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24 Different Types of Jewelry Storage Options

Different jewelry storage options.

Some jewelry items are better off in a safe, but there are those that can be out in the open, easy to grab and go. For the pretty trinkets that belong to the latter, it will make life so much easier if they’re kept tangle-free. The practical jewelry box is a good idea. But what happens if all those earrings, bangles, necklaces and other baubles no longer fit in that tiny box?

There are different ways to store your jewelry items and you can literally think out of the box when it comes to storage options. Best part is, you can even incorporate them as decorative elements to your room.


Jewelry Box

Jewelry box

Source: Wayfair

One of the most popular ways to store jewelry, jewelry boxes are compact, moveable, and generally offer different storage options so you can separate your rings, necklaces, bracelets, and pins. They are often made out of wood or other hard materials and very typically will have a mirror on the inside of the lid so you can check your appearance after putting on some jewelry.

When looking for a jewelry box you will want to make sure that not only do you like the style and the detailing on the outside of the box, but that the compartments inside will work for the amount as well as the type of jewelry that you own.

Jewelry Stand

Jewelry stand

Source: Wayfair

A jewelry stand can come in a lot of different designs, styles, sizes, and shapes. There are stands that are made specifically for displaying and storing earrings, while others are made for bracelets, and still others for rings or necklaces. While you can sometimes find a jewelry stand that will display more than one type of jewelry, you will generally find ones that focus on just one type.

This will allow you to showcase your collection and to keep everything out where you can see it so that it’s easy to choose what you want to wear in the morning. Make sure that the jewelry stand you choose has a reliable base and won’t tip over or you will have a large mess of jewelry to clean up after the accident, and this can even cause some of your more delicate pieces to break or become damaged.

Watch Box

Watch box

Source: Houzz

Designed to store watches and keep them safe when they are not being worn, a watch box is important if you have a large number of watches and want to make sure that they are protected. These boxes come in a wide variety of sizes, from individual watch boxes that will keep your timepiece safe when you are traveling to larger ones that can hold up to two dozen watches.

Some have glass set in the top of the box so that you can easily choose which watch you want to wear, and others have special lining in them to help to protect your watches. If you want a watch box, consider buying one that will wind your watch for you while you are not wearing it so that you never have to worry about your watch stopping when it is on your wrist.

Also consider a watch box that has a drawer for other jewelry or your wallet so that you can keep everything together when you get home each evening.

Accessory Box

Accessory box

Source: Wayfair

Different than a large jewelry box, an accessory box is a great way to store your favorite pieces to keep them close at hand no matter where they are. Since they are generally small in size, you can easily pack an accessory box up in your luggage when you are going on a trip so you’ll have your favorite pieces with you no matter where you go.

Look for one that is made of a solid material such as wood, but which also has soft compartments inside it so your jewelry isn’t being banged or bumped around when you are traveling. Lined accessory boxes will keep your pieces safe and ensure that they don’t become damaged.

Accessory Tray

Accessory tray

Source: Etsy

If you prefer to have some of your jewelry out on display each day so that you can easily grab it and put it on in the morning, you may benefit from owning an accessory tray. These are ideal if you tend to wear the same pieces jewelry every day and don’t want the hassle of looking through a large jewelry box to find what you want to wear.

They are available in multiple sizes and shapes and come in many different materials so you can find one that will match the look and feel of your bedroom and really meet the needs of the person using it. Unlike jewelry boxes, which tend to be thought of as being feminine, when you look for an accessory tray, you can easily find one that will appeal to people who want a more masculine way to store their jewelry.

Look for an accessory tray made of leather or concrete if you want something more masculine, but make sure that the jewelry won’t be damaged when it is placed on the tray. For this reason, many companies line their accessory trays with a little bit of velvet, as that helps keep everything in the tray safe.


Jewelry storage tray

Source: Houzz

If you do not have room in your home for a large piece of jewelry storage but still want to make sure that your jewelry is not only accessible but also safe, you may want to opt to use trays. These can usually be stacked, have individual compartments in them for different pieces of jewelry, and can be placed inside a drawer so that they are not left out in plain sight. If you have space in a drawer in your dresser or chest of drawers, or even an empty drawer in the bathroom, you can have the jewelry storage you need when you choose to use trays.

Ring Holder

Ring holder

Source: Houzz

Ring holders are important if you have rings that you wear on a regular basis and want to make sure that they do not get lost or damaged. Instead of having to put them into a jewelry box each night before bed, using a ring holder makes it easy to place your rings on your bedside table so that you can easily put them on again in the morning. This type of jewelry storage is also very popular and useful in the kitchen, as most people tend to take their rings off when they are washing dishes. Instead of worrying about knocking the rings off of the counter, when they are on a ring holder they will be safe and kept out of harm’s way.

Jewelry Pouch

Jewelry pouch

Source: Wayfair

While you won’t want to use a jewelry pouch as long-term storage for your jewelry, if you are going to be traveling and want to bring jewelry options along with you on your trip then you will want to have a safe place for your pieces so that they don’t become damaged while in your luggage. This is the best time to use a jewelry pouch.

