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Bob Dylan’s Townhouse in Harlem, NY (Listed for $3.595 Million)

Bob Dylan is one of pop music’s most important and enduring names. His former New York town house was located ideally to position him in close proximity to some of his most important contemporaries and business associates- including one mysterious character Dylan will only refer to as “The Chief Commander.”

This is the view of the family room from the vantage of the hallway. Here you can see the beautiful hardwood flooring that matches with the wooden pillars that adorn the large entryway to the family room that is warmed by a large fireplace. Images courtesy of

Of all the talented and venerable stars to be counted among the ranks of popular music sensations, Bob Dylan is perhaps the most enduring and the most iconic. His songs moved a generation to shirk wage slavery and pro-war ideologies at a time when our nation had entered into perhaps its most infamous and dubious military conflict- the Vietnam war. Today, Dylan still performs according to his talent and within the changing range of his vocal abilities.

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At 79 years old, Dylan is the one-time owner of a fabulous townhouse located in Harlem New York. Built in 1890, the four-story tall home was fully renovated before Dylan purchased it in the 80s and later sold it in 2000. The space, equal to the legendary singer/songwriter, covers 3,952 square feet of floor space and is now on the market once again by the current owner for $3.5 million.

Taking a look at the front entry space, it’s easy to see how this home caught the interest of an inveterate world-class musician. With little more than simple benches for seating, this is an excellent space to practice playing and singing in comfortable surroundings with few distractions. The space is dominated by ornate wooden pillars, hardwood flooring, and a small but handsome fireplace off to one side. The flowery crown molding serves as the perfect accentuation for this room and is as elevating for the atmosphere of this room as a halo would be to a man’s countenance.

The main living room features a fireplace that is very much a companion to the foyer fireplace with an additional dark wood framing. The furniture is humble in size and proportions but is clearly very fine in both fit and finish. A small, glass coffee table stands in the center of the room and three small windows offer a modest but welcome view of the neighboring buildings.

The dining room is very striking with a piece of eye-catching abstract art on the wall behind the head of the table. The dining room table itself is no larger than that of an ordinary American home with six seats and moderate proportions. The chairs and table are of simple wooden construction but the woodworking is evidence to some very fine craftsmanship with elegant curves, ergonomics, and sparing material use.

The kitchen is a tour de force showing moderation, style, and functionality. A large marble topped island stands in the center with three stools and a built-in cooking range. Behind this, the larger oven set made from cast iron and topped with the same green marble is a thing of beauty.