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Parts of a Door (Incl. Frame, Knob and Hinge Diagrams)

Parts of a door, collage photo.

A door, whether a front door or interior door of a home is a complicated component to the home as you’ll see in our various parts of a door diagrams below which includes illustrations of a door, door frame, hinge and knob.

While we don’t include locks, you can read all about the different types of door locks here.

Parts of a Door and Door Frame

Diagram illustrating the different parts of a door and door frame

Casing (frame):  The frame to which the door is attached to via hinges.  The frame is built into the wall.

Hinges:  Secures door to frame while enabling a swinging motion.

Stiles:  The sides of the door.  The hinge style is where the hinges are attached to.  The lock style is where the lock and knob is placed.

Rails:  Horizontal top and bottom parts of the door.

Panels:  The main surface of the door.  Some doors have one panel; others have multiple panels.

Lock:  Enables the door to be securely shut and includes a release of the lock so it can be opened.

Video: How to install a door

Parts of a Door Hinge

Diagram illustrating the many different parts of a door hinge and types of hinges.

The door hinge is two components (leafs) attached together in a way so that it can swivel.  The attaching mechanism is usually a pin (looks like a long bolt without the thread).

Leaf:  a hinge has two leafs.  One leaf attaches to the door.  The other to the door frame.  They are connected via a pin.

Pin:  The bolt-like object that ties the leafs together.

Screw holes: Where screws go in to attach the leafs to the door and frame.

Knuckles:  Interlocking tubes on the leafs that fit together so the pin can connect them yet enable a swivel motion.

Parts of a Door Knob

Diagram illustrating the different parts of a door knob

The door know, while the smallest component of a door and frame set, is the most intricate.  There are many types of door knobs and door locking systems.

Our door knob illustration above shows the many intricate parts that make up a door knob.

The good news is you don’t have to build these yourself.  You can buy them ready to go although installing a door knob and locking system isn’t the easiest home improvement project if you’ve never done it before.

The best news is you can find some great step-by-step tutorials on how to install a door knob. Here’s a particularly good one:

Full Door Anatomy Graphic

If you want the full graphic to pin or for your site (please include proper credit), here it is:

Diagram: Anatomy of a door, frame, knob and hinge.