bedrooms and play structures. But, some parents with young kids are rich and go all out for their kids.

Kids bedroom with custom train bed

Incredible backyard playground and playhouse for kids with tube slide.

Massive Rooms

A sign of a luxury home is large rooms, especially living spaces such as living rooms, drawing rooms, family rooms, great rooms, and entertainment rooms. Check these out.

Incredible 2-story living room with view of round landing above.

Sports-themed man cave with black leather sofa and mustard yellow walls.

Incredible Formal Dining Rooms

Glamorous dining room with dark wood flooring.Hotel lobby-like foyers

Incredible two-story foyer with winding staircase.Images Source:  Zillow DigsTM