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Bruce Willis’ House in Sun Valley, ID (Listed for $5.495 Million)

This beautiful home is framed quite well by the surrounding lush green landscaping of tall trees that complement the wooden and earthy tones of the house. Images courtesy of

Bruce Willis is probably best known for his role in the Christmas action classic, Die Hard- a movie so satisfying to watch that the sequels seem to have made themselves. Of course, he’s also been in many financially successful and critically acclaimed films such as the iconic Pulp Fiction and Unbreakable.

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Well, the action star’s action star has owned a ski home in Sun Valley since 2003, and he had been trying to sell it since 2011. The home finally sold in 2018, and Willis is still wiping his brow over it. The final selling price came in at $5.5 million, which is quite a markdown from the original asking price of $15 million.

The property is a 20-acre lot and the home covers 8,404 square feet. It offers soaring views of Flying Heart Lake and the surrounding mountains. It is surrounded in thick woods and has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Outdoors, there’s a huge swimming pool and hot tub.

Coming up the front step, the house is as impressive as some of the nearby mountains with its steep front steps and the centerline facade with its high a-frame ceiling, big windows and inviting double front doors.

Inside the living room, there are vaulted ceilings, high windows running from the floor to the apex of the a-frame, and a very large fireplace that is as tall as the house itself.

Every interior space is heavy on dark wood and stone texture. The dining room is very down to Earth with all wooden furnishings and a connected ceiling beam and load bearing beams down the centerline.

The kitchen is perhaps the most wood-heavy room in the house with hardwood floors, stained oaken cabinets and a marble-topped wooden table in the center. The kitchen is noticeably more shiny than the other rooms. This is always a smart touch in interior design as shiny things tend to connote cleanliness.

The primary bedroom features heavy load bearing beams along the ceiling and walls, denoting strength. The bed is massive, and two adjoining doors lead out to the pool area which is absolutely epic, to say the least.

The listing calls it an Olympic sized pool, but it is not the standard rectangular Olympic shape – and it might actually be larger than an official Olympic pool. A mighty waterfall pours in from one side, helping to keep the pool water fresh, and rock-like features make the area feel almost as rustic as a hidden swimming hole in the woods.

We don’t know why Willis was so eager to get rid of the property, but we’re sure the new owners are ecstatic over the nearly $10 million dollar discount they got on it!