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26 of the Best Architecture Websites and Blogs

Computer monitor on a busy workdesk showing onscreen an architecture website.

Architecture is a form of art, just like painting, writing, and music. To many, this expression of art is an expression of love as it allows architects to unfold their creativity and imagination using colors, shapes, and a plethora of other artistic elements.

Many people are under the impression that architecture is just about designing space. While it is true to a certain extent, it doesn’t mean that the profession is limited to a few job options. As surprising as it may sound, there are different types of architecture, including commercial architecture, residential architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, green design architecture, industrial architecture, urban design, etc. And you can find hundreds of job options in each of these categories.

There was a time when people had to get themselves enrolled in architecture school to learn about architecture and design. But today, you can find literally everything on the internet, including various architectural designs. People with a knack for architecture will find this article useful as it sheds light on the best architecture websites and blogs.

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1. Life of an Architect StudentWebsite for students pursuing architecture

This website is just what it sounds like, except it can also be used by students that aren’t studying architecture as well. If you are curious about architecture and want to learn a thing or two about it, you can send in your queries. You may not get a response right away, but the wait will be worth it!

The content of the website is updated on a regular basis so you can expect to receive fresh and interesting information daily.

2. ArchitizerArchitizer Website

Architizer is one of those websites where you can find everything related to architecture, including current architecture projects, images of inspirational architecture, products for interior designing, the best manufactures in the architecture industry, and journals that discuss the best architecture designs across the globe.

A hub of architectural information, this valuable source can be surfed all day without getting bored. The best part is that it holds international competitions for architecture and design. What’s more, is that there are several blog posts that reveal excellent tips and tricks to win these competitions. For example, one of the blog posts the website features is “How to Win the One Drawing Challenge: 3 Key Ingredients to Consider”.

3. The Architecture BlogArchitizer Website

If you are looking for some architectural eye candy, look no further!

The Architectural Blog is a Tumblr-based blogging site that boasts photos – lots of them! And below every photo, you will find a one or two-line description of the photo. That’s it.

Savor in the visual delight that this picturesque website offers. From photos of sacred mosques to groovy house interior to fine dining restaurants to wide hallways, you will find every kind of architecture to satisfy your creativity and curiosity.

4. ArchDaily ArchDaily – the Best Architecture Website for You

It truly is the most trafficked website as far as architecture is concerned. It is likely that anyone with even a tad bit of interest in buildings and design has visited this website. The reason that makes this source so widely popular is because of the wealth of information available on it.

The home page consists of seven different sections, each of which deals with significant architectural details. These segments include – projects, news & topics, products, BIM, interviews, competitions, and events. Each section is sub-divided into plenty of more interesting sections, dealing with unique concepts. For example, in the “project” section, you can find segments like cultural architecture, healthcare architecture, industrial & infrastructure, religious architecture, and lots more!

Depending on your interest, you can choose the category you want to go through and explore the wealth of information provided to you.

5. DexignerA website for design-minded people

This website is specifically designed for all kinds of designers out there. Whether your field is sustainable design, packing design, landscape design, industrial design, furniture design, graphical design, or any other type of design, you are bound to find a section related to it.

In addition, you will find a variety of other notable sections that are worth the read. Some of them include art, advertising, fashion, illustration, photography, and typography.

If you want to participate in active design competitions or attend constructive design events, you can find out about several of them on Dexigner.

6. Dezeen MagazineDezeen

Dezeen is a design and architecture magazine that is read by people all over the world. Their mission is straight-forward. They aim to provide a well-edited selection of the best architecture and design projects from across the globe.

As long as you have access to Dezeen, you won’t have to rely on a taxing online search for the latest in the field of architecture.

Every bit of the latest architectural and design news will be at the tip of your fingers.

7. Architecture – RedditReddit for Present and Future Architects

Reddit is the fourth largest website in the United States that serves 320 million users every month. The website comprises of six major sections such as Posts, Find a School, Become an Architect, Find a Job, Volunteer, and Enter a Competition.

Judging by these categories, it is safe to say that this website is for all sorts of people – those who are on the lookout for the best schools to pursue their passion for architecture, those who have recently become an architect and are on the hunt for a job, and those professionals or interested lot that want to participate in an architecture competition.

8. Build BlogBuild Blog discusses modern architects and designs

Build Blog is a visually appealing website which explores modern design and architecture. This blog site was created and is written for by BUILD LLC – a popular architectural design co-operation based in Seattle, WA.

The Build Blog has a variety of distinctive architecture and design blogs that broaden a reader’s horizons. You won’t find any other website giving their two cents on topics that the curators of the Build Blog so openly discuss. Most of their blogs are related to architecture and design related to Seattle, such as “Seattle’s Housing Crisis: Getting the Facts Straight”, “Why Seattle’s Small Multi-Family Buildings and the Firms That Create Them are on the Endangered Species List”, “Why Seattle’s New Early Community Outreach Requirement Will Actually Damage the City”, etc.

