34 Luxury Yacht Decks (Bow, Flybridge and Rear Deck Photos)

Aerial view of two luxury yacht stern and flybridge decksWhile I don’t own a yacht, I’d love to one day.  I love boating.  Luxury mega yachts have incredible interiors as well as decks.  The decks are just as important as the interiors because most time is spent outside.

Spectacular set of photo galleries showcasing luxury yacht decks including bow, flybridge and stern decks. Includes illustrated chart showing the different types of decks on a yacht.

Larger yachts have multiple decks with all kinds of seating, dining areas and in some cases jacuzzis, bars, outdoor kitchens and more.  Below we include a chart showing the main decks of a yacht followed by many photos of different luxury yacht decks.  Enjoy.

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Types of Decks on a Yacht (Chart)

Chart showing the main types of decks on a yacht

  1. Bow (Main) Deck:  This is usually the largest deck area and it’s situated at the front of the boat.  Some yachts have built-in seating while others don’t.
  2. Flybridge (Upper) Deck:  This is the outdoor captain’s area to operate the boat but includes seating and/or dinette area (depending on size).  Some flybridge decks are covered or can be covered.
  3. Promenade Deck:  These are the narrow side decks that lead you from front to back and vice versa.
  4. Stern (Lower) Deck: This is the deck at the rear of the boat.  Some yachts have multiple stern (lower) rear decks if it’s multiple levels.  You can access the cabin from this deck.

Luxury Yacht Deck Photos

1. Flybridge Decks

2. Stern Decks

3. Bow Decks

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