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Full vs Half Dummy Door Knob

A collage of dummy door knobs.

Door knobs are some of those items that you most likely do not think about in your home unless you have to. Most doorknobs are standard. Most doorknobs are made of brass, but can also be made of porcelain, wood, and other materials.

If you are stumped on what type of doorknob to buy, you are not alone. Prior to deciding the look of the doorknob, you must first figure out what type of doorknob you need. Functionality is important when looking for a new doorknob.

There are many different types of doorknobs with various functions. Entry, privacy, passage, half dummy, and full dummy door knobs are a few types that you might want to choose from. If you have a closet where you keep your clothes or similar items, you may want to think of using something such as a dummy doorknob.

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What is a Full Dummy Door Knob?

A full dummy door knob is a doorknob that is essentially only used for decoration and comes in a set. These items are handles or full-size doorknobs that have no mechanical latch workings.

They are mounted onto the door and require no hole through the face of your door except for screws you will have to insert into the hardware. Full dummy sets are usually used as a way to decorate and open doors without having to turn the knob.

When To Use Dummy Door Knobs?

They are generally used for closets, double doors, pantries, and other such spaces. A cool aspect of full dummy doors is that you can not tell they are purely decoration by just looking at them. There are many great options when it comes to dummy doorknobs.

Similar to faucets and other hardware that can be found in kitchens bathrooms, doorknobs can upgrade a space. If you want to modernize a space or change the theme of a certain room, doorknobs can be a good way to do this.


Front Door Full Dummy Handleset Oil Rubbed Bronze with Knob Handle MDHST200610B-D-AMZ

The best thing about dummy door knobs is that they are extremely easy to install. If you want to add a design aspect to closets or pantries, this is an easy way to do so.

Unlike other types of doorknobs, you will not need to drill a huge hole into your door in order to install it. Because the full dummy door knob only goes on one side of your door, you will only need a few things for installation.


Full dummy door knobs should only be used for very specific locations in a place of living. If you need to lock a door, you should never use a dummy knob as it is purely for a decorative accent.

If you need a doorknob for the door that leads you into your home you should use an entry knob as it has a lock and key. You could also use a privacy knob, but this can only be locked from the inside and does not have a key function. For many doors in your home, you can not use a dummy food knob.

What is a Half Dummy Door Knob?

A full dummy door knob is generally a full set of doorknobs. A half dummy door knob is essentially the same thing as a full dummy door knob but in this case, a single knob or lever is provided.

This is perfect for a closet where you only need one doorknob rather than two. Like a full dummy food knob, you only need this for decoration and do not have any other functions.

Where To Use a Half Dummy Door Knob?

Half dummy door knobs are perfect for closest. Especially when the closets only have one door. Half dummy door knobs can usually be found on doors for linen closets as there is generally only one door that needs a knob.


Baldwin Prestige Carnaby Half-Dummy Knob in Venetian Bronze

Like full dummy doorknobs, these are perfect items to use to spruce up space. Most people do not think to add doorknobs to places like linen closets, but it can give your home or apartments a more finished look. Not only are they good for decoration but it can make opening these closest a little easier.


If you have a closet or space that needs two knobs you will want to get a full dummy door knob set, instead of a half dummy doorknob. Half dummy door knobs only have one knob and will only be able to be used on one door inside your home.

Similarly to full dummy doorknobs, you will not be able to lock your door with a half dummy doorknob on it. If you use a half dummy doorknob on an outside/inside door you will have no way to lock it, as they do not use keys or have a lock. This can be a safety issue for you and the people who live in your home.

How To Install a Dummy Door Knob?

A man installing a doorknob set to the white door.

Step 1

Place your dummy doorknob where you want it to go on your door. If you are using a full dummy knob, make sure to level the top holes so they match. Use a pencil or drill to place your top and bottom hole.

Step 2

Drill your holes into your door prior to placing the screws in the hoke and outer part of the doorknob.

Step 3

Attach your doorknob and drill each screw into the outer holes on the doorknob.

Things To Note

Dummy door knobs are perfect solutions for decorative needs. If you have a closet in your home that needs sprucing up, this is an easy solution. If you are inexperienced in terms of the installation of doorknobs, this should not be too difficult as long as you have power tools readily available.

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