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2-Level Deck Plan Blueprint (Free PDF Download)

Picture of 2-Level Wood Deck

Welcome to our free blueprint of a 2-level wood deck design and plans.

=> Click here to download the full PDF blueprint

The 2-level is a popular design because it’s both pleasing to the eye and can be very functional. One or two steps creates 2 distinct sections of the deck.

Often the upper section, which is closest to the house, is a dining/grilling (if large enough an outdoor kitchen) area and the lower section is used as an outdoor living room.

While our design is 2 levels, you don’t need to stop there. Some people create tiered decks with 3 or 4 levels. These can be intricate decks but look incredible when down. The image on which we based this 2 level deck plan can be found on Zillow DigsTM.

The one downside to multi-level decks is that you must be careful about the edge. It’s easy to forget and then while sitting in a chair, push it backwards and tumble backwards. That said, in my view, the added dimension of a second level plus the demarcation creating 2 separate sections is well worth it.

If you live in an area where you can enjoy the outdoors much of the year, it’s worth investing in a large deck that can accommodate grilling, dining and sitting areas.

Our full blueprints for this deck is set out below. Click each image to enlarge.

If you prefer to have the PDF version, click here and save it to your computer.

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Blueprints (.jpg) for this 2 level deck design

2-Level Deck Design

2 Level Deck Overview Design

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Cement Pillar Layout

Deck Pillar Post Layout Design

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The Deck Framing Plan

Deck Framing Plan

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Deck Railing Plans

Deck Railing Plan

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Top View of the Deck

Top view of the two level deck

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Deck Posts

Deck Post Plans for 2 Level Deck

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Side View

Side view of 2 level wood deck.

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2 level decks a_Page_08

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2 level decks a_Page_09

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2 level decks a_Page_10

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2 level decks a_Page_11

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2 level decks a_Page_12

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2 level decks a_Page_13

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2 level decks a_Page_15

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2 level decks a_Page_14

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