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20 Orange Master Bathroom Ideas (Photos)

Welcome to our orange master bathrooms photo gallery showcasing multiple orange master bathroom design ideas of all types.

Craftsman orange master bathroom with drop-in bathtub and tiles flooring.

Thanks for visiting our orange master bathroom photo gallery where you can search a lot of orange master bathroom design ideas. We hope you find your inspiration here.  We add new designs every week.

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Orange may not be your first choice for a master bathroom color, but there are several shades of oranges that you can play around with, from those with pinker undertones to bright, eye-popping orange. An orange master bathroom is one of the least common in the 948,706 bathrooms we analyzed for colors, found in 16,377, or 1.73%, of them. That puts it right ahead of a wood tones bathroom but behind a green bathroom.

When orange is used in the bathroom with light grays and white, it can add a touch of fun color while also making your bathroom feel warm. Orange is one of the most favorite colors to use in a Southwestern bathroom, where colors mimic those used in Mexican or old Western architecture and their landscapes. For some inspiration from orange master bathroom design ideas, we encourage you to check out our photo gallery.

Using Orange in Your Master Bathroom

When you think of orange, your mind likely goes to a bright, eye-catching, almost-fluorescent orange. But, orange comes in many shades, some bordering on pink, yellow, and red. Before you add orange to your bathroom, consider how much of the color you want to use and the size of your bathroom.

A medium bathroom is the most common size of the 318,703 we analyzed, accounting for 50.27%, or 160,220, of them. Small or medium bathrooms can use yellow-oranges to open up space, whereas a large master bathroom can use darker, red-to-brown shades of orange without feeling too closed in. If you only want an orange accent wall or pops of orange with décor, almost any size bathroom can accommodate some splashes of orange.

Make It Charming, Not Tacky

Too much of any color in the bathroom can make it look tacky. Orange tends to work well when a bathroom is bright by using plenty of natural light from windows or skylights, white furniture, and even mirrors and glass showers to allow light to bounce around the room. Since most orange tones are bright themselves, the overall atmosphere of your bathroom should match that.

A couple of elegant chandeliers can create a cozy feeling in your master bathroom while also brightening up space and making it more of a high-end look. White cabinets – the most popular choice of the 298,214 bathrooms we analyzed, found in 97,349, or 32.64%, of them – can provide the perfect contrast to orange walls while creating an open and airy bathroom.

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