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10 Dishwasher Dimensions and Buying Guide

A woman kneels down to remove the clean dishes from the dishwasher.

There are several considerations to remember when purchasing a dishwasher. First, consider the amount of space available to house the dishwasher, then its capacity and aesthetics, and lastly, the expense of purchasing a particular dishwasher.

Built-in dishwashers come in both compact and standard sizes. A compact dishwasher is 18 inches and is suitable for smaller kitchens. It has a capacity of six to eight place settings, which makes it an ideal choice for families of two or three people.

A standard size dishwasher is 24 inches, and can hold up to 14 place settings. This dishwasher size is an excellent choice for those who have a standard size dishwasher opening and/or a family of three or more.

Built-in dishwashers can also be semi-integrated or fully-integrated. These dishwasher models sit flush with cabinets, which gives a more modern look.

Custom panel dishwashers can be covered with a panel that matches the cabinets. To accomplish this look, the cabinet maker will have to make the dishwasher panel. Then, the custom dishwasher panel can be installed on the front of the dishwasher. Dishwashers with this capability are specially designed to handle the extra weight of the panel. This is the most seamless look for a dishwasher, but it’s also the most expensive option.

Countertop dishwashers are the most budget-friendly dishwasher option. They are also the smallest dishwasher type. While these don’t take up as much overall space as other dishwasher models, they do require countertop space, at least when they are in use.

Portable dishwashers are a great option for renters or those planning to remodel in the near future. They are also ideal for those with a small kitchen or who don’t have a dishwasher opening in their existing kitchen. Most portable dishwashers have wheels, so they can be wheeled out of the way when not in use. The portable dishwasher capacity is near that of compact or standard size dishwashers. Some portable dishwashers are also convertible, so they can be used as a built-in dishwashers as well.

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Built in 18″

Built in 18" standard dishwasher graphics dimensions.

The built-in 18-inch dishwasher is a perfect choice for a small kitchen. The built-in design allows maximum use of available space. This dishwasher type is compact but still quite functional. It’s the perfect choice for apartments or kitchens with smaller dishwasher openings. This dishwasher requires an 18-19 inch width, 34-35 inch height, and 24 inch (two feet) depth. Most people have the choice between a custom wood panel or the metal wood panel. Built-in dishwashers usually remain with the home, so they may not be the best option for renters to purchase themselves.

Built-in 24″

Built in 24" standard dishwasher graphics dimensions.

This built-in 24-inch dishwasher is the standard size dishwasher. It should fit the dishwasher space in most newer-built homes, and it’s the most common dishwasher size that is manufactured. This type of dishwasher is large enough to handle the needs of a family of four or more. As with any built-in dishwasher, some cabinet space must be sacrificed for the convenience of a permanent dishwasher. This type of dishwasher is 23.75 inches (~2 feet) wide, 33 and 7/8 inches high, and 22.5 inches deep. A standard built in dishwasher requires a clearance of 24-25 inches in width, 33/ 7/8-35 inches in height, and 24 5/8-25 1/2 inches in depth. A standard built in dishwasher also requires door clearance of 49 7/8 inches total, or 27 3/8 inches from the front of the dishwasher in order for it to be able to fully open.

Convertible Built In Dishwasher

Convertible built-in dishwasher graphics dimensions.

This dishwasher gives owners the best of both worlds. It is a freestanding portable dishwasher, but can also be used as a built in dishwasher with its installation kit. This dishwasher type is a terrific choice for those who need the space-saving aspect of a built-in dishwasher. The convertible dishwasher is best suited to those who need a portable dishwasher now, but may want to convert it to a built-in dishwasher at a later date. For those who plan to move or renovate, it’s an excellent and intelligent choice.

The depth of a convertible dishwasher is 23 3/8 inches to the door and 25 1/8 inches including the door. The bottom depth of a convertible dishwasher is 21.5 inches at the bottom. One-fourth of an inch will need to be added to these dishwasher dimensions to allow for rear installation. The height of a convertible dishwasher is 34 inches, with a maximum of 35 inches. The width is 24 inches. This type of dishwasher requires 24 3/4 inches of clearance, as well.

Custom Panel Dishwasher

Custom panel dishwasher graphics dimensions.

A custom panel dishwasher allows owners to install a panel on the outside of the dishwasher that matches the kitchen cabinetry. This integrated look is often considered preferable to other dishwasher options. This is an ideal option for those who desire a modern look that allows the dishwasher to blend seamlessly with kitchen cabinets. The custom panel dishwasher is specially designed to accommodate the cabinet panel. These dishwashers are typically more expensive than traditional built-in dishwashers, but the aesthetic is often considered to be worth the extra expense. You’ll need 34 1/8-36 1/2″ inches of height clearance, 24-24 1/4 inches of width clearance, and 21 1/4-24 inches of depth clearance.

