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21 Rooms with Colors that Compliment Pink Interiors

Welcome to our site where you will find wonderfully decorated rooms, which feature an array of colors that pair well with pink accents. Ranging from soft blush to a bold hot fuchsia, pink makes a powerful statement whatever the choice is.  Pick your perfect shade and create a winning combination with the many colors that work so well with pink.

Be sure to scroll through our curated interior photos so you can read all about the details of each design. We hope to inspire and ignite creativity on your design journey.


1. Eclectic Pink Hues Living Room

This dusky pink sofa is a focal point for this living room and is surround with an eclectic mixture of furniture, both old and new. There are some warm-toned shades mixed in, like burnt orange and brown wood floors for a sophisticated take on bohemian design. To complete the polished, eclectic look you can add in a few plants for some greenery.

2. Cozy Bohemian-Inspired Bedroom

This soft pink channel tufted bed is the center focal point for this bohemian style bedroom. It is combined with an eclectic mixture of patterns and decor, both natural and organic. A black and white wallpaper in a floral pattern pairs well with the natural wood tones in the nightstands and the woven pendant lights. To complete the eclectic look, large plants and a cowhide rug have been added in.

3. Rich Gray & Pink Tones Bedroom

Dark gray walls mixed with rose pink bedding and accent chair create a rich eclectic bedroom design. Multiple modern light sources provide task and ambient lighting to highlight the color tones of the room. A black textured rug is layered under the bed and a floor-length brass mirror hangs on the wall which allows the room to reflect this rich eclectic space. 

4. Maximalist Pink Bedroom

Pink primary bedroom.

The bold pink walls really set the tone,  in this elegant maximalist primary bedroom. A stunning colorful Asian screen is used as art above the acrylic four-poster bed. Multiple rugs are layered in the room for added texture, including a multi-print cowhide rug. An eclectic seating area features a red sofa, art deco light sconces and a large portrait art piece that hangs above. So many wonderful and interesting pieces to look at in this beautiful maximal room.

5. Modern Pink Living Room

Soft pink walls and area rug contrast nicely against the rich wood tones in this modern living room.  Light streams in through the french doors that lead to the lush back patio. Abstract art hangs above the wood console with black light sconces that flank the wall. A soft blush sofa serves as the main seating area and a small white swivel chair sits in the corner for additional seating.

6. Sophisticated Pink-Accented Living Room

A soft pink sectional sofa is the focal point for this living room and  surrounded by a an eclectic gallery wall that hangs above. A black and white stripe rug is layered under the brass and glass coffee table. To complete this sophisticated look, they’ve added large coffee table books in stacks on the glass table shelf for decor.

7.  Quaint Pink Dining Nook

Small pink dining room.

The pink accent wall clearly takes the center stage in this small dining room. It’s all you need to create a stunning look in such a small and controlled space. If you want to, you can add artwork or a wall mirror for a bit of jazz.

  • Colors used with pink in this room: Grey, red, brown , and violet.

8. Blush & Neutral Tone Living Room

Blush pink and neutral tones are paired together to create a serene and beautiful living room.  A classic shaped pink sofa is paired with an almost matching velvet ottoman with brass trim, and they are both layered over a geometric print rug. A tall glass front cabinet is placed on wall to right of the sofa for storage and displaying collectibles. Blush tone drapes adorn the large french doors and a modern leather and metal base chair creates additional seating. 

9. Bold & Eclectic Art Studio

Bold and eclectic is the best way to describe this colorful art studio. Rich blue velvet settee and ottoman are paired with a pink chaise bench and patterned rug. A smaller art desk and painters easel placed to the left of the blue sofa, where you create and all the lovely art is displayed above the sofa in a gallery wall form. Pale blue walls contrast well against the pink drapes that adorn the window. 

10. Calming Neutral Pink Bedroom

This bedroom has calming dusty rose pink tones mixed with warm rust tones to create a serene environment. The channel tufted headboard is placed against the wall with moulding for added texture and detail. A neutral rug is layered under the bed for warmth.  A simple wood and metal nightstand is placed next to the bed for books and a single pendant light hangs over the nightstand in place of a lamp.

11. Bright Pink & White Kitchen

Pink and white kitchen.

This kitchen is two-tone with  bright high-gloss pink cabinetry,  surrounded by high-gloss white cabinets. The peninsula part of the kitchen curves like a kidney bean island, with a swivel stool for eating in. A narrow window is placed along the wall above the sink, to allow for natural light coming in. 

  • Colors used in this room with pink: White and green.

12. Pink Meets Maximalism Den

This den is a maximalists dream with loads of color and charm throughout. A bright tufted chaise sofa is placed opposite a leather chair and pink high-back armchair. The walls are painted in a bold blue color, as well as the built-in cabinets to create a custom look. Turquoise drapes adorn the windows and a plush white rug is layered under the seating area. The tray ceiling which is white and blue, adds depth to the space and creates a complete design. 

