Marina House Design By Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

The Via Marina house by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects is a sight to be seen. The home serves as the perfect residence for anyone who enjoys the water, especially the beach, and the peacefulness of nature. The residents can enjoy views of the beach from different areas within the home and from outside on one of the balconies or patios. While the whole house is stunning, the pool looks especially inviting.

The Unique Exterior

The Via Marina house is a sight to be seen. The home serves as the perfect residence for anyone who enjoys the water and the peacefulness of nature.

The exterior of the home is unique in that it makes use of every natural element possible to blend with the scenery. A combination of glass and both dark and light wood make this house look like the perfect beachside retreat. Roof plantings creep down over the edges and down the exterior walls of the home, which allow it to fade into the environment.

Half glass walls surround some of the upper decks, which gives the residents an unhindered view of their surroundings. From lush green grasses to tall trees and beautiful beach waves, the view seems to extend endlessly out and beyond the home’s location.

The exterior also consists of several native plantings, such as flowering plants that bloom and provide a hint of color. A cerulean pool invites the homeowners and their guests to relax and unwind on days that they may not feel like walking down to the beach.

An Interior with a View

While the outside boasts plenty of natural charm, the inside features a combination of natural charm and modernity. Floor to ceiling glass windows and doors provide expansive views of the scenery from nearly every room. The dining area is almost entirely encased in glass so that the residents can enjoy their view of the outside while eating meals together.

The bedroom and bathroom area also features floor-to-ceiling glass panels, though there are shades that offer privacy when needed. Because of the many windows, the house receives plenty of natural lighting during the daytime hours. Overhanging balconies create enough shadow so that the sunlight is not too overbearing.

Balconies and patios that walk outside extend the living space further when the weather permits. Although there are defined spaces between the exterior and interior, the glass windows help blend both spaces together in seamless proportion.

The home features wood flooring to expand upon the element of naturalness that the house boasts. Those same wood floors extend outdoors onto the upper decks and balconies. One of the upper decks just off the bedroom and bath area overlooks the pool, so parents can relax and enjoy while watching their kids play.

Some of the key features of the home include:

  • The use of natural elements for building materials
  • The impressive views from every angle
  • The spaciousness of the rooms
  • The extended living space outdoors when the weather is nice

Overall, the home is a rather impressive design. The layout ensures the functionality of each room so the residents can maximize usage. There is, of course, a social center where everyone can gather and entertain, but there is also plenty of options for privacy, too.

Design by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Design by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

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