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Pocket Door Dimensions and Sizes (Charts and Tables)

A collage photo of pocket doors.

Pocket doors serve as good interior doors because they are a space-saving door design.  They are commonly used for powder rooms but also doorways into adjacent rooms like a kitchen into a dining room.

Our house has pocket doors from the kitchen to the dining room and kitchen area to the foyer.  They actually come in handy when having dinner parties and kids are making a ton of noise elsewhere in the house.

There are double and single pocket doors.  The double style looks great and is more grand.  Single pocket doors are simple but still very effective.

If you’re thinking of installing pocket doors, check out our series of pocket door dimensions and sizes charts below.

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What are pocket doors?

Not to be confused with pocket pairs (a term for pairs in hand for Texas Hold’Em poker), pocket doors are interior sliding doors that slide inside the wall.  They can be a single door or double doors.

They are great space-saving door options for interiors and ideal if you prefer an entry between rooms remain open but once in a while like to close it off.

Check out our pocket door charts below.

Pocket Door: Double Door in Solid Wall

Chart Dimensions of a Pocket Door- Double Door in Solid Wall

Pocket doors can potentially be difficult to install, a solid wall is going to need to be planned ahead with a cosmetic side wall attached to accommodate the space for the pocket door to slide into when open.

Pocket Door: Double Door in Stud Wall

Chart Dimensions of a Pocket Door- Double Door in Stud Wall

A stud wall also has to be appropriately designed to hold a pocket door. The door itself can be whatever width and height it needs to be for the doorway, the adjoining wall has to be able to hold the door meaning it’s going to take up more floor space than a typical stud wall.

Pocket Door: Single Door in Solid Wall

Chart Dimensions of a Pocket Door- Single Door in Solid Wall

Single door pocket doors are the same as double doors, other than they only need one side of the door opening to be built according to the needs of the door sliding inside the wall.

Pocket Door: Single Door in Stud Wall

Chart Dimensions of a Pocket Door- Single Door in Stud Wall

Stud walls, like solid walls, have to be built with the amount of room required to hold the sliding pocket door. Although it can be done, it usually isn’t recommended to add a pocket door which wasn’t part of the original home design, as it requires more building materials and labor than would typically be expected to replace a door.