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6 Different Types of Luggage

Photo collage of different types of luggage.

Quicklist: Luggage

  1. Wheeled Duffel Bags
  2. Wheeled Luggage
  3. Carry-On Luggage
  4. Wheeled Backpacks
  5. Bags and Sleeves for Tablets and Laptops
  6. Duffel Bags

For thousands of years nomadic cultures packed up their entire belongings as they made the annual rounds of their territorial homelands.

In 1837, 16-year-old Louis Vuitton apprenticed with a Parisian trunk-maker, Monsieur Maréchal, before eventually striking out on his own to specialize in “packing fashions.” Vuitton’s clientele included Empress Eugénie de Montijo, wife of Napoleon III, who hired him to pack “the most beautiful clothes in an exquisite way.”  

Even with more portable options becoming available, heavy steamer trunks were still favored by travelers making ocean voyages, well into the 20th century. Airplanes made compact suitcases a necessity for travelers.

Rolling luggage became somewhat of a thing in the 1970s to help travelers on their long journeys between terminals in massive airports. In 1987, Northwest Airlines’ 747 pilot Robert Plath is credited with inventing a two-wheeled suitcase, featuring an extension handle, which he began marketing through his own company Travelpro.

Different Types of Luggage Bags

Below you will find different types of suitcases and types of bags for travel.

Wheeled Duffel Bags

Black Wheeled Duffel Bag

Design Elements

Let’s face it, most people overpack when going on vacation, and if you have a lot of items to pack and/or some oddly shaped items that would fit awkwardly in a suitcase, a duffel bag is the perfect solution.

Duffel bags are designed to carry all sorts of gear, particularly if you carry gear for more than one type of sports. The wheeled duffel bag is even better, because since you are likely going to pack it full before you leave, it is simply easier to use.

If you pack light, there are small wheeled duffels for your convenience, and with these bags, you can carry them right onto the plane with you without having to check it.


Most duffels offer advantages that include oversized, heavy-duty wheels and a sturdy chassis that allow you to pull the bag over almost any type of surface without damaging it, even cobblestone and concrete.

They usually have side and front handles that are durable and won’t break; clips that allow you to attach other small bags to them to make your load easier to manage; sturdy zippers that are made for a lot of usage and meant to last a very long time; and straps that allow you to make the duffel a little more compact and therefore easier to maneuver.


Because they are intended for outings such as camping and fishing trips, duffels have a more rugged look and are made with an extra sturdiness so they can withstand whatever you do to them.

Originally made for the armed forces, duffels are made tough because they are usually purchased by people who tend to put them through a lot of wear and tear.


Duffel sizes are similar to the sizes of other luggage types, ranging from 30 inches to approximately 36 inches in height.

Often, their interiors are measured according to how many cubic inches of materials they hold, and that number can range from 5,300 cubic inches to over 6,700 cubic inches, meaning it is easy to find something perfect for your needs.


Duffels are usually made of a very strong ripstop nylon or ballistic nylon, and the internal pockets are made of mesh and readily accommodate extra items — especially small items that might otherwise get lost in the shuffle and items that need to “breathe” a little, or even items you just need to access easily and quickly.

They are extra sturdy and designed to get banged up a little without ripping or tearing, which is perhaps their best feature.

Wheeled Luggage

Blue Wheeled Luggage

Design Elements

Wheeled luggage is used primarily by those who are traveling for personal reasons or on business. They usually have a lot of pockets to hold toiletries, medications, etc., and they are designed to handle any type of luggage transport system at the airport.

Good for travel to urban areas and road trips, wheeled luggage is a convenient, easy way to get your personal items and clothing from Point A to Point B.


Most wheeled luggage consists of one or more of the following features:

  • D-rings and compression straps to make the luggage more manageable
  • Treaded wheels that maneuver easily even on rough terrain
  • Reflective straps that increase visibility when it’s dark
  • Extra-sturdy handles made to be grabbed thousands of times without breaking
  • Extra features such as bumpers, runner rails, wheel housings, and corner guards to make the luggage sturdier


Wheeled luggage is perfect regardless of the type of trip you’re planning, whether long or short, casual or formal, and whether you’re traveling by plane or automobile. It is a good, strong, multi-purpose type of luggage that can be used and appreciated by personal and business travelers alike.


There as just as many sizes of wheeled luggage as there are companies that make this product, but as a general rule, the sizes range from 18 to 32 inches high, and the internal sizes range from 2,200 cubic inches to over 6,300 cubic inches, making them perfect both for those who want to check in the bag and those who intend to carry it on the plane with them.


Wheeled luggage usually is made of tarpaulin that is weatherproof and PVC-free. This makes the bag easy to clean both inside and out, and they usually contain mesh compartments on the inside for your smaller items.

Even the zippers are usually sealed so that they will last a very long time, meaning you can use the bag for years — even decades — without it breaking.

Carry-On Luggage

Orange Carry-on Luggage

Design Elements

Carry-on luggage is designed for one purpose and one purpose only — convenience. If you are traveling and don’t wish to check your baggage, a carry-on piece of luggage is your smartest option.

Since most airlines limit the size of carry-on bags to 22” x 14” x 9” at the largest, carry-on luggage is manufactured within this size range to make it more convenient for you.

They are also designed for travelers who tend to pack light, don’t wish to pay baggage fees, or those who are very mobile.


Features on a typical carry-on bag include oversized, heavy-duty wheels that can roll over everything from concrete to cobblestone; internal storage pockets for smaller items; external pockets that can fit items such as magazines and snacks; and compression straps on the inside to help secure your belongings so they don’t shift around as much.

Most also have ID windows for your identification information and extra-strong grab handles that won’t tear off at the drop of a hat.


Carry-on luggage comes in various sizes and colors and with many different features, but they are specifically designed for the light traveler in mind.

Their style types are made with these aspects in mind, and most people find this type of luggage is perfect for both short-term and long-term trips.

It makes traveling a lot easier and time at the check-out counter a lot shorter, which is a win-win situation for everyone. Overall, carry-on luggage is the simplest type of luggage to travel with for most travelers, regardless of your final destination.


Since carry-on luggage cannot get above a certain size, most of it can be found from 18 to 22 inches high, and most of it holds between 2,200 and 6,300 cubic inches of items.

Many people find a size that’s perfect for every trip they take, while others use this type of luggage only on short trips where they aren’t packing too many clothes or other personal items.


Like other types of luggage, carry-on luggage is usually made of a polyester-nylon combination that is made to withstand anything you put it through, and it is sturdy and weather-proof as well.

Some carry-on luggage is made with a hard, shell-like ABS plastic, making it nearly impossible to break or damage.

Also like other luggage, carry-on luggage is made in a variety of colors to suit anyone’s preferences and tastes, including hues such as red, purple, and teal.

Wheeled Backpacks

Black Wheeled Backpack

Design Elements

Made especially for basic road trips or more adventurous travel, wheeled backpacks combine the convenience of a wheeled bag with the functionality of being able to throw it over your shoulders whenever necessary.

If you’re in the airport and suddenly come across an escalator, just throw it on and step onto the escalator for easier movements up and down the stairs.

They are also perfect when you have a long way to walk or you’re in the middle of heavy foot traffic, because they can be lifted off of the ground and allow you to maneuver through the crowds without a problem.


Much like regular luggage, rolling backpacks come with features that include inside straps to hold your items in place, heavy-duty zippers that are made to last, and mesh pockets to carry smaller items and items you wish to access once you get to the airport.

They can also include special pockets for cell phones and music devices, as well as a sturdy telescoping handle that is reinforced with a rubber grip. Wheeled backpacks are made for convenience, but their mobile size doesn’t take away from the fact that they are sturdy and reliable.


Wheeled backpacks come in a wide variety of styles, and because they are often used by children, they can even come in bright, colorful designs, as well as a variety of kid-friendly patterns that can include graphics such as animals, sports, school-related items, hearts, flowers, and geometric designs.

They are aesthetically pleasing and useful at the same time, making them valuable regardless of your age.


As most people are aware, wheeled backpacks are perfect for people who wish to pack lightly but still be able to carry their luggage around like a regular backpack.

They are easy to use and extremely convenient, made to last and very attractive, not to mention more reasonably priced than many other types of luggage, which is yet another advantage to choosing a rolling backpack.


Even though they are made to be carry-ons and conveniently carried around, wheeled backpacks are still able to hold a lot of items.

They usually have interiors that are 40 to 42 linear inches in size, and they can range from 17 to 21 inches in height, making them the perfect receptacle to carry almost anything you need packed for your next trip.


Although wheeled backpacks can be made of various materials, they are almost always constructed of a soft but strong material such as nylon or polyester, or a combination of several different materials.

Because of their size, they are rarely made of a hard material, although if you look around you may be able to find one like this..

Bags and Sleeves for Tablets and Laptops

Laptop and Tablet Bag

Design Elements

The amazing part about shopping for sleeves and bags for tablets and laptops is the selection that is available, which is much greater than most people realize.

Luggage-type bags that are made to protect laptops and tablets are made of various types of materials, and they come in designs that include sleeves of various sizes, bags, backpacks, rolling laptop bags, and cases and bags made specifically for various sizes of tablets.

Whatever you’re looking for to protect your laptop or tablet, you can easily find it, especially if you search online, and they come in a variety of colors as well.


Perhaps the thing that makes these items stand out some is the fact that each one seems to be a little different than the last, and they can include straps to place the bags across your shoulder and therefore make them easier to carry, handles that make it simple to hold the bag like a purse or small suitcase, zippers that make it easy to get in and out of the bag, pockets that allow you to carry items such as pens and business cards, and sometimes extra features such as flaps that allow you to store pens and pencils on the outside of the bag so that you can easily get to them when you need them.

Whatever convenience you are looking for, chances are good you’ll find it when you’re searching for a laptop or tablet bag, especially if you shop at the more reputable stores.


The styles of these items include:

  • Laptop bags: these come in sizes that range from 10 inches to over 17 inches and come with or without handles, as well as in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs.
  • Laptop backpacks: made slightly larger than regular backpacks, these items have extra pockets for paper and anything else that you might need once you set up your laptop to use.
  • Laptop sleeves: these are flat cases that come with or without handles, pockets, zippers, and straps, so you can purchase them as standard or as fancy as you like.
  • Rolling laptop cases: a little larger than laptop bags, these have plenty of room for your laptop and the accessories that go along with it, making them very valuable especially if you travel a lot.
  • Tablet cases and bags: a variety of products made specifically for your tablet; they almost always have the capability of being folded out to produce a stand so that you can set it up on a flat surface and view it without having to hold it in your hands.


Of course, the main purpose of these bags is to keep your tablet or laptop both safe and separate from the other items you’ve packed, making it easier to access them while you’re waiting to board your plane or once you get in your seat.

This is likely the main reason they come in so many sizes and styles, because each user is going to have different needs and different reasons why the bag was purchased in the first place.

Many of them are also small enough to carry with you even if you have additional luggage, and because they are made specifically to protect electronic devices, even if you drop it you’ll know your laptop or tablet is going to be protected.

They are especially useful for business travelers who need to be on their device while in the air, because the cases are usually the perfect size for unpacking and repacking your device with ease.


Because laptops and tablets come in so many different sizes, the bags that protect and carry them are also available in numerous sizes.

From cases that just hold the device itself to those that hold other items as well, they can be thick or thin, small or large, plain or containing straps and pockets. In short, you can get whatever size you need and make it as standard or as fancy as you like when shopping for these cases.

More than most other types of luggage, bags for tablets and laptops come in so many different sizes that it is impossible not to find something that is just right for the device you own.


Laptop and tablet containers can be made of vinyl, polyester, or some type of blend, but many are also made of neoprene.

Their materials are always strong and sturdy but lightweight, because the bags need to be made of something versatile that makes them easy to carry around and easy to open and shut numerous times during each trip.

Duffel Bags

Large Navy Blue Duffel Bag

Design Elements

Duffel bags come in a wide variety of designs, but they do not have the pull handle or wheels that their rolling counterparts do.

They are designed to be very easy to carry around, which is why they normally have handles attached to them, and they are also easier to store and have no rigid parts, folding up very small so you can stow them in an area with limited space.

They are designed not only for climbers and college students but also for those on a budget, since duffel bags of all sizes tend to be very inexpensive.


There are dozens of types of duffel bags, but most of them have one or more of the following: strong straps to make it easy to carry, heavy-duty zippers that are meant to last, outside pockets that allow you to store even semi-large objects in them, and reinforced insides so they are even more difficult to destroy.


Duffel bags come in many different styles because they are used for so many different purposes. They can be long and tubular-shaped, tall and fat, or shaped just like a regular backpack or luggage piece.

Since they are often used by members of the armed forces, they come in enough styles to suit all of their needs, and this is another reason they are so well-made and strong.


The main purpose of a duffel bag is ease of use and the assurance that you can put it through almost anything and it is going to last.

If you tend to be rough on your luggage, a duffel bag could be the perfect solution, and because they’re available in so many design, color, and size options, you can also easily get something you find attractive.


Since duffel bags come in so many shapes, their size dimensions often look similar, but the larger duffel bags can have up to 8,000 cubic inches of space on the inside.

They can be tall or short, round or rectangle in shape, and come in so many sizes and shapes that it is impossible not to find something just right for your needs.

Duffel bags are also made in sizes that make it convenient to carry them around regardless of the length of the trip or even how easily you want to get around the airport or other location you’re in.

If you need to move quickly through the crowds, the last thing you want is a big, bulky, heavy bag that you have to carry with you the entire time, because it can definitely slow you down.

A duffel bag is the easiest way to pack everything you’ll need for your trip and have a piece of luggage that is the exact size you need without being too large or cumbersome.


Like most other types of luggage, the material used in duffel bags can include polyester, vinyl, and many types of blends, but duffel bags can also be made in canvas.

Canvas is sturdy and reliable, and it is nearly impossible to rip or tear. Canvas also comes in a wide variety of colors, and even if you drag around a duffel bag made of canvas, including hauling it across the floor, it should last just fine throughout your trip.

It is a very thick material, so it does an excellent job of protecting everything on the inside of the bag, and it is practically impossible to destroy, making it the perfect material for duffel bags.

Best Luggage for Air Travel

Luggage bags in the airport.

When you’re traveling by air, the best luggage is lightweight and easy to carry, such as a suitcase with wheels and a telescoping handle. Look for luggage that has smooth-rolling wheels to make it easier for you to move through the TSA line and from terminal to terminal.

The handle should be comfortable and should retract out and up so that you can pull your luggage behind you or beside you as you walk, but then go into the bag to fit into overhead compartments. Measure your luggage to ensure it will fit if you’re using it as a carry-on.

A piece of luggage with extra padding for a tablet or laptop is also ideal if you’re bringing those items along and traveling by air.

Best Luggage for Cruise Travel

Woman packing clothes in suitcase.

If you’re heading out on a fabulous cruise, you’ll want to take luggage along that’s roomy and lightweight. A rolling duffel bag is an excellent option since it’s easier to put it under your bed once you set sail, which frees up room in your cabin.

Just like with air travel, anything with wheels and a durable handle is ideal. Additional luggage should include a smaller carry-on or crossbody bag, or a roomy tote bag you can take with you to the beach.

If you’re heading to Alaska, for example, you may need something larger to accommodate bulkier items like sweaters and coats. Think about your destination and what you’ll be doing there to help you pick the right luggage style based on your needs.

Best Luggage for Durability

Black traveler luggage with wheels.

If you tend to get a little rough with your luggage, you’ll need something rugged and durable to protect your stuff. Look for “hard side” or hard-shell luggage that contains your items inside of a durable shell.

Most of this luggage is made of aluminum. This metal is not only tough enough to protect the luggage inside, but it’s also lightweight enough that it won’t weigh you down.

Most hard-side luggage has an expandable seam that allows you to pack more if you need to. Do your homework and check customer reviews to get a  better sense of which brands and items are the best in terms of durability.

Best Luggage for Backpacking

Woman with a backpack walking on top of the mountain.

Whether you’re heading on an epic hiking trip or just planning a long-term stay, choosing the right type of luggage is extremely important. You want something lightweight so that you’re not weighed down, but it should also be durable enough so that the straps, zippers, and seams won’t fall apart over time.

In most cases, wheeled luggage simply won’t do in cases such as this, so you’ll want to look for large backpacks with padded straps and plenty of pockets. In this case, the key is choosing something that’s extremely versatile and adaptable so that you can carry more items with you as time goes on without feeling too heavy while you’re walking or hiking. Research materials to find the lightest yet most durable options available.

Best Luggage for Golf Vacation

Two seniors carrying golf bags in the hotel.

A standard golf bag is ideal when you’re hitting the green, but when you’re traveling, you’ll need something a lot larger and a lot more durable. Look for travel golf bags that are specially designed to store and protect your clubs and other gear.

It’s important to remember that this luggage is often considered oversized, so first off, you’ll need to check it in and secondly, you may need to pay more to travel with it by air. Soft golf travel bags are easier to carry, while hard case bags will do a much better job of protecting your gear.

Best Luggage for Protecting Clothes

Woman packing her clothes in the suitcase.

The best luggage for clothing is anything that won’t damage your stuff while also providing plenty of interior room. A duffel bag is fine for short-term travel, and if you’re wearing dresses or suits, look for protective covers with a hole at the top for a hanger.

These are usually called garment bags and they’re great for keeping everything protected and wrinkle-free. Expandable luggage is also great if you travel a lot throughout the year. This allows extra space for larger, bulkier clothing items during winter excursions.

Best Luggage with Wheels

White luggage set with wheels.

If you’re buying luggage with wheels, make sure they’re made of a durable, rugged material like polyurethane, a flexible and durable plastic. Wheels that move 360 degrees make it much easier to turn corners. You’ll also want to choose a piece of luggage where the wheels can rotate, allowing you to move the bag forward and backward.

This is an invaluable feature since it helps you roll the luggage forward when you’re walking down narrow aisles. Look at which wheels are best for the type of travel you do the most so that carrying your luggage and moving quickly is a breeze.

Top Brands of Luggage


Source: Osprey 

Ever since Osprey launched in 1974, the brand has made quality its top priority. Osprey uses durable recycled materials to make sustainable, high-performance luggage. They stand by their luggage and will always repair damaged bags.

Whether you’re looking for a carry-on or a duffel bag, Osprey has some solid options. Famous for its backpacks, Osprey luggage is perfect for travelers.


Source: Tumi

When it comes to durability, it’s hard to top Tumi. This brand makes luggage from sturdy materials like aluminum and carbon fiber. Tumi also uses an exclusive material called Tegris that’s lightweight and resilient.

Not only is Tumi luggage durable, but they offer useful features. Some suitcases have built-in USB ports, while others have protective bumpers. 


Source: Delsey 

This luggage brand has always focused on innovation. In fact, they created the first rigid rolling suitcase. Their bags offer other useful features as well, like extra storage space.

Delsey luggage also gives you lots of security. Every suitcase they sell comes with a lock. Their bags also have patented zippers that lower the risk of theft.

Level 8

Source: Level 8

Traveling can be tough, but Level 8’s ultra-light luggage makes it easier. Most of their suitcases are waterproof and have an anti-scratch surface. Suitcases also have 360 degree wheels so that bags are easier to move around.

Level 8 stands by their products, which is why they offer a lifetime warranty on all their luggage. Whether you’re dealing with a dented shell or a faulty zipper, you can count on Level 8 to make it right.


Source: TravelPro

For more than 30 years, TravelPro has offered lightweight and durable luggage. Their founder, Bob Plath, was a pilot, and the brand is a favorite of flight crews. Most bags have a hard shell with soft sides.

“We test above normal usage to ensure that the consumer won’t have any issues,” says Christian Arenas, a quality control specialist for TravelPro. “TravelPro wants their fabric to stretch to accommodate at least 60 pounds.”

TravelPro offers options for every type of traveler. From underseat luggage to large rolling bags, they have a great selection, including bags with built-in USB ports.


Source: Heys

Lots of brands offer light suitcases, but it’s hard to find anything lighter than Heys luggage. They claim to make the lightest carry-on bag in the world. This brand is a favorite of celebrities like Chris Evans and Heidi Klum.

Not only are Heys suitcases easy to carry, but most of their luggage has stylish designs. They offer suitcases in lots of colors and unique patterns.


Source: Monos

If you want a simple, well-made suitcase, you’ll want to check out Monos. This brand is serious about quality testing. Their luggage goes through more than 40 tests before it’s sold.

Monos suitcases have minimalist designs, but come in lots of colors. They offer carry-on bags in many sizes, making it easier to find an option that’s right for you. Their luggage is very sturdy, and the wheels are almost silent.


Source: Samsonite

For more than 100 years, Samsonite has made premium luggage. Thanks to their commitment to quality, they’re the world’s leading luggage brand. Samsonite always strives to improve their bags and offer the features customers want.

“Today’s bags have to be light, tidy and tough,” says Samsonite chairman Tim Parker. “We pride ourselves on building luggage to last.”

Since Samonsite is a major luggage brand, they have a huge selection. You can get any type of suitcase from Samsonite, from wheeled duffle bags to hard shell luggage. Their suitcases come with a 10-year warranty.

Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics 21-Inch Hardside Spinner, Black

Source: Amazonbasics

Luggage can be a big investment, but if you’re working with a tight budget, Amazon Basics is a solid choice. They make TSA-compliant bags at very affordable prices. Bags come in many sizes and a variety of colors.

Even though Amazon’s products are cheaper than average, they’re still well-made. Some of their suitcases include a protective hard shell. 


Source: Bric’s

This family-owned Italian brand has been making luxury luggage for more than 70 years. Bric’s makes handcrafted leather suitcases with timeless designs. They source their premium leather from Tuscany.

Bric’s offers luggage collections in different styles. Whether you’re a fan of classic or contemporary design, Bric’s has suitcases for all tastes. It’s easy to see why this brand is popular with celebrities like Jessica Alba.

Best Places to Buy Luggage


If you need luggage for an upcoming adventure, definitely check out the selection available at eBags. This online retailer sells a massive selection of luggage in a myriad of sizes, formats, colors and styles. Whether you’re heading out for a fun cruise, hitting the air, or just taking a short road trip, you’ll find the right luggage here for your travel needs.

The company also has sales pretty frequently and sometimes provides discount codes without having to sign up for emails. Browse the selection of luggage based on your unique criteria, whether it’s based on the size and weight, material, price range and more.

The website is easy to navigate, and you can sort items from prices high to low, low to high, best sellers, and more. It’s a great starting point for people who want a specific type of luggage and for those who can’t head to a nearby retailer that carries higher-quality products.

L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean store

L.L. Bean offers stylish, durable luggage in a variety of sizes and designs. This classic retailer offers fast, guaranteed shipping that’s free with any order of $50 or more. The brand’s extensive selection includes a variety of messenger bags, carry-on luggage, suitcases, and duffle bags ideal for every type of traveler.

Each item from this brand is made for easy packing, easy maneuverability, and easy access to all your goods. L.L. Bean uses durable, heavy-duty fabric and quality zippers. Suitcases typically include wheels and comfortable, rugged handles. The retailer tests all of its luggage and suitcases in its laboratory and in real-world scenarios, such as rolling them over cobblestone streets or up and down concrete stairs.

This means you’ll get a great piece of luggage for the investment. The company also says that most pieces are lightweight, and everything is completely backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The luggage is also quite attractive and versatile, too.


If you’re looking for ultra-modern luggage, make sure you visit the Monos store. This sleek luggage brand also sells a variety of other items, including clothing, water bottles, packing cubes, and a variety of other items to make your travel experience easier. Luggage from Monos includes ultra-large options like its Hybrid Trunk, which gives a nod to vintage travel excursions.

With its ultra-large size, this suitcase is reasonably priced and packed with a range of awesome features. The trunk has a tall frame that makes it ideal for longer trips and includes deep central compartments for bulkier items. A zipperless aluminum frame and anodized corner guards add to the appeal.

All hard-shell products by Monos feature an unbreakable (and very sleek) polycarbonate shell. The compartments are all color-matched, too. This includes everything from the sturdy telescopic handle and super quiet wheels to the TSA-approved locks that keep your stuff safe and secure.

Monos offers its luggage in beautiful colors, including rose quartz, desert taupe, olive green, storm gray, two different shades of blue, and more. It’s a wise option for those who care about functionality just as much as they do about aesthetics. 


Of course, you can never go wrong with Amazon if you’re looking for great luggage. The massive online retailer sells just about every format of luggage you can imagine from a huge range of brands that are both foreign and domestic. In fact, Amazon now offers its own line of luggage from Amazon Basics.

Amazon Basics 21-Inch Hardside Spinner, Black

Check out the Amazon Basics’ Hardside Spinner Luggage, which is available in several colors including black, blue, navy blue, and orange. This luggage comes in a variety of sizes that go from carry-on sizes and up. Not only can you purchase this luggage individually, but you can also choose to purchase it as a set if you’re planning a longer trip.

The luggage works great for all kinds of scenarios, like a weekend getaway, business trips, and as a carry-on piece for international excursions. The 21-inch hardside spinner has a super-thick ABS hard shell with a nice scratch-resistant finish. The four double-spinner wheels allow you to move smoothly in any direction while you’re walking.

The sturdy, telescoping handle is comfortable to use and it also includes a shorter handle mounted to the top for easier lifting. The inside is fully lined with durable yet soft polyester and includes a divider and three zippered pockets for small necessities.

But you don’t have to purchase Amazon Basics luggage from Amazon. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of other options to choose from, too.