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7 Free Shed Plans and Blueprints (PDFs You Can Download or Print)

Photos of backyard sheds

Welcome to our free shed plans page.

We worked with two architects with a keen interest in designing sheds.  We didn’t just want to provide some simple layouts but instead want to create and offer for free highly detailed shed plans that step you through every aspect of how to build a shed.

There are many types of sheds. Each of our plans is a different shed style and various sizes.

Below we provide an image of the shed design with a brief write-up. To access the full PDF shed plans, click where indicated by each plan.  It will open up in a new tab where you can download and/or print it.  No cost. No fee. All free.

1. Lean-To Garden and Tool Shed Plan (PDF) (6′ x 8′)

Garden shed lean-to rendering and photo

=> Click here for this full shed plan

Our first listed shed plan is a 6′ x 8′ garden and tool “lean-to” style shed.  This is a very basic shed design that’s ideal for backing up against the house, fence or other structure. As shown above in our rendering, it can also serve as stand-alone in the hard.

While a very simple design, notice how a good paint job and some care put into the door design can elevate the aesthetics of this shed. It makes a huge difference.

Our free plan is extremely detailed. It’s a 19 page PDF guide stepping you through every aspect of building the above shed.  Each also includes a detailed materials list you can take with you to the hardware store.  Here’s a taste of what the plan includes:

=> Click here for this full shed plan

2. Gable-Roof Backyard Shed Plan (PDF) (12′ x 10′)

Gable roof backyard shed plan

=> Click here to download or print this free shed plan PDF

Our second shed plan is larger (12′ x 10′) with a gable roof, and double door design.

As you can see the red exterior with white trim is a striking design but you can of course, paint it any color you like.  This shed is a larger design that can serve as a work space or storage space or perhaps both.

With our detailed plans, it’s not difficult to adjust the size;  you’ll just need to modify the materials shopping list accordingly.

3. Narrow Tool and Garden Shed Plan PDF (6′ x 8′)

Narrow peak-roof garden shed

=> Click here to download print this shed PDF

If you don’t need a large shed or don’t have much space, this compact 6′ x 8′ shed plan is ideal.  It’s a narrow design that will fit in the smallest yards.  Of course, the window is optional (it makes it look nicer but is more difficult and costly to build).  This particular shed is ideal as a backyard garden tool shed for your lawnmower and other gardening tools.

4. Side-Entry Gable Roof Free Shed Plan (12′ x 6′)

Side entry backyard shed

=> Click here to download print this shed PDF

This is yet another unique shed plan measuring 12′ wide and 6′ feet deep. It’s a side-entry with a double door and offers a handsome gable roof as well as windows with shutters.

Totaling 72 sq. ft. it offers plenty of interior space to serve as a useful backyard storage shed.  The PDF plan comes to 32 pages setting out everything you need to know to build this shed including a materials list.

5. Gambrel-Roof Shed Plan PDF (8′ x 12′)

Gambrel Roof Shed Plan

=> Click here to download print this shed PDF

If you like the gambrel roof look, you’ll love this shed plan.  Our free plan is 22 pages of detailed, step-by-step details on how to build this exact shed.

6. Free Chalety-Style Shed Plan PDF with Deck (6′ x 8′)

Chalet style shed plan

=> Click here to download print this shed PDF

Here’s our 6′ x 8′ chalet-style shed plan with deck.  It makes for a great storage shed, guest quarters or backyard office.

7. Free Hexagon-Style Shed Plan

Hexagon style shed plan diagram

=> Click here to download print this shed PDF

If you like a more elaborate style shed, here’s a great free hexagon-style shed plan you can download. FYI, you can easily adjust the dimensions of the sites to make it bigger.


Can I alter your plans or mix and match your shed designs?

Yes, you can alter the plans any way you like.  

Can I give your plans to someone else? Sell them? 

You can give them to a friend or family member, but please don’t use them for commercial purposes including selling them.

Why do you give away shed plans for free instead of selling them?

Our shed plans are extremely detailed. They’re designed by architects. We offer them for free because our focus is to provide home and garden information… for free.  These plans cost us a great deal but as you can see, we earn purely from website ads and to a lesser degree, commissions from referring readers to various merchant websites (i.e. Amazon, Wayfair, Home Depot, etc.).

Design your own shed

If none of our plans are exactly what you’re looking for, you can certainly design your own (feel free to use some of our shed designs as a foundation) with shed design software.