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How Common Are Fireplaces for Each Room? We Crunched the Data

The percentage of fireplaces in each room varies significantly by each room.

Here are the percentages by room that HAVE a fireplace:

  • Living Rooms: 75.72%
  • Family Rooms: 73.94%
  • Home Offices: 13.79%
  • Bedrooms: 19.12%
  • Dining Rooms: 26.44%
  • Basements: 46.18%

About the data

Our data is based on analysis of 346,843 rooms that have or didn’t have a fireplace.

This analysis includes all types of fireplaces. In other words, any type of fireplace, including electric and gas fireplaces counted as a room with a fireplace.

Also, the data is based on new homes and renovated homes since 2009. This data does not include existing home before then. This actually makes it fairly solid data because it’s based on recent trends, which is the inclusion of more fireplaces (especially gas) in more rooms of the house.

What about kitchens, bathrooms and foyers?

While it’s true that kitchens and bathrooms can and do have fireplaces, the percentage of these two rooms that do is very, very minimal and so they weren’t included. You can assume that it’s a very small percent. In other words, the majority of kitchens, bathrooms and foyers do NOT have a fireplace (by a long shot).