13. Serene Pink Living Room

This gorgeous serene living room blends lovely tones of pink, red and white with warm brass and natural wood. The velvet pink and deep red sofa pair so well with all the brass accents and the white cowhide rug. Beautiful light herringbone floors contrast perfectly with the pale blush walls. The unique brass pendant light and tall plant completes this gorgeous living room design. 

14. Contemporary Pink & Silver Kitchen

Pink and silver kitchen.

This contemporary modern kitchen has a metallic silver backsplash, countertop, and appliances which softens the intense look of the pink cabinetry. The pairing  between the two colors results in a sophisticated and bold feeling in the kitchen. An indoor glass bar area is located to left of the island where you can sit and enjoy looking out the window.

  • Colors used with pink in this room: Grey, orange, brown , and red.

15. Traditional Pink Inspired Living Room

Pink living room.

The right shade of pink can create a warm and inviting effect similar to what you see in this traditional styled  living room. Mixed with neutral colors, the room creates a soothing mood without losing its charming appeal. A gorgeous pattern rug is layered under matching pink print chairs, a mint green sofa and tufted ottoman. Stripe wallpaper creates texture and depth. 

  • Colors used with pink in this room: Grey, brown, green , and orange.

16. Cheerful & Bright Pink Kid’s Bedroom

This cheerful and bright kids bedroom has pops of popsicle orange and pink tones. Pattern pink and white curtains adorn the window and contrast against the light orange walls. Matching beds with a geometric pattern headboard are placed between a white nightstand and layered over a bright pink area rug. 

17. Subtle Pink-Accent Living Room

Subtle pinks and blend with warm wood tones and neutral colors to create a lovely and eclectic living room. Statement canvas art hangs above the soft pink velvet sofa, and ties in all the color tones in the room. A pattern rug is layered over the gorgeous herringbone floors and under a marvelous marble coffee table. A massive arc accordion floor lamp hangs over the entire room which makes it a major statement piece. 

18. Soft Eclectic Pink Foyer

Pink and white foyer.

The foyer has a subtle shade of pink that’s so light it almost blends with the white ceiling. A shade of pink this light is very calming and allows the remaining pieces in the room stand out.  A distressed vintage stye rug pairs well against the wood floors and soft walls. Dark mid-century style furniture contrasts well against the pink walls adds warmth to the space. The delicate light fixture and black framed mirror really complete the beautiful design in this foyer. 

  • Colors used with pink in this room: Grey and brown.

19. Rich Tones & Pink Accented Living Room

So many rich jewel tones paired with the velvet pink sofa. The deep blue walls and matching drapes contrast so well against the wood floors and the green armchair that is placed in the corner. A red vintage rug is layered under a small cheetah rug which creates dimension and texture. A gorgeous black marble and blue fireplace sits across from the pink sofa with a portrait painting placed above. 

20. Modern & Elegant Pink Bedroom

I could imagine sleeping or lounging all day, staring at the view, in this beautiful modern and elegant bedroom. A pink channeled wall is where the bed is placed centered with small side tables flanking both sides and pendant lights hanging above. A pale lime green rug is layered under the gray upholstered bed and contrasts against the herringbone floors. 

21. Bold & Delightful Living Room w/Pink Accents


This delightfully decorated living room pairs pinks, green and blue as the main event. Tall matching brass etageres are placed on the wall for books and to display collectibles. Dual pink love seats face each other, with a faux fur stool that is used as an ottoman or coffee table. Kelly green drapes adorn the windows and a large white pendant light hangs above to create interest and task lighting. 

Why Pink

If floor to ceiling pink isn’t quite your thing, don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate the versatile shade into your decor, without it looking like too much. For an understated but sophisticated look, try using soft pink and blush tones mixed with warm colors.

Many people hear pink and think of cotton candy or a young girl’s room. It has been stereotyped and so thought to be of limited use. Yet when it comes to interior design, pink can be a go-to color. It has many shades that can create various moods and effects and can be paired up with nearly all palettes.

The trick is simply to choose the right shade of pink. If you’re vying for a glamorous look for your room, the luscious fuschia pink is what you need. If you want a soothing ambiance, you should try blush pink.

Pink is a fantastic colour for a living room because it’s such a versatile shade, so whatever vibe you’re trying to create within your home, there’s guaranteed to be a tone of pink to suit your space. Pinks from the lighter side of the spectrum, like blush pink, rose pink and salmon, are well known for their soothing effect, whilst those more vibrant shades – coral, fuchsia and – are far more stimulating. Pink also goes well with plenty of other colours, including greens, blues and earth-tones, so it’s easy to build a cohesive colour palette around your chosen pink shade, or incorporate pink accents into an existing decor scheme.

Whether you use it as the main color or simply accent pieces, pink can easily add pizzazz to your room. With the numerous shades and sets of moods it can create, this color can never get boring. So if you need some design inspiration, think pink!