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20 Dining Room Wall Art Ideas

Avant garde dining room with interior wallpaper matching the area rug and a set of purple dining chairs.

The dining room is that place in your home where you spend quality family time. All family members gather in this room to have meals at least once a day; that’s why a dining room should look warm and welcoming. You may use your dining area to host lavish dinners and formal parties. Hence, its decor should be given considerable attention.

Dining room décor should reflect your personal taste and style sense. It should not be ignored. If your dining area does not look welcoming and attractive, meals won’t be much enjoyable. Moreover, if proper attention is not given to its décor, a dining room will look dull, boring, and uninviting. Luckily, having good wall décor in the dining room can liven up things considerably.

Wall art is extremely essential for making your dining room look complete and classy. The color themes and the lighting you choose are critical. Let us enlighten you with a surprising fact. Colors have a drastic effect on not just moods but also on your appetite. Did you know that? Another surprising fact is that shades of blue can reduce your appetite while red and yellow colors increase your appetite.

So, when you are working on decorating your dining area, make sure that you consider all facts that may have an effect on your appetite.

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Home Décor

Most of us decorate our homes not just for ourselves but for all the guests who visit us from time to time. Who doesn’t like praise? Everyone does. We love being appreciated by others; that’s why we focus on those parts of our home where guests are most likely to spend time. These areas include the living room, the drawing room, and the dining room. A bad décor of these areas would give guests a bad impression. Hence, you should make sure that at least these major areas in your house are well-decorated.

Dining Room Wall Art Ideas

Our routines have become extremely busy these days. We don’t get a lot of time with our families. We are so tired and exhausted by the time we get home that we retire to our rooms. But there is one thing that is an essential part of our routines and that is family dinners. No matter how tired we are, we don’t skip our dinner. Dinner time is that one time when everyone gathers around and spends some time together. This time of the day is most important for the majority of families.

Are you confused about how to decorate your dining room walls? Are you scared that you may end up choosing the wrong theme or color and end up having an unattractive, uninviting dining area? You need not worry. These dining room wall art ideas will help you make the right decision.

1. Reclaimed Wood Wallpaper

Wallpaper 3D Imitation Wood Bark Trunk Roundwood Log Tree Pattern Cafe Bar Restaurant Background Wallpaper (Width 0.53M Length 10M) (Color : A)

Reclaimed wood walls are in style nowadays. They can add personality and character to any plain room. A reclaimed wood wall just behind the dining table can transform the entire look of the dining room. It adds an architectural element that is much-needed. If you think getting a reclaimed wood wall would blow up your budget, you can easily get reclaimed wood wallpaper which gives a similar feel at a much affordable price.

2. Metallic Wallpaper

Holden Decor Laticia Geometric Trellis Wallpaper Navy Blue and Silver 65493

If you want to give your dining area a minimalist look and want to keep it neutral, metallic wallpaper is ideal for you. Graphic patterns and contemporary-designed wallpapers can bring light to your living room. Metallic wallpaper can also highlight the lighting fixtures. If you keep the color themes simple, an ordinary dining room can be transformed by the glimmer of metallic accents.

3. China Cabinets or Built-In Cabinets

KELINSHENG Decorative Cabinet, Showcase, Locker, Antique Display Cabinet, Room Divider, Wine Cabinet Buffet Wooden top Buffet Cabinet, Suitable for Living Room, Dining Room

If you don’t want to paint your dining room walls, a built-in cabinet or a bookshelf can make use of a plain wall perfectly. China cabinets can be used if you don’t have a built-in cabinet. You can use china cabinets to add pretty accent colors to your dining area without the need of getting your walls painted. It will also highlight the architectural details of the dining room wall.

4. Floral Drapes for Dining Room Walls

Top Finel Printed Floral Voile Sheer Curtains 72 Inches Long for Bedroom Living Room Grommet Window Curtains, 2 Panels, Yellow

If you can’t make time for a painting project or have a tight budget, this dining room wall art idea would do well for you. Adding floral drapes to a window in the dining area will add color to your dining room wall. Floral drapes are colorful and bring about feelings of freshness and liveliness. If you wish to make a particular wall the focal point of your dining room, you can install a drapery wall that is much wider in length than the window and add extra draperies to the rod. This would fill out the wall and establish it as the focal point, just like you wanted.

5. Strip Wallpaper

FGHJKL wallpaper Modern Vertical Strip Wallpapers Home Decor Blue Green Beige Stripped Wall Paper Roll Decorative for Bedroom Living Room Walls

If your dining room is small, decorating the wall with horizontally striped-wallpaper is a great idea. It can make it look larger and wider than it actually is. Stripped wallpaper can jazz up a casual dining room. It adds just the right amount of color to a room. It is best to use wallpaper that has a few colors. Too many colors in the wallpaper can make your dining room look congested and overwhelming.

