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William Randolph Hearst & Marion Davies’ Home in Long Island, NY (Listed for $2.195 million)

The home made famous by William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies hits the market for $2.195 million. The home was completed in 1906 and is built on one-acre of prime real estate and became the east coast playground for entertainment and business moguls.

Outside, the home boasts a lush lawn and garden area. Image courtesy of

William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies’ relationship was more than a simple affair, the couple was together for 34 years. During that time, Hearst shared his homes with his wife as well as Davies—though obviously—not at the same time or the same location.

Hearst had many homes including his estate La Cuesta Encantada or The Enchanted Hill. This home consisted of 115 rooms and 68,500 square feet. This elaborate home became known as the Hearst Castle; today it is one of the most popular California tourist attractions.

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Hearst and Davies also had a home in the Hamptons on Long Island, New York, when Hearst was tending to his New York publishing deals. Today, this home is on the market for a mere $2.195 million. While the home has been upgraded, it still retains the elegance and charm of days gone by.

The home was completed in1906 on one acre of prime real estate in the Hamptons, an area known for expensive properties and home to the elite. It was built close to the Beaux-Arts Casino, which is now known as the tony Bay Club. During its’ prime, there were numerous well-heeled visitors from business, publishing, literary, and entertainment circles joining the couple in this perfectly appointed home. Some frequent guests included Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, and members of the Kennedy clan.

The home features seven-bedroom, six bathrooms, double living rooms that can open up into one large space with oversized fireplaces on each end, an oversized kitchen, and a formal dining area. The primary bedroom had a luxurious dressing room, also with a fireplace. The home also featured many unique features for a home of that time including a wet-bar, 800 bottle wine cellar, game room, and expansive swimming pool. The couple had a lot of guests who enjoyed leisure days sipping cocktails and lounging poolside.

The home included a gazebo and two-bedroom guest cottage, complete with kitchen. No doubt this cottage would have a lot of stories to tell if those walls could talk.

The Beginning of the Hearst Davies Relationship:

There is no question that Hearst had a soft spot for actresses and showgirls. His wife, Millicent Veronica Hearst was a vaudeville performer, they courted for six years and married in 1903 when the bride was just 20 years old; the couple went on to five sons. By 1918 Hearst had begun an affair with Davies and by the mid-1920s Hearst moved her, her sisters and mother into a luxury Manhattan townhouse. This was convenient for Hearst who frequently worked in New York and for Davies who was still taking jobs on Broadway and in New York.

In recent years, the Hearst name has become synonymous with wealth and scandal. The Hearst family has seen their wealth grow and recede. In the 1970s the Hearst family experienced another heartbreak when Patty Hearst was kidnapped from her apartment and subsequently became part of and then distanced herself from the liberal group of the Symbionese Liberation Army.

Despite the ups and downs, the family has experienced, there’s no doubt that they have owned some great properties—and now you can own this property on Long Island for a cool $2.195 million.

Photo credit: Douglas Elliman