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25 Dining Room Trends 2023

Published on January 17, 2023

Dining door with mismatched and multicolored chairs.

2023 is all about fun styles, bold colors, and natural elements. When it comes to dining rooms, there are a variety of design trends that you can choose from. It’s important that you pick the one that you really like and not just because it’s the trend.

And here is why we come up with this list of dining room trends that everyone can relate to. Check out our list of the different dining room trends for this year and see which of these dining room designs suits your personal style.

1. Romantic

Get cozy and add a hint of Victorian style to your dining room in 2023. Wall paper is a nice way to do this, so is a vintage area rug. This is a classic look that is very inviting.

2. Arch Doorways

Dining room with an arch doorway.

Arched doorways are a soft way to add interest to your dining area. It’s a specific look—adding an exaggerated entrance implies you are going into a very separate area, so lots of natural light at the destination is important.

3. Wall Storage (Lots)

Dining room with lots of wall storage.

Designed by: Sutro Architects

I love the way built-in wall storage looks. It can be full of accessories or streamlined but it always warms up a room with the personal touches on each shelf. Also a nice way to add color and shape to a neutral-colored room.

4. Bench Seating

Dining room with bench seating.

Adding a bench to your dining table instantly transforms it. What was once cold single-seating is now a warm, comfortable setting for a group gathering. Even if your group is small, the closeness of a bench creates a unified space for dining, games and after school homework.

5. Banquette

A banquet is a built-in bench for your dining area and it’s becoming the new normal. There’s nothing cozier than leaning back onto a sofa-like seat while you dine. Upholstered foam seats and throw cushions can be interchanged through the seasons giving it a refresh as often as you want.

6. Dark Wood Furniture

Dining chairs, tables and accent pieces are trending back towards dark wood. What used to look flat and uninteresting is coming back in a much better way. Textured wood, vintage stains and antique styles paired with bright pops of color and gold finishings make up the new trend in dark wood dining rooms.

7. Eclectic

Eclectic dining room with a glass-top dining table and blue chairs.

Source: Houzz

Dine in 2023 in the surroundings of your own eclectic style. That means one-of-a-kind style is in. Pictured here is a statement globe lamp, bright blue chairs, a neon “EAT’ sign and multi-color pottery and dinnerware on display. A shining example of “anything goes” (mostly) in 2023.

8. Glam

Glam dining table with cascading chandelier.

Designed by: M Design Studio

Ordinary dining rooms are getting a glamorous makeover this year. Large gold fixtures, large pieces of art, gold frames, and vibrant area rugs. This dining room says “luxe” in so many ways, especially with the black backdrop.

9. Extra Long Tables

Dining room with extra long dining table.

Long dining tables are in this year and they are the statement of the room. With all that seating space you’ll have room for the whole family and your friends.

When it’s not being used to entertain, they simply look nice, elongating the room. They also double as craft tables, puzzle tables or areas to study.

10. Long Lighting Fixtures

This is a classic look that is in style again this year. Soft lighting that runs the length of the dining table is functional and serves as a nice way to provide ambient light to the entire room.

11. Defined Ceilings

Define your dining room this year with a bright colored ceiling or wood. You don’t need walls to know you’re in the dining room with this interesting solution for context. The more colorful the better!

12. Magenta

Small dining area with magenta walls.

Designed by: amanda nisbet

Magenta is here in a big way. Here it’s used on the walls and its vibrant quality lights up this banquet seating area. Magenta is a highly saturated color and so it’s a good solution if you’re going for a maximalist look.

13. Farmhouse Tables

The farmhouse dining table is continuing strong this year because it’s so rustic and functional. Switch up your surroundings to give it contrast—as pictured with backdrop in a traditional style, the rustic farmhouse table softens the entire room.

14. Natural Tone, Neutral

Dining room with earthy color scheme.

Natural and neutral—two big trends of 2023. This dining space uses neutral tones and textures with the wood and lighting but also adds a pop of forest green (a big color in 2023) to give it a bit of contrast.

15. Vintage Florals

Dining room with vintage floral wallpaper.

Designed by: KNOF design

Traditional dining rooms are back and so are the vintage florals that came with them. Plenty of wallpaper options for this style. This whimsical dining room works well as it incorporates waist-high wainscotting giving the eye a bit of relief.

16. Natural Woods

Add natural wood to your dining space brings the outside in, especially when you can see texture or knots in the wood. Here you get a big dose of wood and it’s paired nicely with a significant amount of outdoor light, you almost feel as if you’re outside!

17. Formal Dining Room

Formal dining rooms, set away from the kitchen and family rooms are making a comeback. Perhaps a response to covid where we all spent so much (too much?) time together. Pictured here with an arched entryway and beautiful herringbone wood floors, this is the perfect place for a long evening of entertaining.

18. Bright Pop of Color/Pop Art

Buy the big pop-art painting. Dining rooms are popping with colorful wall art this year and it’s a nice way to add color. Large pieces of modern art give the room a gallery feel and are a great conversation starter.

19. Live Edge Tables

Dining room with live edge table.

Designed by: Kym Rodger Design

Raw edge dining tables are a beautiful look that instantly transforms the room. They are a timeless natural look that pairs with almost any furniture style or wall color.

20. Oval/Surfboard Tables

Dining room with surfboard dining table.

Oval tables are in for 2023 and for good reason. The lack of corners and pedestal base make it incredibly functional, allowing for as many guests as you can squeeze in. A mid-century classic, they fall in nicely with the curved furniture trend of this year.

21. Cool Table Bases (Pedestal Table)

Continuing with the trend of personal style, unique pedestal bases are in style this year. Pictured here a large burl of wood as a base—a rustic contrast to its upscale surroundings.

22. Mismatched Chairs

Dining chairs of all shapes and sizes (at one table) are on trend for 2023. Finding a bunch of chairs that look good together can be tough. Matching the end chairs is a great way to tie them all together.

23. Black Tables

Dining room with black dining table and chairs.

Designed by: Bianchi Design

Black dining tables are trending for 2023. Pictured here there’s plenty of contrast with a living wall and soft textiles surrounding it. It’s a glamorous look that requires a lot of upkeep.

24. Farmhouse Wood Walls

Wood walls in dining areas are simply beautiful as it gives you the feeling of nature as you dine. These walls in the craftsman style are rustic and warm. This look requires a generous ceiling height and a paring of florals and color.

25. Brick or Stone wall

Dining room with brick walls.

Designed by: SUITE New York

Brick walls and stones of all types are making a comeback in dining rooms this year. Adding stone to your dining space gives it a rich look and has the qualities of a french kitchen. A winning trend for 2023.