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Prouve Pavilions (Beach Road 7) – Stunning Beachfront Mansion by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Hobe Sound, Florida, an unincorporated area with access to the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean offers enough space to build a sizeable traditional residence, and Hughes Umbanhowar Architects accomplished this with their designs for 6,200 square foot Beach Road 7 (also called Prouve Pavilions).

A winter home for a couple and their adult children combines the best of modern design and a more traditional, European approach.

Design and Photos by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects.

The house has three wings – living area and primary bedrooms, guesthouse/children’s rooms and the adjacent pool house and the garage.

A walkway punctuated by small plots of landscaping and palm trees introduces visitors to the house. The arched main pavilion doorways have arched clerestories above them. Four stone columns – two on each side of each pavilion porch – add an imperial touch.

White-framed glass doors open into the living room of one of the pavilions. A light fixture comprised of large orbs adorns the middle of the room.

A living space connects these two pavilions. It is set back a few feet, with six small, white framed windows, leaving the larger pavilions in the forefront.

A pool provides the centerpiece of the property. A smooth stone patio surrounds it, with a plot of landscaping halfway down the pool on one side. A lush lawn with three palm trees shades the patio from the other side. The pool house features transom windows, a porthole for more light, and a slanted roof.

The white, plastered walls in all Beach Road 7 pavilions contrast with cedar ceiling planes. A small, circular “porthole” window peeks out from the connecting space between the main pavilions. A circular staircase winds up to the second floor, with an open curve of white plaster defining it.

The all-white bathroom features a tall, freestanding tub by the transom windows. The glass-enclosed shower to one side of the tub and a porthole window and glass cabinets above a marble counter with sink.

The understated dining room, decorated in shades of pastel blue, white and gray by interior designer Claire Maestroni of Mis en Scene. The cushioned pastel blue chairs have rectangular cut-outs in the back for a modern look, while the light fixture above the table is sheathed by translucent, ribbon-like casing. A blue sofa with lines a nearby wall, with accompanying foot stools and throw pillows.

The custom cedar kitchen cabinets, of various sizes, incorporate a built-in wall oven and microwave. The full-size refrigerator is disguised under a cabinet with a handle. The stove top is built in with custom cabinets above and below it for easy storage. The kitchen island has a sink plenty of counter space for food preparation and a sink. The shelves beneath the island open it up to other uses besides meal preparation.

The subtle elegance of Beach Road 7 is defined by transoms windows, an abundance of white plaster and arch-shaped doorways. The residence still has the simple lines of modern design throughout the interior, but the exterior borrows from more traditional values – with a twist.

Other photos of Prouve Pavilions (7 Beach Road), courtesy of Hughes Umbanhowar Architects.

Design and Photos by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects.