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What is a Double Handle Faucet (Benefits?)

This is a close look at a double handle faucet in the bathroom sink.

In a previous article, we discussed the details of a single handle faucet, and now we’re going to take a look at the alternative. The double handle faucet is found in older homes and apartments and gives your kitchen or bathroom a lovely vintage feel.

Older installation lines can support newer handles if you so desire, and can be achieved without the help of a plumber with just a little research and initiative. We’ve also taken the time to explore exciting styles of faucets for your kitchen updates, and a thorough buying guide for bathroom enhancements.

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The Double Handle Water Faucet

Use: the double handle faucet has two separate handles to control temperature and water pressure, and then a third party nozzle to release the water. This option is also compatible with a pull-out spray nozzle, but will more commonly be found as a fourth separate entity. These are an excellent choice when your kitchen or bathroom has the liberty of ample counter space or a large water basin and can make for a very classy look. 

Installation: this option requires a minimum of three holes on your countertop, which may not be appealing for some. The installation process can still be done by yourself, but it is more complicated because there are more lines.

There’s always the option of calling a plumber, but here is a step by step guide (with photos!) on how to do it yourself. It may seem intimidating, but that’s the beauty of DIY! You learn something new, and hopefully, you don’t flood your entire building. Contact your landlord if you live in an apartment complex on how to shut off your water line. 

This is a close look at a bathroom double handle faucet against a green tiled backsplash.

Pros: the double handle faucet enables a much more precise choice of water temperature, but it is required that you balance it out yourself. Some may prefer this if they are particular about water temperature, and would rather have a wider spectrum of temperature options.

Leaks are easier to deal with. If just one of the handles is leaking, only one temperature of the water has to be shut off, and you will still have access to the other. Leaks also occur less often as they do with single-handle faucets, as the water pressure is being evenly distributed. 

Cons: This option might feel more inconvenient purely for efficiency. If you often have full hands and need to turn on the sink, having a double handle faucet might become annoying to deal with. When it comes to replacing your double handle faucet, the process can be more complicated and require a plumber’s help. Since the double handle faucet does take up more space, it can end up feeling cramped if you have a smaller counter or sink. 

A double handle faucet attached to the bathtub in the bathroom.

Look: this faucet definitely has a more classic look to it, and you can get a little bit more experimental with material choices and creative with knob options (knobtions?). Say you have a larger sink in your kitchen or bathroom (check out different styles of kitchen sink here!), the double handle faucet makes for an appealing look when space allows for it. 

Cost: the double handle faucet is going to be slightly more expensive simply due to the fact that they are physically more substantial, and require more installation time. According to Hartville Hardware, they have faucets for any price point! Starting at $30 all the way to over $250. 

A bathroom vanity with a freestanding sink paired with a golden double handle faucet.


Can you replace a single handle faucet with a double handle faucet?

Absolutely! This process may benefit the help of a professional plumber as there’s a chance new holes have to be incorporated into your countertop. But take a look underneath! Sometimes single-handle faucets have large plates that just cover up the existing three holes that are compatible with double handle faucets.

Which is better, a single or double handle faucet?

That all depends on your kitchen or bathroom space. If you’re struggling with counter space or sink size, the single handle faucet might be the better choice. If you’re looking for a vintage feel, the double handle faucet is the way to go.

How to fix a double handle faucet leak?

I’m not an expert on faucet repairs, so let’s consult a professional right here.