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25 Living Room Design Trends for 2023

Published on January 11, 2023

Bright living room with built-in cabinets and large windows.

Living rooms in 2023 are something to watch out for. From large and colorful furnishings to bold palettes and schemes, here are the styles and designs you have to try this year.

If the previous year has been about minimalism and a neutral scheme, this year is about expression and the return of colors. Check out other trends you should not miss.

1. Deep Sofas

Living room with a deep L-shaped sofa.

In living rooms in 2023 you’ll find sofas and armchairs that are deep and plush. Gone are the shallow sofas that are more ideal for sitting. Since Covid, people (and furniture designers) realized that comfortable can also be stylish. 

2. Antique/Collections

Living room with large windows and antique collection.

Antiques, second-hand finds, this is going to be a big look in 2023. Here you see a second-hand coffee table that fits just perfectly with the more current surroundings.

A few vases on the shelf balance out the old and new. A familiar feeling in your living room is always a good thing.

3. Colorful Furniture

Spacious living room with multicolored sofas.

This is as unique a living space as it is cozy. Every piece of furniture is a different color yet they are all colors of the moment. Terracotta, warm greens and golds. 

4. Multi-Functional Living Rooms

Living room that doubles as a dining room.

A swing towards maximizing the use of space is on trend for this year. This space is for living, dining and organizing. It’s all tied together here with the theme of natural/ sustainable materials, another big trend this year.

5. Outdoor-Indoor

Living room with a white sofa against a stone wall.

The last couple of years was about bringing the indoor living to the outside (blame or thank covid). As we finally come back together indoors, we’re seeing a trend of bringing those interesting outdoor elements indoors.

Wood, natural finishes, stacked stone (shown here), all elements that you would normally see outside are now showing up in people’s living spaces. 

6. Textured Walls

Living room with a wood paneled accent wall.

Texture is everywhere, and especially on interior walls in 2023. This particular treatment called “fluting” is making a huge mark as it adds another dimension to the wall.

Small pieces of wood in a tight pattern give an illusion of depth. It’s an interesting way to add the wood-look without the use of large planks that tend to look like flooring.

7. Wainscotting 

Living area with wainscotted walls.

Shiplap and modern farmhouse wall treatments are falling by the wayside thanks to a renewed interest in wainscotting. They’ve improved the look of it however, and pictured here it’s more of a cabinetry/furniture feel. The walls become part of the furniture— a warm inviting look whether it’s white or a rich color.

8. Wallpaper

Living room adorned with a floral wallpaper.

Wallpaper is everywhere and it’s just as beautiful as it’s always been, depending on your taste. Large florals, deep purple hues and terracotta are all on trend for this year.

Choose wisely, it’s not easy to apply or remove!

9. Maximalism

Living room with colorful furnishings and a gallery wall.

The days of minimalism are over (depending on who you talk to), and it’s getting busy. Colorful, moody, plentiful and comfortable—these are the characteristics of Maximalism. It’s not for everyone but there is a way to do it without overdoing it.

Pictured here is a nice solution for a small space. The colors and art come together to give you just the right amount (not too much) of fullness.

10. Day Beds

This year we’re seeing daybeds appear in living rooms. Here it’s on trend with plush material and rich color. They are great for kids or teens to lounge on, but since it takes away a proper sitting spot, a large living room is usually needed to accommodate this trend.

See the entire home here.

11. Purple Hues

Living room with bold purple walls.

In line with maximalism, 2023 is colorful. Purple is a big player with its warm, romantic qaulities. Paired here with gold finishings and plush materials, it’s appealing on so many levels.

12. Wood + Color

Living room with wooden furnishings and two-toned walls.

Wood with pops of color is always pleasing to the eye. A balanced contrast that is tried and true yet still showing up in 2023. Here it’s pictured with rich gold hues (another popular trend) and pop of a deep green.

13. Rounded Furniture

Living room with a curved sofa and a round coffee table.

Designed by: AK Design

Sofas, chairs, tables, everything that is rounded is in. Sharp corners are gone and in its place comfortable looking (and feeling) pieces that beg you to curl up with a book and a (colorful) blanket.

14. Terracotta

Earthy, bold, warm, terracotta and colors that compliment are the big trends of this year. A terracotta backdrop with pops of similar hues gives undeniable warmth and provides a space for peaceful living.

15. Art Deco

Art deco styled living room

Geometric shapes, rich colors, dark wood, shiny metals, floral, upholstery. Art deco comes in many forms and those forms are making a comeback this year. A timeless look that adds richness to any room.

16. Second-Hand Style

Living room with wainscoted walls and second-hand items.

All things one-of-a-kind are in style this year. Thrift-shop furniture finds are taking over and being recognized as higher quality products and as a sustainable choice. Pair it with some old school vinyl and a vintage diner pendant and you’ve got a groovy look.

17. Statement Lights

Living room illuminated by warm pendants.

It’s not all about size (but bigger is better in 2023), just make a statement. Why keep it simple when you can draw the eye to something bold and original? I like the use of black wire here and seeing the bulb through the fixture is always nice especially when the bulb too is a work of art.

18. Warm Neutrals

Living room with warm neutral palette.

Beiges, light browns, warm whites, even creamy oranges are the neutrals of the moment. Opposite of the cool whites of minimalism, they bring the warm earthy elements indoors, creating an inviting space.  

19. Large Bold Furniture

Seen in all types of fabrics, bold colored furniture is on trend for 2023, and the larger the better. Sectionals are big (no pun intended). If you can handle this trend then you’ll be on par with celebrities and designers alike. 

See the entire home here.

20. Eco-Friendly

Living room with eco-friendly furnishings.

Re-use is a big word for 2023. Paint a tire white and make a swing out of it? Why not. This creative and eco-friendly living room leaves no footprint, complete with packing crates as the base of most of its furniture. An interesting style that is hands on and fun.

21. Noir

Dark living room with black walls and gray sectional sofa.

Black is back and thanks to Maximalism it’s integrated into every room. Black (and versions of it) has sultry characteristics but it has warmth as well. It acts as a great backdrop making its surroundings pop.

22. Ambient Lighting

Living room brightened by natural lighting.

Lighting that comes from natural sources, and hidden spots are in for 2023. Mostly it creates an inviting soft space, also it saves money and is a more forgiving choice over the direct light of pots or pendants. 

23. Flowers

Living room with a round back chair and a tall vase.

Following last year’s trend, flowers—fresh and dried of all varieties—are here to stay in 2023. In patterns of upholstery, on walls and in vases. Here in unglazed pottery they are timeless and go with any surrounding decor.

24. Nostalgia

Living room with gray sofa and dried flowers.

Collections, family heirlooms and all things that have meaning are of meaning in 2023. Having them on display (shown here a collection of guitars with what looks like signed photos of their owners) is a nice choice rather than kept in a box in the basement. It’s a look that gives all the feels. 

25. Outdoor Living

People still want to entertain outdoors (and why not?) since Covid and spaces are getting creative. Tvs, fridges, sofas, all the comfort of indoors set up for an outdoor space is always a good idea!