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Standard Wood Pallet Dimensions and Sizes (Diagrams and Charts)

Collage of wooden pallet.

While pallets are generally the same size overall, there are nuanced differences between sizes and dimensions for various parts of different pallet types.  Also, there are different standards depending on the country (see below).

Below we set out the various pallet dimensions for a standard wood pallet, followed by charts that set out the different sizes for ISO pallets, North American pallets, European pallets, and Australian pallets.

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Standard Pallet Size (Diagrams)

Below is our main pallet size diagram that sets out all the dimensions for a standard pallet. It includes width, length, and height for top, bottom, and side views. It also includes the width and thickness of the deck boards as well as the corner blocks. In a nutshell, it provides you with every measurement you need.

What are the standard pallet dimensions?

A standard pallet is 47.25″ long, 39 3/8″ wide, and 5.75″ tall.

Standard wood pallet size and dimensions (chart)

As you can see, pallets are not exactly square.  The above is our best diagram showing pallet width, length, and height from top, bottom, front, side, and isometric (3D) views.

Wood Pallet Sizes (Charts)

Below is a set of pallet size tables that set out all the various measurements for different pallets, including ISO standard pallets followed by North American, European and Australian pallets.

Wood pallet sizes chart

What industries are pallets most commonly used for?

Pallets are used to ship all kinds of goods, including:

  • Grocery items
  • Automotive parts,
  • Beverages,
  • Military,
  • Paper,
  • Dairy, and
  • Retail (lots of retail)

Pallet Anatomy Diagrams

We wrap this up with some pallet anatomy diagrams to put all the dimensions into context. While a pallet looks like a simple wooden item, there are more parts to it that meet the eye. Below we set out the anatomy of both block and stringer pallets.

As you can see, the diagrams also set out what is considered the “length” side and “width” side, which isn’t obvious given pallets are almost square (they actually aren’t square).

Pallet anatomy diagram 1

Pallet anatomy 2

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