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Alexander Julian’s House in Ridgefield, CT (Listed for $5.995 Million)

This is the front view of the house with a large concrete courtyard adorned with lovely landscaping of tall trees and shrubs warmed by the rope lights and the lights from the windows. Images courtesy of

Admirers of the fashion industry will certainly know and respect the name Alexander Julian. Julian has won numerous Coty Awards and Cutty Sark awards for his one famous clothing line named “Colors” after his penchant for innovative displays of color. Julian also designed the uniforms for the Charlotte Hornets and a set of textiles for the Smithsonian.

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He is also the owner of a one of a kind estate in Connecticut which is now on sale for $5.9 million. Constructed in 1992, the property covers 6,042 square feet and stands on a 30-acre property amid ornate gardens, a luxurious pool, tennis courts, and seemingly endless rolling hills.

Intensely pastoral in nature, the surrounding property is rich in trickling creeks, secretive roads, and lovely glades that seem an excellent place to do a great deal of horseback riding. Just down the hill from the main house is a secreted glade and idyllic pond. While the pond is artificial, and as clean and inviting as an artificial pond can be – it also expertly mimics a natural swimming hole.

The front patio area is an enormous stone tiled space with a tree in the center and surrounded with large planted hedgerows. This affords the visitor an opportunity to feel as if one has independently discovered the front entryway. Once inside, we discover spaces that are as modest in size as they are brilliantly designed.

The main living room is decidedly small, but dominated by strong, exposed ceiling support beams, a wall filled with windowed doors and fully furnished with some very practical leather couches – it seems the ideal place to think, drink, and design.

The primary bedroom is simple with a large bamboo rug covering the entire floor space. Where it defies normality is the corner nook, with an eye-catching entryway which might be described as outlining a pyramid made of light. The nook is a room unto itself, ideal for quiet conversation and gazing out across the top of a scene of endless verdant woodlands. If that’s not enough, just to the right of the nook is a patio door leading to a Juliet balcony affording one an even more full view of the interminable treetops.

Following the creek around the hillside, we find a small, romantic, wooden bridge leading to an attached outdoor area just below and behind the house. With all these intriguing out of doors spaces to discover, we should not be surprised to find the barn house and stables which raise the total square footage to over 10,000 square feet.

Taking all of this in, it seems clear that being outdoors is the whole point of this one of a kind estate, and the house is simply an ideal place to rest and return to the outdoors once again.