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Is Beige Back In Style for Interiors or Is It Just Nonsense?

A collage of interiors with beige colors.

You know in life when you choose the safe path and make conservative decisions, but secretly covet your best friend who is taking risks and quitting their job to travel the world? That’s kind of how I sometimes feel about the whole beige trend.

I’ll find myself gazing at yet another entirely beige home in a magazine, but I’m really just dreaming of bold wallpaper patterns and rich velvet green sofas. It’s complicated.

A living room with beige interior.

I consider myself to have a love/hate relationship with the color beige. I’ll see a gorgeous room designed from head to toe in all beige colors and I love it, but the next minute I’m starving for color and desperately want to go bold. Sometimes, beige reminds me of the Stepford wives, because it all seems the same.

I don’t ever think I could ever fully commit to an all-beige home for myself or my client, but I’m here to walk you through why it’s in style and the best ways to use it in your home.

A room with beige interior with round mirror.

Surprisingly, in the past 5 years or so, the color beige has really soared to new heights in design. “In my opinion, beige is making a huge comeback for one simple reason: the rise in popularity of the Scandinavian home decor philosophy,” says Ryan Jones, Founder of Land of Rugs.

“We see in this design philosophy a lot of wood being used, whether that’s in the furniture used in the home or even decoration. What are some of the best colors that work with wood? That’s right, beige and off-whites.” Homes are being drenched in every beige and off-white tone you can imagine. Newly designed furniture is being created in every color of the beige rainbow.

To be fair, there are some logical reasons why homeowners and some designers are drawn to it. It is often considered a neutral and a safe color to choose for home interiors. Clients are often scared to make big decisions based on color, so they gravitate towards the safest thing, which is beige.

I’ll be the first to admit, if done right, an entire room designed in beige can look gorgeous. Some designers are doing amazing things by layering a room with different textures, tones and wallpaper in beige.  

A living room with beige sofa and chair.

Even though it sometimes gets a bad rap, there are some legitimate arguments behind choosing it for your home. As a designer, I consider purchasing sofas, coffee tables and upholstered beds an investment piece. These are items that are usually at the higher-end price point and are sometimes custom or made-to-order.

The idea is that you pick a safe neutral color, albeit beige, for the investment pieces and then infuse color into the accessories for accents. Such things as art, throw pillows and some rugs are replaceable. So, in case you have a change of heart, replacing them is easier on your pocket book than buying a new sofa.

If you commit to a green sofa, for instance, you might change your mind in a couple of years and wish you had a warmer tone like coral or rust.

Instead of having buyers’ remorse, the easier solution is to buy a beige sofa and change out the throw pillows or accessories to please your ever-changing mood. “The first rule is don’t overdo the beige,” advises Marco Bizzley, Certified Interior Designer and consultant for House Grail. “Instead, have it as your primary color, then add eye-popping colors with it.”

Two things I’m always in full support of when it comes to beige interiors, are flooring and carpet. However, there is a caveat to that statement.

I do not love beige tiles because they seem dated and they remind me of flooring that is installed in an apartment bathroom. (Nothing against bathrooms though) On the other hand, light beige tone hardwood flooring, especially something with a herringbone design, is a classic choice.

You can design virtually any style or decor around a beige floor and it will always stay in style. The same goes for carpets, if you must have it in your home, although I’m not necessarily the biggest fan.   

A kitchen with granite countertop.

I’m not sure if beige ever went out of style and it seems to be here to stay for awhile, but there seem to be some new trends on the horizon. As stated on Decorator Den Interiors website, “There’s something so gratifying about transforming a room with a new bold color scheme. Just think about the opportunity – it’s endless.

If it’s been a long time since you’ve expressed yourself and you need an outlet, redecorating with a daring color can help you execute the feelings you’ve kept inside for years.” As we creep into 2023, I’m starting to see the dam break a little and designers and homeowners seem to be leaning into deeper color tones, myself included.

As comfortable as a beige home filled with different textures and patterns might seem, it doesn’t hold a candle to  gorgeous patterned wallpaper paired with rich jewel-toned armchairs.