6. Patterned Wallpaper

Blush Pink Phoebe Birds Wallpaper World of Wallpaper 50141

You should not be afraid of playing with patterns. They add style and color to a plain wall. It can bring your dining room to life. Patterned wallpaper is a simple, easy, and affordable way of revamping your dining room. The right colors can make your dining room lively and refreshing, and, not to forget, welcoming!

7. Series of Paintings

Hummingbirds Botanical Print Set of 4 Art Antique Beautiful Tripical Birds Flowers Plants Illustration Home Room Decor Wall Art Unframed

A series of small paintings installed on the wall in a cluster make lovely dining room wall art. It looks simple and elegant. These paintings could be anything, ranging from abstract images to photos of flowers. A group of paintings hanged together should belong to the same theme.

8. Realistic Wall Mural

Walls 360 Peel & Stick Wall Decal Window Views Ocean Beach with Fluffy Clouds in Sky (24 in x 18 in)

A realistic wall mural can make your dining area appear huge. Natural scenery or a sunset mural can offer you and your guests a serene environment to dine in. The view would look relaxing and soothing, adding to the enjoyment of you and your guests during dinner.

9. Bold Colors

Livelynine Solid Red Peel and Stick Wallpaper for Kitchen Backdrops Removable Self Adhesive Vinyl Film for Art/Crafts DIY Decorative Contact Paper for Countertops Drawer Shelf Liner 15.8"x78.8"

You can use bold colors in your dining room. If your dining room wall has wall details that allow two-toned walls, you can try using a strip to separate two colors or you can use molding. The dining room gives you a lot of space to play around with colors and patterns and you shouldn’t be afraid to try bold colors. If you love dark and bold colors, the dining room is a place to try them. It will make your dining area look warm, sophisticated, and super classy.

10. Large Metallic Wall Accent

Statements2000 Unique Silver & Purple Modern Metallic Wall Accent with Abstract Etchings - Home Decor, Contemporary Metal Wall Art - Purple Array by Jon Allen - 48" x 12"

Utilizing a plain dining room wall by installing a large metallic accent is another great way for dining room wall décor. A large metallic accent will make the wall a focal point. If you paint the wall a dark shade or get patterned wallpaper before installing the metallic accent, it will give an even more profound look to your dining room.

11. Rustic Dining Room Wall Décor

Kitchen Wall Decor 8x10 Art Prints 4 UNFRAMED Rustic Wall Signs Home Coffee Decor Pictures Funny and Inspirational Farmhouse Style Wall Decorations for Living Dining Room Cuadros de pared de cocina

Rustic wall art is one of the most commonly employed dining room wall art ideas. Rustic wall art that goes with the theme and purpose of the dining area would complement the overall look. Moreover, it will make use of a plain dining room wall, giving a complete and finished look. It is an affordable way of decorating your dining room walls.

12. Wall Signs

CELYCASY Bless Us Oh Lord Sign Rustic Farmhouse Decor Dinner Blessing Grace Dining Room Sign Meal Prayer Kitchen Decor Hand Lettered Gift for Her Art

Wall signs are another safe and effective way of decorating your dining room walls. Wall signs with words relevant to the concept of a dining room are ideal. However, you can use any wall signs as per your liking. Wall signs make the dining room appear cozy and comfortable. Wall signs bring about an inviting aura to the dining room.

13. Bon Appetit Wall Sticker

liuyongkui French Bon Appetit Eating Food Tools Wall Sticker Waterproof Art Vinyl Decals Restaurant Kitchen Dining Room Wall Decor 82X43CM

What better way to welcome your family or guests to the dining room than the well-known salutation for a person who is just about to have their meal—Bon Appétit. A wall sticker saying Bon Appétit is the most suitable wall décor for a dining room. It will make your dining room look inviting and warm.

14. Food Vinyl Wall Decal

Wall Vinyl Decal Home Decor Art Sticker Food Word Sign Spoon Kitchen Restaurant Café Room Removable Stylish Mural Unique Design

The most suitable wall art for any room is the one that is focused on highlighting the purpose of that room. A food vinyl wall decal is what you should get for your dining room. Why do you come to your dining room? To eat! What do you eat? Food! So, it’s apt that you decorate your dining room wall with images of appetizing food!

