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Calvin Klein’s Mansion in Miami Beach, FL (Listed for $16 Million)

This is a look at the central courtyard of the mansion surrounded by the beige arches and pillars of the exteriors. You can also see here the courtyard is surrounded by hallways. Image courtesy of

Calvin Klein’s Miami Beach, FL, waterfront mansion spans 7,966 square feet. Its strangely tranquil design has five en-suite bathrooms and two and a half bathrooms. It is quite a unique home, and it is on the market and listed at $16MM.

Calvin Klein’s name has been buzzing over the fashion industry for 50 years. He was a pioneer of fashion and is now a long-established name in beauty and fashion, a name adored by the aged and the young. One of Klein’s early fragrances was named Obsession and that is just what the Calvin Klein brand became – an obsession.

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Klein was a suit manufacturer’s apprentice before he opened his own company. After doing so in 1968, Klein’s company took off like a rocket as he added women’s fashions to his repertoire, and he didn’t stop there. It was on to men’s underwear making them bright, colorful, and fitted.

When he went on to add Calvin Klein jeans to his collection, he got some pushback, because of the ad campaign he had used. However, the jeans ended up selling more than 200,000 pairs in the first seven days after launch.

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In 2002, Phillips van Heusen bought out Calvin Klein. The transaction was estimated at more than $700MM. In 2003, the newly reformed company, with Klein as a consulting creative director. Simultaneously, he was involved in interests that had nothing to do with fashion and beauty. Real estate was one of them.

Klein acquired homes and then used his creativity to make them exquisite. One such home is this home on the waterfront in Miami Beach, FL. The Zen experience of this home cannot be explained in words.

The living area of this mansion covers 7,966 square feet, 5,800 of it being enclosed. Designed to provide open, airy, bright rooms, the home invites you into the foyer through a French door and the great room provides just that kind of atmosphere with its bright white walls. The sofa sets and dining room chairs are white, as well, and the dining room table is a heavy one made of wood.

The kitchen is stunning with black countertops on white and wooden ceilings. The bedrooms with their French balcony doors and huge wooden cabinets, which match the floors make for a calm night.

Outdoors you have a covered patio with a tall dark ceiling and ceiling fan, wood-top coffee table, and sofas. The central courtyard with its Zen garden is lovely and serene, only topped by the infinity pool shaded by the tall trees that escort it off into the Biscayne Bay.

The mansion is listed by Pablo Alfaro with Douglas Elliman Real Estate in Miami Beach, FL. Designed by Axel Vervoordt, the antiques and furniture are included with the home for the listing price of $16MM, according to the Fort Lauderdale Daily.


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