11 Sauna Dimensions, Sizes and Layouts (Illustrated Diagram)

Do you want to build or install a sauna? First you need to determine the size of the footprint (i.e. how big the sauna will be). Second, you need to choose a sauna seating layout. This diagram sets out 11 common sauna layouts with dimensions and sizes and sets out how many people each layout and size can accommodate.

Photo of sauna interior

Below is our extensive diagram setting out 11 different sauna layouts with dimensions set out for each layout. We also specify roughly how many people each layout and sauna size can accommodate.

For homes, saunas are typically smaller, ranging from 1 to 4 persons. In commercial settings, saunas typically range from 6 to 12+ people.

As a frequent sauna user in saunas all over the place (hotels, gyms, spas), the usual size is 4 to 8 people with 8 being fairly large.

What is my favorite sauna layout?

I like the L-shaped sauna layout where both arms of the bench have two levels. I find the L-shaped layout is easier to talk with other people instead of one long straight bench.

Another dimension I like is one long bench – spanning at least 7 to 8 feet so that I can fully lie down.

Check out the graphic below. As you can see, small saunas start with a 48″ long bench and expand to huge 12 foot long U-shaped saunas and everything else in between.

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Diagram setting out 11 different sauna dimensions (layouts) and sizes for different number of people.


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