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Dhani Harrison’s House in Venice, CA (Listed for $3.99 Million)

Outdoor view of the property boasting its house's exterior and gorgeous landscape surrounding the home.

You need not have consumed the music and celebrity profiles of the most famed rock group in history with rabid-fan ardor to recall that John was known as the soul of The Beatles, Paul was the heart, Ringo the anchor, and George Harrison was the group’s spirit.

Son Dhani Harrison has been imbued with not only his father’s dark good looks but his deep and meditative sense of spirituality. In looking at his 2,826-square-foot, $3.99 million waterfront home situated within the canal system of Venice, California, which he recently put on the market, it’s easy to see a haven of quiet reflection and modern style.

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This stunning three-level home makes the most of its incredible views with rooftop and waterfront terraces, a spacious deck, and a rear balcony. You’ll take in the sunrise from the back of the house and the Venice Beach sunset from the west. From the inside, a generous skylight and floor-to-ceiling windows on the second floor let in a bounty of natural light, and an open floor plan further complements the airy atmosphere, taking advantage of vertical space.

Floors are wood and tile, and levels connect via an elegant spiral staircase. The home offers two bedrooms and three baths featuring high ceilings and contemporary flourishes. The kitchen and dining room are open to the upper floors and boast a range of stovetop and sleek appliances. A breakfast bar lines one full side of the dining room while a glass handrail frames another side. The design is at once modern minimalism and grand, ornate opulence, combining clean lines with tastefully dramatic touches.

The canal side of the home opens onto the lush greenery of substantial shrubs and palm trees overlooking docks and steps to water entry. Kayaks can be conveniently stored here, ready for sightseeing or neighborhood transportation complete with a great arm workout.

Venice, founded in 1905 by partners with visions of a beach resort town, originally consisted of marshland, prompting the addition of miles of canals to drain the land and make it not only habitable but redolent of old-world charm like its European counterpart. Located just west of Los Angeles, development brought a bevy of attractions such as amusement parks, piers, and restaurants to line the now-famous beach and lure visitors. Lavish homes sprang up along the canals next, and year-round residents and vacationers alike love the area for its 238 acres of beach, unique shopping and dining, and entertainment all along the storied boardwalk.

Like the canals, local climate pays homage to the city’s Italian namesake, and residents revel in Venice’s year-round range of mild to warm days and dry summers. Breezes coming off the canals and the shade of their structures help to keep waterfront homes temperate and comfortable.

With the local talent on display along the piers including artists, musicians, and street performers, one can easily picture the creative, soulful Harrison taking in the living experience offered by a trip downtown and kicking back in a nearby abode ensconced in beauty and privacy.

The cavernous open shape of this home’s floor plan was probably quite able to foster the freeform creativity and inspiration of a musician with varied interests from international travel to philosophy flavoring his work. Some favorite collaborators are Electric Light Orchestra and Tom Petty, the latter helping to electrify George Harrison’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with Dhani and Prince. Dhani Harrison also released the single “Motorways (Erase It)” in 2019.

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