If you live in Seattle or are planning to move or work there, have a sneak peek into this awesome website.

9. Life of an ArchitectAn Architect’s Personal Website

professional designer, such as the “Young Architect of the Year” award in 2009.

Known as the world’s most popular architecture blogger, Bob Borson gives his fresh insight into the field of architecture. These insightful posts can be useful for those who want to be an architect and are looking for honest guidance.

This place is also a great way to get a deep insight into the life of Bob Borson.

10. BLDGBLOGBuilding Blog

Launched in 2004, BLDGBLOG, also known as building a blog, is a website that houses multiple blogs composed by Geoff Manaugh – a freelance writer based in Los Angeles and the author of a New York Times’ bestseller “A Burglar’s Guide to the City.”

The main purpose of this blog is to explore topics based on organic and man-made architecture. In 2009, the BLDGBLOG book – based on the BLDGBLOG – was released. It was listed as the “Best Book of 2009” by Amazon.

Manaugh provides his raw and unfiltered opinions on cities, infrastructure, design, and technology in his blog posts. To learn more about his views, get your hands on Manaugh’s cover issues for The New York Times Magazine, New Scientist, The Atlantic, and The Daily Beast.

11. Fast CompanyFast Company where business and design collide

This list would be incomplete without the inclusion of Fast Company. It is the most obvious choice for every designer on this planet. Out of all the sections, their “Co.Design” is the most informative one.

Expand your knowledge of design by having a look at design blog posts like “The Most Exciting Design Scene You’re Not Hearing About”, “A New Wave of Smart Cities is Here, and They Look Nothing Like What You’d Expect”, “I Want to Live in Birkenstock’s Chic New Paris Showroom”.

This website is as versatile as it gets, as it is not limited to simply architecture and design. For example, you can also find news related to creativity and innovation in advertising, entertainment, and pop culture. In other words, it is the best resource for your everyday news and information.

12. The American Institute of ArchitectsAIA

AIA is a world-renowned architectural institution which was founded in 1857 by 13 architects. Having its headquarters in Washington, DC, this leading architectural design firm works for the value of architecture and provides architects with technically-advanced devices to perform their best work. In other words, AIA is a source to empower architects so that they can build a world that encourages people to live comfortably.

To be a part of this amazing institute, you can find the necessary requirements/details on their website. It is easy to use, and locating the desired information will hardly take a few minutes.

13. BusybooBusyboo – Rediscovering the Power of Simple Design

Boost your understanding about modern architecture, house/office interiors, technology, travel, and home, by reading up a wide variety of articles on Busyboo.

The website is simple to use; thousands of articles are divided into different sections according to their genre. Click on the type of genre you want to access and choose the article that piques your interest the most. The articles are simple to read and provide bundles of knowledge to the reader. Some engaging articles worth your time are A Parisian Family Home, Darling Point Victorian Cottage, and Cohost West Bund.

If you are tech-savvy, you will find interesting articles like Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner, Qwerkywriter, Mars Levitating Speaker, and LP 160 Loudspeaker in their tech section.

14. Think| ArchitectWordPress of Lee Calisiti

Think| Architect is a WordPress blog of popular architect and educator Lee Calisiti. It comprises of his weekly musings, targeting architects from across the globe.

Lee talks about his personal experiences of his professional architectural practice, giving an insight into what future architects can expect and prepare ahead of time.

Every blog is a personal view of Lee; it is up to the reader to agree or disagree or form their own opinion out of it. At best, it serves as a medium for healthy architecture debates.

15. Soapbox ArchitectSoapbox Architect

A relatively new website, Soapbox Architects was newly launched on January 1st, 2015 by Brady Ernst. With over 700 blog posts, this website features a discussion on a wide variety of topics. The captivating aspect of this resource is that it covers serious architectural talks in a humorous tone.

There is a new theme every month; this month’s theme is Architecture of Change. Interested readers can head to the official website and learn about it in detail.

16. Wallpaper*Website for architecture and design – Wallpaper*

Wallpaper* is not just an online source to acquire an in-depth understanding of architecture. It explores a wide range of interesting topics related to art, travel, lifestyle, fashion, watches, jewelry, etc.

For example, in architecture, you can discover the best architecture books to read, in the travel section, you can learn about the latest travel companions (the best luggage to go for), in the jewelry section, you can find out about the latest watch and jewelry finds.

17.  Archinect Archinect for Architects all Around the World.

Originally developed in 1997 by Paul Petrunia, the purpose of Archinect is to connect all architects and designers around the world via a central medium (Archinect). This architecture-based website serves as a community for all architects and designers to share and exchange their ideas and opinions.

The aim is also to expand the subject of architecture and make it more open-minded and reachable to all types of audiences. Archinect is also helpful to those looking for a job. In their “employment” section, you can come across several job postings on a daily basis. If you want to get enrolled in a top architecture school, there is loads of information in their “Academia” category.