Dishwasher Parts

Graphics illustration of dishwasher parts.

The interior of a dishwasher contains structures to place the dishes that need cleaning and the components used to clean those items. The cup basket can be found at the top of the interior of the dishwasher. Below that is the basket and the cutlery basket. These areas are designed to conveniently hold specific dishes and hold them in the correct area for optimal cleaning. Below this area is the filter assembly and spray arms. The spray arms distribute the water that cleans the dishes. The door is home to the detergent and rinse aid dispensers. On the back of the dishwasher one can find the inlet pipe connector, the drainpipe connector, and the power cord.

Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Graphics illustration of a full-integrated dishwasher.

A fully integrated dishwasher is similar to a custom panel dishwasher. It will be completely flush with the kitchen cabinets, offering a more seamless look overall. The dishwasher control panel is completely concealed, so the fact that it is a dishwasher will be completely concealed until the door is open. Fully integrated dishwashers give a kitchen a sleek look that works well in modern homes. The controls are placed on top of the dishwasher door. These dishwasher types require 23 5/8 inches of width, 22 7/16 inches of depth, and  32 1/16-345-8 inches of height clearance.

Portable Countertop Dishwasher

Graphics illustration of portable countertop dishwasher.

A portable dishwasher sits on a countertop. These types of dishwashers require an outlet, and hook up to the sink faucet. The portable dishwasher will also drain into the sink. A countertop dishwasher is small, but it will take up counter space. These can be moved to other locations when not in use. Water from the sink will not be accessible while the portable dishwasher is in use. Portable dishwashers can save space because they are easy to move out of the way when not actively in use. They have less capacity than built in dishwashers, but work well for smaller families, those with limited space, and/or those on a tight budget.

The dishwasher dimensions are 20-24 inches of width, 22 3/8 inches of depth, and 25-28 inches in height. The dimensions required for door clearance are 45.5 inches. The water supply, drain, and power cord are located on the back of the dishwasher near the bottom of it.

Portable Wheeled Dishwasher

Graphics illustration of portable wheeled dishwasher.

A portable wheeled dishwasher can be placed in a dishwasher opening just like a built-in dishwasher, so long as there is clearance for it. To do this, a permanent water source is required, as with a built in dishwasher. Similar to a countertop dishwasher, the portable wheeled dishwasher will have to be hooked to the sink water supply. However, a portable dishwasher can be rolled into a convenient area when not in use.

Portable dishwashers are bigger than their countertop counterparts. They have many of the same features and capacity as a built-in dishwasher. The dimensions are 23 7/8 inches of width, 20 3/4 inches of depth, and 33 7/8 inches in height. To place it in a dishwasher opening, you’ll need 24-25 inches in width, 24 inches (2 feet) of depth, and 34-35 inches in height clearance.

Convertible Portable Dishwasher

Graphics illustration of convertible-portable dishwasher.

A convertible portable dishwasher can be used as a freestanding dishwasher or as a built-in with an installation kit. This type of dishwasher offers the best of both worlds. If a portable dishwasher is needed at the moment, but the plan is to convert to a built-in at a later date, a convertible portable dishwasher is an excellent choice. These dishwashers types often include a top that can be used as a workspace in your kitchen, as well. The dimensions are 36 1/8 inches height including the top and wheels, 24.75 inches in width, and 27 inches of depth. The door requires 24.75 inches of clearance space to fully open.

Semi-Integrated Dishwasher

Graphics illustration of semi-integrated dishwasher.

The semi-integrated dishwasher sits flush with cabinets to create a sleek overall look. The difference between a semi-integrated dishwasher and a fully integrated dishwasher is that the semi-integrated dishwasher has the control panel on the top front of the machine, so the control panel shows. This doesn’t look quite as seamless as a fully integrated model, but is generally cheaper than fully integrated models. This also makes them a popular choice for many homeowners. Semi integrated dishwashers are also considered easier to install and use than other dishwasher types. Many offer a digital display panel which may be worth giving up the completely integrated look.

The semi-integrated dishwasher has a height of 32 1/16 inches, a width of 23 9/16 inches, and depth of 22 7/16 inches. You’ll need 32 5/16-34 inches in height, 22 13/16 inches in depth, and 24 inches (two feet) in width for clearance. For the door to open, there needs to be 25.25 inches of clearance space.


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