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Eleonora R. Sears’ Mansion in Boston, MA (Listed for $22 Million)

Spend your days at Rock Edge on the Gold Coast of Boston, MA at Eleonora R. Sears’ former mansion. Once home to a popular sports star and rich debutante, the Sears’ mansion and property is a glamorous place.

This is a front exterior view of the mansion showcasing the large front lawns with a wide asphalt driveway in the middle leading to the house with earthy walls and multiple windows. Image courtesy of

Rock Edge is a 28,000-square-feet mansion on the Gold Coast with three acres of oceanfront property. For $22 million, you can be the new owner of what was Eleonora Randolph Sears’ mansion. The property is currently up for sale and is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Discover more exciting details about the Sears’ estate and the neighborhood as you shop for real estate and a new home.

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Inside Rock Edge Mansion

As you enter the foyer, you instantly look up. Warm wrought-iron railings and a light brown wood staircase lead up to 11 primary bathrooms and 13 primary bedrooms. Fireplaces made with intricately carved facades are highly detailed and are striking against the otherwise all-white walls.

Sparkling crystal chandeliers designed using an inverse pyramid shape light up the expansive areas from above.

Along with the chandelier, recessed lighting maximizes the architectural appearance of the grand interior. The mansion takes full advantage of the open breeze and cool blue tones of the ocean and sky with no curtains or window coverings. It is a majestic and welcoming sight for anyone interested in retreating to the ocean in prominence.

Viewing the Waterfront Rock Edge Estate

At Rock Edge, you are welcomed by a grand exterior of textured mosaic stone built up three stories with rows of windows. The mansion is built right up next to the waterline and buffered from the surf by a wall of naturally sourced boulders.

It is a sensational and jaw-dropping mansion jutting up to an expansive terrace. The exterior stone is in a darker red tone.

The way the driveway enters the estate coupled with the coordinated rows of windows that open straight through, you can see the sky through the well-lit mansion. Every room overlooks the ocean.

Each of the rooms is constructed on an open floor plan with plenty of space, and the walls are painted in white with substantial wainscoting and trim work around all of the windows. These windows and French doors are designed in striking black trim to coordinate with the dark wood flooring throughout. Once you enter the primary bathrooms, you are greeted by white marble, which is also the showstopper in the kitchen thanks to two large marble islands.

About Eleonora R. Sears

Eleonora R. Sears is famous as a leading figure in the tennis profession. Born in Boston, Massachusetts on October 28, 1881, she was also a top-ranked squash champion. As a female professional in sports, Sears did not meet the typical standard of an American woman at the time.

Instead of becoming a housewife with children, Sears was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in the year of her death in 1968.  

While her father was Frederick Richard Sears, she had no connection to the Sears-Robuck conglomeration, as her last name suggests. In fact, she was Thomas Jefferson’s great-great-granddaughter. Yet her wealth came from real estate investments and becoming a famous sports figure. 

Photo credit: Douglas Elliman