18. ColossalColossal – Art, Design, and Visual Culture

Developed by Christopher Jobson in 2010, Colossal is a great place to learn about different forms of art, including design, painting, photography, drawing, and of course, architecture.

Colossal allows you to learn about the intersection of two poles-apart subjects – art and science and about the beauty of the natural world.

Out of all the websites listed here, Colossal has the most varied number of subjects. Even the pickiest reader can find a topic of their interest. The best news and archives are on art, design, and architecture, of course.

19. AbitareAbitare for Architects

Founded in 1961 by Piera Peroni, Abitare is an architecture magazine that deals with the subjects of art, design, architecture, costume, and lots more. The most captivating section of Abitare is its gallery section, which consists of a variety of pictures of the most jaw-dropping architectural designs. For example, you can discover outstanding photos of the all-time famous Moshe Safdie – a green hub at Singapore airport, the GG-loop wooden building in Amsterdam, etc.

The architecture section is also quite amusing as it focuses on contemporary architectural projects such as A4A, pleasant spaces for students, Notre-Dame (facts and myths), Bjarke Ingels in Bordeaux, and many more.


ALLPLAN is an architecture company which tackles challenging architecture and design projects. The company is able to deal with the biggest and most complex of projects using the ALLPLAN software. To learn about the working of ALLPLAN architecture, start making the most of their architecture tutorials.

Best for advanced learners or professional architects, ALLPLAN is a wonderful source to learn about new technology for building and designing. “Glass in Architecture – a material for sustainable building?” is an incredible architecture blog post that focuses on how advanced technology has helped in the production of sustainable designs and shapes through a versatile material – glass. There are a number of other blog posts to read in different sections like engineering, building trends, BIM, software, famous architects, etc.

21. HouzzHouzz for amazing architecture blogs

Architecture is a wide and varied field, consisting of millions of crucial aspects that can be discussed in length. While Houzz is a home improvement website, it accommodates an architecture section that is every professional’s and architecture student’s delight. This section holds a number of additional sections that will allow you to learn about this exciting subject in detail.

What’s amazing is that you can also hire different architects according to your needs. For example, if you are on the lookout for a building designer, a landscape architect, or a pool builder, you will get a list of every type of architect on the website.

22. Architect GadgetsArchitect Gadgets – Website and Blog

No work of architecture is complete without its gadgets. Some of the primary gadgets that architecture requires are 3D scanners, cameras, color scanners, intelligent pens, and lots more. If you are a beginner, this website will be a helpful guide. Here, you will find a manual for all the architect tools in the world, their value, and uses.

The writers have dedicated each blog to a specific architect tool, where they have discussed almost everything that one needs to know about that particular device. Some interesting architecture blog posts you will come across are Best Tablets for Architects, Best 360 Degrees Cameras for Architects, Laser Measure vs. Tape Measure, etc.

23. Hidden ArchitectureA Journal/Atlas for Hidden Architecture

Hidden Architecture was designed in February 2015 by Alberto Martinez and Garcia and Hector Rivera Bajo. The journal explores undiscovered architecture from different parts of the world. The website mainly comprises of the photos of unique architecture and design. No photo is available without its description, which adds value and credibility to the photo.

Since the content of the source is dedicated to never-seen-before architecture, you can’t see replicas or duplicates like most publications. In other words, Hidden Architecture does not aim to focus on commercial designs.

24. Brain PickingsBrain Pickings for Architects

If you love reading different kinds of blog posts, including architecture blog posts, Brain Pickings should be your go-to site. This is an outstanding blog source to update you about the history and latest stories in architecture.

Here, you will also find short posts on a wide range of other subjects. The best thing about this website is that it never gets boring. How is that so? Every day, the content is updated, which means that you can find a variety of unique posts daily. Subscribe to their newsletter to get an update of a new written piece.

Make the most of them when you’re in the mood to get some creative inspiration or when you want others to get inspired.

25. Landscape Architecture Foundation | LAFLandscape Architecture Foundation, Washington, DC

Based in Washington, DC, Landscape Architecture Foundation |LAF was founded 50 years ago. This well-qualified architecture firm is all about landscape architecture.

The main aim of the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) is to support the improvement and preservation of the natural environment. LAF invests in scholarships and research to elevate the growth of landscape architecture. All the architects belonging to this field must head over to their official site to understand who they truly are, what they deal with, and how you can become a member of the group.

26. Zaha Hadid ArchitectsArchitecture By Zaha Hadid

The award-winning architect Zaha Hadid has her own website which features her past and ongoing projects. Whether you want to learn about her architecture, interior design, and other astounding designs, this online source has it all!

Zaha Hadid is well-acclaimed for her highly distinctive and modern designs, and while scanning the website, you will be mesmerized by breathtaking displays of each of her unique works.


For a daily dose of architecture, you can Google these architecture magazines, sites, and blogs. Surprise others with your vast knowledge by spreading architecture news that you learn from these notable sources.

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