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16 Different Types of Shower Curtains

A collage of different types of shower curtains.

Quicklist: Shower Curtains

  1. Cotton Shower Curtains
  2. Decorative Shower Curtains
  3. Extra Long Shower Curtains
  4. Extra Wide Shower Curtains
  5. Fabric Shower Curtains
  6. Heavy-Duty Shower Curtains
  7. Hemp Shower Curtains
  8. Hookless Shower Curtains
  9. Linen Shower Curtains
  10. Microfiber Shower Curtains
  11. Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain
  12. Plastic Shower Curtains
  13. PVC Free Shower Curtains
  14. Silk Shower Curtains
  15. Vinyl Shower Curtains
  16. Waffle Shower Curtains

You can completely change the look of your bathroom with the addition of a shower curtain. It also has the functional use of keeping water inside your shower and away from the floor.

Shower curtains can also hide all of the various items you keep in your shower. There are limitless shower curtain options. Continue reading to find out more. 

What is a Shower Curtain?

A shower curtain is a curtain made of a piece of material that you can pull around your shower. It is typically used with a liner. Shower curtains have many functional uses. 

Their main intention is to keep water from splashing outside of your shower or tub and into the rest of the bathroom. They can also provide privacy for the person showering. Shower curtains can enhance your décor. 

There are three main considerations when purchasing. They are the style, dimensions, and type of fabric. In general, showers require a standard height curtain. However, if you have a custom tub, you may need a different size. 

Types of Shower Curtain

1. Cotton Shower Curtains

A bathroom with white curtain and a flower vase.

These are often the first choice when it comes to curtains, especially for those who want to match their décor. Cotton is a light and airy material that is easy to maintain and durable. It can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Cotton does absorb moisture, making it essential to combine it with a liner. It can be washed and should be regularly to reduce mildew from growing. It is environmentally friendly and comes in a variety of weights, textures and colors. 

2. Decorative Shower Curtains

Lush Decor Beige/Ivory Terra Color Block Shower Curtain Fabric Striped Neutral Bathroom Decor, 72-Inch

A decorative shower curtain is ideal if you use your bathtub more often than the shower. It can also have a touch of style to a less used bathroom, such as a guest bathroom. 

These types of curtains are typically made from a higher quality fabric and may have embellishments. They might have lace borders, hand stitching or intricate patterns. They are more than just decorative as they are also functional. It would be best if you paired them with a shower liner. 

3. Extra Long Shower Curtains

River dream Hotel Grade No Hooks Needed Shower Curtain with Snap in Liner,Water Repellent, Machine Washable (Black, 71"x86"(W/Liner))

Most shower curtains come in a standard length, which is roughly about 72 inches. However, if you have a custom shower or would like a more dramatic look, you may want a longer shower curtain. 

You may also have a shower rod that is set higher than is typically found. In this case, you may want a longer shower curtain. You can find them as long as 96 inches. 

4. Extra Wide Shower Curtains

Extra Wide Fabric Shower Curtain 108 x 72 inch, Waffle Weave, Hotel Luxury Spa, Water Repellent, Washable, Spa, 230 GSM Heavy Duty, White Pique Pattern Decorative Bathroom Curtain, 18 Holes

Shower curtains are usually 72 inches wide. That is the standard width, but you might have a wider space. You may also want to use a rectangular, curved, or L-shaped curtain rod, in which case a standard curtain is not long enough. 

An extra-wide version ensures you have enough coverage around your shower and tub. As a result, you will not have to worry about water escaping. When you use a special rod, you can also prevent the shower curtain from touching you while showering. It also provides the illusion of more space in the shower. 

5. Fabric Shower Curtains

Waffle Weave Fabric Shower Curtain Hotel Spa Luxury - White Heavyweight Shower Curtains for Bathroom with Cloth Pique Pattern, Water Repellent, 71 x 72 Inches Decorative Bathroom Curtain

Fabric shower curtains are a trendy and environmentally friendly option. You will find them in patterns and styles that you cannot find in other materials. In addition, they are easy to wash by putting them in the washing machine. 

You can avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning them by washing them just as you would your clothes. For example, fabric shower curtains are often made of PVC free and VOC free material. 

6. Heavy-Duty Shower Curtains

AmazerBath Waffle Shower Curtain, Heavy Duty Fabric Shower Curtains with Waffle Weave Hotel Quality Bathroom Shower Curtains, 72 x 72 Inches (Grey)

A heavy-duty shower curtain has an enormous amount of benefits. It is thicker and provides more protection and privacy while taking a shower. In addition, you cannot see through a heavy-duty shower curtain like you can with others. 

These shower curtains are more likely to stay in place while showering because their weight holds them down and prevents them from moving. However, a heavy-duty option may be better able to repel water and prevent it from leaving your shower. 

These types of shower curtains are soft to the touch. As a result, they are better able to resist mold and mildew. In addition, they can be easily washed in the washing machine. 

7. Hemp Shower Curtains

Hemp is a great way to avoid having a plastic shower curtain. It is safe for the environment and sustainable. However, it is considerably more expensive than other shower curtain options. 

A hemp shower curtain is durable and sturdy. It will last a long time. It dries quickly and naturally resists bacteria. You can use this shower curtain without a shower liner. However, it does need to be washed often. Most hemp shower curtains are machine washable. 

8. Hookless Shower Curtains

Hotel Grade No Hooks Needed Shower Curtain or Liner, Machine Washable (Polyester, 71" x 74")

Hookless shower curtains are an ideal way to provide a modern look to your bathroom. These shower curtains do not have hooks, but the curtains have holes, also known as grommets, in the curtain itself. 

This type of curtain often has a ceiling track curtain rod. They come in various colors and patterns. You can even find them with a layered look or a built-in liner. 

9. Linen Shower Curtains

BTTN Fabric Shower Curtain, Linen Textured Heavy Duty Polyester Cloth Shower Curtain Set with 12 Plastic Hooks, Hotel Luxury Waterproof Decorative Shower Curtains for Bathroom - 72"x72" - Beige/Cream

A linen shower curtain is a type of fabric liner. It is environmentally friendly, not plastic, and has a luxurious appearance. Linen can be cleaned, but you must follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to handle it properly. 

Linen is waterproof; however, you do want to use a liner with this type of shower curtain. This ensures that you are able to keep your bathroom dry. Linen is a high-quality material, and you want a high-quality liner to go with it. 

10. Microfiber Shower Curtains

Soft Lightweight Shower Curtain Liner - Embossed Microfiber Fabric & Machine Washable, Water Repellent, 70 x 72 inch, Dark Gray

A microfiber shower curtain is incredibly soft and luxurious. It is a great alternative to plastic. It helps wick moisture away while you are showering. Any water that remains on this type of shower curtain is wicked away quickly. 

Microfiber is resistant to mold and mildew. It is best if you have a bathroom that is well ventilated. Microfiber shower curtains may have magnets in them to help keep them in place.

They tend to be heavier than other curtain materials, which also helps to keep them stable while you shower. They are machine washable and easy to maintain. 

11. Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain

Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain or Liner Microfiber - Soft Cloth & Hotel Quality, Machine Washable White Shower Curtain Liner for Bath Tub, 72x72 Inches

It can be challenging to keep your shower curtain clean, especially in a bathroom that is used often and not well ventilated. Mildew and mold can build up quickly. 

A mildew resistant shower curtain is ideal to help reduce the amount of mildew in your curtain. They are easy to clean, but you want to be careful because they may put off strange odors. 

12. Plastic Shower Curtains

A plastic shower curtain is incredibly convenient and affordable. They are among the most affordable shower curtains available. In addition, you can easily replace and clean them. A simple wipe down, and they are clean and dry. 

They come in a wide range of colors and designs to meet your bathroom needs. You do want to ensure it does not contain VOCs, which may negatively impact health. It is worth mentioning that these curtains tend to be thin and easy to see through. They may tear easily. 

13. PVC Free Shower Curtains

No Hook Clear Shower Curtain or Liner PEVA 8G Heavy Duty - 72 Inch Bathroom Shower Curtain Plastic, Waterproof & PVC Free, Standard Size 71 x 74, Clear

When looking for a plastic shower curtain that does not have harmful chemicals, you want a PVC free option. It still gives your bathroom the protection you want but does not have toxic fumes. 

These curtains are affordable, resist water, resist mold, and look attractive in any bathroom.  

14. Silk Shower Curtains

When you want an elegant and sophisticated look for your bathroom, a silk or satin version may be your best option. However, it is important to note that silk or satin is delicate and can easily tear. Therefore, you may be careful when handling and cleaning it. 

If you opt for this type of shower curtain, you must be gentle when moving it back and forth. It is also an expensive option. A yard of silk can cost about $100. This is not a common choice as a result. However, there are some who can afford it and enjoy having a silk shower curtain. 

15. Vinyl Shower Curtains

SKL Home by Saturday Knight Ltd. Filigree Medallion Vinyl Shower Curtain, Purple

A vinyl shower curtain is one of the most low maintenance options you can find. It is effective at reeling moisture and comes in a variety of patterns, designs, and colors. In addition, it is easy to blend a vinyl shower curtain with your bathroom décor.

16. Waffle Shower Curtains

Fabric White Shower Curtain for Bathroom - Spa, Hotel Luxury Matt Waffle Weave Square Design, Water Repellent, 230 GSM Weighty Cloth, 72" x 72" for Decorative Bathroom Curtains

A waffle shower curtain is one you are more likely to see in a hotel or spa. These are textured shower curtains that have a certain appeal visually. 

The texture of the curtain is helpful in preventing water from escaping. They have a sophisticated look. They can easily be cleaned by throwing them in the washing machine. 

A bathroom with white shower curtain.

Best Shower Curtain for Clawfoot Tub

Gibelle Extra Wide Shower Curtain for Clawfoot Tub, 108 x 72 Wrap Around Eucalyptus Leaf Botanical Shower Curtain, Sage Green Plant Leaves Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain for Bathroom Decor

You like elegance and luxury if you have a clawfoot tub in your bathroom. This means you need a shower curtain to match. No transparent, plastic shower curtains dotted with yellow ducks here.

I’m going to refer you back to the three aspects of shower curtains you should look at:

  • Style
  • Dimensions
  • Fabric type

I recommend starting with the dimensions. A clawfoot tub is freestanding, and if you need to enclose the whole tub, your best bet is an extra wide curtain. The general consensus is that you need at least 180 inches of shower curtain width to wrap it around your tub. You can choose your style and fabric type after this.

My preference is easy to wash, like a waffle weave or linen curtains. Both options, as well as a heavy-duty shower curtain, have some weight. You are less likely to have your curtain billowing up too much, and they afford the bather more privacy.

Best Shower Curtain for Accessibility

Shower area with curtain.

Accessibility in the bathroom where someone may need extra support is paramount. You don’t want someone tangled up in a curtain and hurting themselves. The most crucial factor you need to consider is that accessible showers don’t have any lips.

This means there is no step or difference in height between the shower and the floor. For this reason, carefully consider the length of the curtain. The best shower curtain for an accessible shower almost grazes the floor.

This reduces the likelihood of mildew. This provides protection against spray on your bathroom floor. You can also consider a weighted curtain that will stay in place.

In healthcare facilities, accessible shower curtains must be odor and stain-resistant. Something that is antimicrobial is also preferred. Mildew-resistant or plastic shower curtains are also options. They can easily be wiped down. However, a plastic shower curtain affords much less privacy.

Best Shower Curtain for Small Space

Small space shower area with curtain.

The best shower curtain for a small space gives the user the illusion of space. For this reason, clear plastic shower curtains are popular. If you need privacy, white shower curtains are also a good choice.

You don’t want something too big or billowy. Be sure to measure the size you need upfront. Small bathrooms that are not adequately ventilated are prone to mildew.

This is why mildew-resistant curtains are an alternative. Don’t buy a cheap and cheerful clear plastic curtain. If you can afford it, get a good quality clear plastic shower curtain for better styling.

Best Shower Curtain for Cleaning

iDesign PEVA Plastic Shower Curtain Liner, Mold and Mildew Resistant Plastic Shower Curtain for use Alone or With Fabric Curtain, 72 x 72 Inches, Set of 2, White

Shower curtains that are easy to clean and mildew resistant are worth their weight in gold. If you have a poorly ventilated bathroom, mold can build up quickly. This means that a mildew-resistant shower curtain is your best bet. Apartment bathrooms often rely on extractors.

A good quality mildew-resistant shower curtain that can be wiped down instead of washing regularly makes life a little bit easier. Mildew-resistant curtains are also suitable for high-traffic bathrooms and bathrooms in healthcare facilities.

If you can’t find your preferred shower curtain in a mildew-resistant variety, choose a mold-resistant shower liner.
PVC-free shower curtains are mold resistant and do not contain harmful chemicals. They also remain an affordable choice.

Best Shower Curtain for Curved Rods

Curved Shower Curtain Rod Chrome - Flips In and Out GREAT for Small Bathrooms Rounded Rotating Curved Curtain Rod - No Rust Stainless Curved Shower Rods Fit Standard Tubs 58.5”- 60"

Curved rods in a bathroom is an excellent style choice. It helps enlarge the bathroom’s overall appearance and makes your bath or shower seem roomier. An added benefit is that you are less likely to touch your shower curtain accidentally.

The best shower curtain for your curved rods will depend on width and height. Most standard shower curtains will work fine on curved rods. If you want extra coverage, look for an extra wide curtain. The other aspect is how high your shower rods have been mounted.

You may need extra-length curtains if they are very high up. My go-to rule of thumb is to measure twice and buy once. Measure the area you need to cover with your shower curtain, so you aren’t second-guessing yourself when purchasing.

Some designers suggest two curved rods if your bathroom space allows for them. One for the liner and one for the shower curtain. This will reduce mold and mildew while affording your privacy if you need to take one of the two down for washing.

Top Brands of Shower Curtains

Port & Bay

Source: Port & Bay

Located in Maine, Port & Bay is a family-owned textile business. People know the brand for its curtains and drapes, but they make products for the bath as well. They carry big-name brands, but also make shower curtains of their own.
Port & Bay makes many shower curtains from natural materials, like 100% woven cotton. They also offer curtains made from nylon and vinyl. Whether you’re looking for a printed shower curtain or a plain design, you’ll find options here.


Source: Coyuchi

Since it launched in 1991, this California brand has focused on sustainability. They make products with 100% organic fibers. Many products are made from recyclable materials.

“What we’re trying to provide to the customer is that sense of where it comes from,” says Eileen Mockus, president and CEO of Coyuchi. “This is how it’s made, and this is how it fits with your life.”

Coyuchi’s shower curtains are clean and elegant. They’re also machine-washable. While their designs are simple, their products have beautiful textural details.

West Elm

Source: West Elm

Even though West Elm is a major home décor chain, they offer products you can’t find anywhere else. Their in-house design team includes designers from across the globe!

This is a great place to buy cotton and linen shower curtains. The fabrics used for their products are organic and sustainably sourced. They have a big selection that includes neutral shower curtains and bold colors.

The Company Store

Source: The Company Store

Created by Scandinavian immigrants, The Company Store has over 100 years of experience. The brand started out making down comforters, but they now make many goods for the home. When you buy a shower curtain from here, you’re getting a high-quality product.

This is a great place to buy luxury shower curtains at an affordable price. Most products are 100% cotton and have a high thread count. Some shower curtains even have matching bedding.


Source: Outlines 

Bathrooms can get very dirty. Outlines uses smart design to make shower curtains that will stay clean. Unlike most shower curtain liners, their liners are machine-washable.

The bottom half of their liners are removable and recyclable. You can replace that half of the liner without throwing out your shower curtain. It’s a way to keep your bathroom clean without creating waste.


