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The Exquisite Vino Veritas Oslo by Masquespacio

Unique character is part of the identity and branding strategy of Vino Veritas. All of the design choices and elements helped achieve this vision.

Vino Veritas Oslo is a Spanish gastro bar located in Oslo, Norway. Masquespacio was put to the task of designing the brand and interior of this ecologic restaurant.

The Inspiration

To get started with this project, the designer needed to get some form of inspiration. They used the same architecture from Scandinavian countries to represent their concept for the design.

The concept includes natural wood for both the walls and ceilings. They also used white paint to cover the wood, which brightens the room and adds an appealing look to the design. Strong, durable, and solid oak floors cover the entire floor area of the gastro bar.

Using a combination of white paint on natural wood and oak floors help capture the essence of Norwegian architecture blended with Spanish culture.

There also used inspiration from Andalusian style balcony railings to add attraction and beauty to the room. They used baskets, blinds, and Spanish clay tiles as decorations throughout the restaurant.

Overall, the designer wanted all of the different elements to be traditional. Craftsmanship and quality were of the utmost importance throughout the entire branding and design process. It’s the small details that separate this gastro pub from other places and give it a unique identity.

The Identity

Another important factor during this process was the emphasis on ecology and sustainability. To achieve these requirements, the designer used recycled paper and reusable packages whenever possible throughout the process for certain pieces.

Unique character is part of the identity and branding strategy of Vino Veritas. All of the design choices and elements helped achieve this vision.

Some of the accessories throughout the room were made completely by hand. Hand woven baskets that function as lamp shades are hanging from the ceiling of the gastro pub. They used handmade blinds as well to cover the windows.

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There are also green colored elements throughout the interior design. The green signifies ecology and the importance of sustainability to the environment. It also helps add an earthy and natural feel to the room. Green contrasts perfectly with the white paint and natural wood exposed throughout the area.

Just like the floors, the furniture is also made from solid oak. Oak represents elegance while maintaining high quality. The cushions are custom made and specifically designed for Vino Veritas.

The gastro pub located in Oslo, Norway has a traditional design for a modern restaurant. All of the choices made by the designer perfectly relay the message, brand, and core beliefs of the business.

Design by Masquespacio

Design by Masquespacio