20+ Home Offices with a Fireplace

Check out these 20+ home offices with a fireplace. Talk about luxurious and a very nice feature for your workspace at home.

While a fireplace in the living room is pretty standard these days, having one in your home office, regardless of type or size, is rather luxurious.  Come to think of it, having a home office is a nice bonus in any home.

Home office fireplaces aren’t all that commonplace.  About 13.8% of home offices have a fireplace.

I’m fortunate on both fronts, having both a home office and one with a fas fireplace to boot.  That said, I don’t use my office fireplace much, but it’s nice to have the option.

You’re here either because you’re planning a home or are planning to add/renovate a home office.  In either situations, it’s feasible to add a fireplace.

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3 home office layouts that have a fireplace

When you inspect the photos above, you’ll notice that the office desk is oriented in one of three ways relative to the fireplace:

  1. Layout 1: Sits behind the fireplace where when at the desk, you look directly at the fireplace
  2. Layout 2: Off to the side of the fireplace, but still behind it so it can been seen while sitting at the desk.
  3. Layout 3: Desk is in front so when at desk, your back is to the fireplace.

My home office is set up with the fireplace off to the side, but I could just as easily have my desk facing it as well.

Best type of fireplace for a home office


I’m biased here, but my favorite type overall is gas.  With respect to design, I like them with a large mantel.  The surrounding material I like to be marble, slate or some smooth, contemporary-looking texture. I don’t care for river rock or textured stone much at all.  But that’s just me.  There are many different types of fireplaces you can choose from.  By types, I mean fuel, styles, materials and mounting options.  However, gas fireplaces are fairly expensive.


That said, if installing a gas option is too costly, there really are some nice electric options that are much easier to install.  Check these examples out (click the images to learn more):

Those are just 3 examples, which I think look amazing.

Needless to say, electric fireplaces have come a long way in recent years.

What about wood-burning?

I’d rather have a gas or electric fireplace, especially if you use it often.  Chopping and stacking wood and then having to build the fire is not my favorite of tasks. In fact, in many jurisdictions, new homes aren’t permitted to have a wood-burning fireplace, so for many people it’s moot.

How popular are fireplaces in home offices?

This is a good question. It turns out, based on analysis of 14,552 home offices, 13.79% have a fireplace.  That seems about right given it’s kind of a luxury item reserved for one room of the house, maybe two (i.e. primary bedroom).  A third in the office is rather extravagant.

Should You Do It?

If you’re going to use it, do it.  If you don’t care for having a fire on, don’t do it.  They aren’t cheap.  Even a good electric one will cost you approximately $500, which is a lot of money if you don’t use it.

But if the ambience of flames is something you love, then by all means, invest in one for your workspace at home.


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