Source: Anthropologie 

If you want a shower curtain with a stand-out design, Anthropologie is the perfect brand for you. Many of their shower curtains have unique designs created by artists. Some shower curtains are even embroidered.

The shower curtains at Anthropologie look like works of art. Since they’re machine-washable, you won’t have to worry about damage. The right Anthropologie shower curtain could transform your bathroom.


This Finnish lifestyle company has been around since 1951. They’re famous for their bright and vibrant patterns. Today, they sell products all over the world.

“Here in Finland, Marimekko is really a part of the life of people,” says Sanna-Kaisa Niikko, Marimekko’s global brand marketing director. “I think almost everyone has something from Marimekko in their home.”

You can find Marimekko shower curtains and many stores, and there are lots of designs to choose from. It’s a great way to bring a little bit of Finland into your home. There are lots of matching products as well.


Source: Parachute

At Parachute, you can find premium items for the home. This brand uses the best materials to make its shower curtains. Everything is very durable, but it also looks great.

One of their most popular products is the cloud cotton shower curtain liner. It’s made from Turkish cotton. The design is simple, but it’s still a premium product.

Amazon Basics

ALYVIA SPRING Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain Liner with 3 Magnets - Soft Hotel Quality Cloth Shower Liner, Light-Weight & Machine Washable - Standard Size 72x72, White

Source: Amazon

If you need a shower curtain for a guest bath or your kids, Amazon Basics is a nice choice. These Amazon-exclusive products are affordable, but still look great! It’s proof that you don’t have to spend more to get a good product.

Since Amazon has a big selection, you’ll be able to find the right shower curtain for your bathroom. There are solid designs, colorful patterns, and much more. It’s one of the best options at this price.


Source: Quince

At Quince, you can get luxury products without spending more. They sell factory direct products made from premium materials. It’s a great place to find organic linen and cotton shower curtains.

Quince shower curtains are a good fit for a spa bathroom. Everything is machine-washable and made with care. You can also order towels to match.

Where to Buy Shower Curtains

World Market

Have you ever wished you could shop at a bazaar in another country? At World Market, you can get that experience while staying close to home. This import retail store sells home décor items from all over the world.

You can find some stunning shower curtains here. Some have embroidered detailing, while others have lively prints. It’s a great lace to buy a statement piece for your bathroom.

Jonathan Adler

In 1993, Jonathan Adler quit his day job so that he could follow his dreams and start his own brand. Today, his design company makes lots of products, like rugs, lamps, and shower curtains.

“Jonathan Adler is a very colorful, fun artist,” says interior designer Nina Takesh. “I love his pieces for that little pop of color and whimsy.”

The Jonathan Adler brand is famous for its colorful designs. They sell shower curtains with beautiful patterns. When you shop here, you’ll find many bath accessories as well.

Pottery Barn

For more than 70 years, Pottery Barn has carried beautiful items for the home. It’s a great place to buy stylish, high-quality pieces that you’ll be able to use and enjoy for years.

They have a nice range of shower curtains here, including products made from 100% cotton. From simple styles to lively patterns, there are lots of options. They also carry sturdy hooks you can use to hang your new shower curtain.

Urban Outfitters

People know Urban Outfitters for its clothing, but it’s also a great place to buy items for the home. Their home décor is stylish, trendy, and features unique designs.

Most of the shower curtains at Urban Outfitters have some sort of print or pattern. From florals to seashells, there are lots of nice options. They also sell plenty of other bathroom accessories.


Artists design everything that’s sold at Society6. The site allows artists to upload their own designs. They can then sell products that feature the designs, like shower curtains.

“Society6 is really oriented for artists,” says artist Mey Aroyo. “They have a big selection of products and the products are high-quality.”

The range of shower curtain designs you can find on Society6 is endless. From florals to abstract art, there’s something here for everyone. Best of all, every product at Society6 meets high quality standards.

Bed, Bath, & Beyond

True to its name, Bed, Bath, & Beyond is a great place to find items for your bathroom. They carry shower curtains from many brands, including Madison Park and Everhome. The selection they offer is incredible.