15. Prayer Wall Decal

Bless The Food Before Us Amen Quote Wall Sticker Kitchen Dining Room Sign Family God Home Decor Wall Decal Poster Mural 3256CM

Most families begin their meals with prayers. It is a good tradition that teaches gratitude to the young ones in the family. Having a prayer wall decal in your dining room will make sure nobody forgets to say their prayer. Even when you are hosting a dinner for guests, the prayer wall decal will remind them to say a prayer before they begin eating. As far as looks are concerned, these wall decals look neat and elegant on a plain wall.

16. 3D Wall Art

LiPing Wall Paper 3D Hollow Dancing Butterflies Wall Stickers-Removable Decal Art Home Decor Painting Supplies Room Decor Kit-Kids Bedroom Decoration (E)

One great dining room wall art idea is to install 3D wall art on your dining room walls. 3D wall art adds depth to your room. Not just that, 3D wall art is eye-catching and extremely attractive. We are sure all your visitors will walk over to the wall with 3D wall art to have a closer look at it.


WOODSIGNS QMSING People Who Love to eat,Kitchen Wall Decor,Cooking Sign,Julia Child Quote,Kitchen Decor,Dining Room Decor,Wood Sign,Primitive Wood Sign 7.28 x 7.28 inch

Funny quotes are another way to make the atmosphere of your dining room lively and cozy. The more laughter these quotes bring, the more comfortable the room will feel. Hanging funny quotes on your dining room walls will always give you a chance to share a laugh with your loved ones. It also looks cool, funky, and super trendy.

18. Monotone Wall Art

dds5391 Elegant Woman Lady Smoke Wall Painting Picture Print on Canvas Poster Home Decoration - 5070

If you want wall art to stand out, you can either use a bold-colored or monotone painting. A monotone painting has a prominent and profound impact on interior design. Hanging a monotone painting on your dining room wall can add a touch of sophistication, class, and style to your dining room. Isn’t that what you want?

19. Colorful Wall Painting

Modern Original Artwork Prints Painting On Canvas Lover Couple Walking In The Rain Night Landscape Wall Art Decorations for Living Room (24x48 inch)

Nothing is more attractive than the colors. Anything that is colorful is sure to grab some attention. a colorful, horizontal canvas will look stunning in your dining room. It will look stylish, trendy, and attractive. If you have simple furniture in your dining room and want something for dining room walls that balances the simplicity out, a colorful wall painting is what you should get.

20. Wooden Wall Art

Bevis554Yule Dining Room Wall Decor Kitchen Wall Decor Wood Dining Room Sign Eat Drink and Be Happy Rustic Dining Room Pallet Sign Fork Knife Spoon 12 by 16 inches Each.

Wooden wall art for the dining room is one of the simplest and the most affordable ways of decorating your dining room walls. Wooden wall art looks decent, elegant, and pretty. If you are looking for dining room wall art ideas that do not cost you an arm’s length and do not make your dining room look overdone, wooden wall art is the right thing for you.

Tips to Decorate Dining Room

Dining room decoration is not as tricky as decorating other rooms of a house. Dining room wall art ideas make decorating the dining room quite simple and straight-forward. However, there are some other tips that will ensure that you are covered in all aspects. If your wall décor is on point but other areas of the dining room are completely overlooked, your efforts will go to waste. You wouldn’t want that.


Lighting is an important factor to consider whenever you are decorating any room in your house. Dining rooms are usually used for having meals. Many people may use it for other purposes as well as studying. An ideal dining room should have multiple lighting options so that you can have bright light while studying and dim lights to create an intimate dining atmosphere. You should also consider floor lamps and wall fixtures. Lighting has a major impact on the décor, so you should focus on it.

Suitable Furniture

The furniture you accommodate in your dining room should be suitable for the space available. If your dining room is small, a round dining table will be good but if you have sufficient space, a rectangular table will look great. If you place a dining table that is too large or too small, it would look completely out of the place which would make your décor a failure.

Table Linen

Always remember that sometimes small things make a huge difference. Any room that is not equipped with minor accessories will look incomplete, no matter what you do. The look won’t be finished until or unless you address tiny details. For a dining room, table linens, table runner, placements, and napkins are essential accessories that you should not forget.

Play with Color

Adding color also has a significant impact on the décor of a room. Using neutral-colored dining room linen accessories will keep the look simple, elegant, and traditional while brightly-colored accessories will make the dining room look more lively and fresh. It is up to you as to what kind of atmosphere you wish to create in your dining room.


Accessories like vases, decoration pieces, and photo frames may look unimportant but they can have a drastic impact on the decor. You shouldn’t add too many accessories as it would appear untidy. You should focus on fewer accessories that compliment your theme and overall look.

Now that we have provided a complete account of dining room décor, you should be able to work on your dining room designing more accurately. Each factor has its own importance but wall art can do wonders instantly. Never forget the walls, no matter which room you’re decorating.