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Do Wingback Chairs Work as Dining Room Chairs?

Contemporary dining room with a dining table for six paired with wingback chairs.

I prefer using traditional dining chairs in my dining room instead of wingback chairs. Even though the wingback styles can work in certain settings, I find them quite bulky to fit in different designs. This limitation contributes to my preference for the traditional types. You can get high-quality dining chairs to enhance your dining room and give it a modern or vintage look, depending on your taste. Some examples I love include:

Wingback Lookalike

Christopher Knight Home Hayden Tufted Fabric Dining / Accent Chairs, 2-Pcs Set, Beige

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These dining chairs are perfect for the minimalist in me. I love their simple yet elegant design that imitates a wingback chair without a heavy look. Their unique traditional and contemporary construction blend can instantly elevate my dining space.

They perfectly fit the small dining table for two without making the room feel bulky. Additionally, their elevated legs help create more space and present the illusion of lightness despite the chairs’ thick construction.

Beige is one of my favorite go-to shades because it can add elegance to any room when incorporated correctly. Our room features the chairs in beige, enabling them to form a smooth transition between the brown wooden floor, dark grey carpet, brown tabletop, and lighter grey walls. The dark brown legs are distinct against the carpet to add a geometrical visual interest that does not fade into the background.

The tufted design on the chairs also creates a beautiful and classic look that complements the carpet patterns. I love how the hanging picture incorporates almost all the shades featured in the room, helping to bring the dining space together in a single frame. The walls also feature a patterned design to ensure no boring place in the room.

The Royal Look: Black, White, Grey

AZhome Dining Chairs Black Velvet Kitchen Dining Room Chair Contemporary Upholstered Chairs with Gold Legs Set of 2

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Whether you design for work or leisure, black is a must-have hue to include in your décor. Ricardo Tisci said, “Black is always elegant. It is the most complete color in the whole world, made of all the colors in the palette.” The shade can turn a boring room into a classy space while offering options for adding contrast to your favorite color schemes.

Our dining room features traditional black dining chairs with golden accents to give your eating area a high-end look. I love the black velvet because it offers a luxurious finish, making you comfortable whether looking at or sitting on them. The golden details on the front legs, back base, and side buttons give it a unique quality to complement any interior design.

I also like the unique dining table design to complete this room’s contemporary and chic look. The black seats match the long, dark curtains while contrasting with the lighter white walls, grey carpet, and white floor tiles. I enjoy the green accent wall that stands out without taking away from the beauty of the dining chairs.


These chairs’ simple construction means I can change their colors to suit my dining décor. For instance, I could get them in white with gold accents to complement a darker-themed dining space. White provides a delicate feel that can produce a sophisticated yet inviting space. I would retain the grey carpet and green accent wall but paint the white walls off-white or cream hues to blend with the golden details.

Christopher Knight Home Callie Fabric Dining Chair, Beige, 23.25" x 28.75" x 46.25"

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Alternately, I could follow our example and feature a multi-colored light brown carpet and a light grey accent wall bordered by a black partition. The black tabletop and golden legs match and contrast the white and golden chairs to upgrade your dining. I like the classy chandelier that blends well with the geometrical wall decorations and overall dining room theme.  


Alternately, I could pick them in grey with a silver base to add contrast to a brighter dining room. In this case, I would pair the dining chairs with a brown carpet in tortilla or saddle hue that goes well with grey without giving a matchy-matchy look. I would also have the table have a silver base with a glass tabletop for a balanced and modern appearance.

In addition, I would paint the accent wall white and instead add a colorful painting to create an interesting focal point. Leaving the long and dark curtains would also help maintain contrast and balance in the dining room. I generally love grey because you can fit it with different palettes, including warm and cool options, making it a favorite pick for many experienced and beginner decorators. 

When Dining Wingback Chairs Work

White gilded luxury dining room featuring a dining table for eight and tufted wingback chairs.

As previously stated, I think wingback chairs can work in certain dining room designs. Our room features a dining table with traditional chairs, but you can add wingback chairs at either end. The addition creates a unique dining-duo look perfect for the heads of the family.

I would add wingback chairs with high backrests in this dining room because it has ample space to accommodate the typically sizeable seats without looking bulky.

Moreover, a large window, pastel wall, white ceiling, and flooring with cool undertones make the space appear bigger, making it more suitable for wingback seats. I advise finding wingback chairs in different shades from the existing dining table and chairs, preferably lighter tones. For instance, I would add white ones with dark brown legs to match the other furniture’s bases while breaking the monotony. White would also go well with the white ceiling, window frames, and ivory cream walls.   

Wingback chairs may occasionally work in a dining room. However, I favor traditional dining chairs since they let me play around with my dining space to achieve my desired design without limitations. Wingback chairs may deliver a vintage feel in your dining space but placing them in the wrong setting can make your dining area feel bulky and small.

I advise using traditional dining chairs with customized designs to get your desired look, whether classic or chic.