What’s especially great about this site is that they carry shower curtains in lots of sizes. If you need an extra-long shower curtain, you can find it here. They have stall shower curtains as well.


When the first Kohl’s opened in the 1960s, there was only one location. Today, the department store chain has over 1,100 stores. Kohl’s is a retail giant with a big selection of shower curtains.

At Kohl’s, you can find shower curtains from brands like Lush Decor and Laura Ashley. They also have many products that are exclusive to Kohl’s. Since Kohl’s has lots of sales, it’s a good place to find a bargain.

Home Depot

You can find more than DIY items at Home Depot. They also have a big selection of shower curtains and bathroom accessories. You’ll find products from brands like Ink+Ivy, Zenna Home, and Madison Park here.

Not only is there a nice range of designs here, but they carry shower curtains in many sizes. You can even filter your options so that you only see products that are in line with what you’re looking for.

Saffron Marigold

Block painting is a process that uses carved wooden blocks to create patterns. Saffron Marigold sells block painted linens made at their studio in India. Their products are all fair trade and crafted by hand.

They have a fantastic selection of cotton shower curtains. No matter what pattern you choose, your product will have a beautiful design. Some products have traditional patterns, but others have modern prints.


Lots of people love Target’s home decor items, and it’s easy to see why. Target carries well-known brands like Lush Decor, but they make their own products too. They’ve even partnered with brands like Jungalow and Marimekko.

If you’re looking for an affordable shower curtain, you’ll find tons of options at Target. When you shop here, you can find stylish shower curtains at a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Use a Shower Liner with My Shower Curtain?

While shower curtains and shower liners are similar, they have different uses. While a shower curtain can protect your bathroom floor from water slashes, it is not its primary intent. Instead, it is often used for privacy and to add to the décor. 

A shower liner is tucked inside the shower and intended to stop water from dripping outside of the shower. They are made of material that is intended to get wet and dry fast. They are a barrier between your shower curtain and the water inside the shower. 

Shower liners are most often made of some type of plastic material and are easy to clean and dry. They are often much easier to clean than a shower curtain. They also act as a protector for your shower curtain. Most often, curtains are expensive, and a liner can protect that investment. 

How Do I Care For a Shower Curtain?

It would help if you remembered that your shower curtain comes into contact with water on a regular basis. This also means that it requires care to extend the life of your shower curtain. 

You want to ensure that your shower curtain dries. It must dry fully after each bath or shower. You want to spread it open and drape it over the tub to help it dry faster. If you have a fan in your bathroom, you should turn it on to reduce humidity and encourage faster drying. 

It would help if you also washed your shower curtain on a regular basis to keep it free from mildew and mold. Each shower curtain has its own instructions. You want to check the label before you attempt to clean it.

If there are no instructions, you can wash it in cold water with a mild detergent. If you place it in the dryer, you want to use the lowest cycle possible. You may want to line dry it to avoid shrinkage. 

If you find that your shower curtain has mildew or mold build-up, or some other stain, you can spray it with a stain remover. After letting it sit for 30 minutes, clean the curtain with a brush and then rinse it off. 

It would be best if you considered rotating your shower curtains every month. This guarantees that your curtain is fresh and clean. Then, you can hang a new one while cleaning and dry the one you take down. It will be ready for you in a month when you want to change them. 

What Are Shower Curtain Sizes?

When you are considering a shower curtain, it is essential that you understand what size you need. You want to make sure that it is not too short or water may drip on the floor. On the other hand, depending on the look you want, you may not want your shower curtain to be too long. 

There are three standard sizes that are available when you are looking for a shower curtain. The typical sizes you can expect are 70 inches x 70 inches, 70 inches x 72 inches, and 72 inches x 72 inches. 

You can find special sizes such as 70 inches x 84 inches or 72 inches x 84 inches for taller showers. In addition, you will find 144 inches x 72 inches for extra wide. You can even find 54 inches x 78 inches for shower stalls.