They can either be structured or unstructured, and depending on what pieces you are going to bring and how fragile they are, you can easily choose which type of jewelry pouch will work best for you. Make sure that the one you choose can close securely so that your jewelry doesn’t fall out of the pouch.

Zippers, ties, and snaps are all great ways to close your jewelry pouch and make sure that your pieces stay where they are supposed to. Jewelry pouches can also be used as a way to separate pieces from each other for storage in a larger box.

Travel Case

Jewelry travel case

Source: Wayfair

Just because you’re going on a trip doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have all of your favorite jewelry with you, and with a great travel case you can bring everything along. These are very sturdy so that their strong walls can protect all of the pieces that you are storing inside. Look for one that has separate compartments and pouches for various necklaces and bracelets so that you don’t have to worry about your pieces becoming knotted up. While it may seem like a hassle to separate all of your pieces of jewelry into different areas of your travel case, this is really the best way to make sure that nothing is damaged during transit.

Cufflinks Box

Cufflinks box

Source: Wayfair

Perfect for the man who has a lot of cufflinks, a cufflinks box will keep them all separated and on display to make getting ready in the morning as fast and as easy as possible. When looking for a cufflinks box you will want to make sure that the individual spaces for the cufflinks are all soft and lined, as you do not want the cufflinks to become scratched.

Make sure that the box you choose has enough space for your entire collection of cufflinks, as there are some boxes that are significantly larger or smaller. Another thing to consider when choosing a cufflinks box is if you want there to be a place in the box to place your watch.

Having your watch stored right with your cufflinks makes it easy to choose what you want to wear, but if you have a large collection of watches and a dedicated watch box, you may not need a cufflinks box that has this feature.

Jewelry Armoire

Jewelry armoire

Source: Wayfair

For the ultimate in jewelry storage that is both gorgeous and functional, you are best off choosing a jewelry armoire. These are very large but feature attractive designs as well as a lot of different compartments where you can easily store all of your jewelry. Because these armoires tend to be so large, they can generally take the place of all other types of jewelry storage and allow you to keep everything that you own and wear in one central location.

They are so large that they are usually placed against the wall or even in a closet. Look for a jewelry armoire that has a mirror that pops up from the lid so that you can see how you look while you are putting on your jewelry. Instead of storing your necklaces flat, you will be much better off with a jewelry armoire that has hanging storage on the sides for your jewelry. This will ensure that nothing gets tangled up or damaged while in storage.


Jewelry box with mirror

Source: Wayfair

A cheval combines the beauty of a mirror in the bedroom with the function and design of a jewelry armoire. They are very useful and offer a great way to store a lot of jewelry in your bedroom without taking up a lot of room. Because you can easily see your whole jewelry collection in an instant, it’s easy to see why this type of jewelry storage is so popular.

The mirror can be used on a daily basis and will allow you to see how your whole outfit looks together, but when the mirror is swung out and away from the cheval, there is hidden jewelry storage behind it. It is also very common for there to be additional drawers for storage underneath the piece so you can place jewelry there that needs to lie flat.

Not only is this a great way to display all of your jewelry in one location, but it saves space and perform double duty because of the mirror. Additionally, a cheval is usually not obvious to a common thief as being jewelry storage and will do a great job of protecting your belongings in the event of a theft.


Wall Mounted

Wall-mounted jewelry holder

Source: Wayfair

Not everyone has a lot of surface space in their room for a jewelry box, but if you still want to make sure that you have storage for your jewelry, it’s time to consider mounting your storage on a wall. While this may not be as traditional as other options, you don’t have to worry about where you are going to put a box as long as you have a spare wall.

In addition, this has the added benefit of being much harder to damage, as you are more likely to knock a jewelry box off of your bedside table then you are to knock your jewelry storage off the wall. As long as it has been mounted securely, you won’t need to have any concern about it falling off.


Floor jewelry storage

Source: Etsy

Perfect if you have extra space in your room and want your jewelry storage to make a statement, storage that sits on the floor will ensure that the tops of your dressers and chests remain free. This will reduce the visual clutter that is often found in a bedroom and can make the whole environment more relaxing.

As a general rule, jewelry storage that sits on the floor is going to be much larger than anything that can sit on a tabletop, so if you have a very large collection of jewelry, this is likely to be your best option so that you don’t have to invest in multiple jewelry boxes and other storage options.


Tabletop jewelry storage

Source: Etsy

For a modest collection of jewelry that you want to keep close at hand and have easily accessible, you really can’t beat tabletop jewelry storage. This comes in all types, from jewelry boxes and watch boxes to trays and stands. As long as you have the space on top of the furniture in your bedroom where you can place tabletop jewelry storage, you won’t have any issue with this type of storage.

Make sure that it is large enough to meet your needs, as it is typically much smaller than anything that will be stored on the floor, so if you have a particularly impressive jewelry collection then you may need to opt for something that is larger so you will have enough room for all your jewelry.

Over the Door

Jewelry storage over the door

Source: Hayneedle

Ideal for very small rooms or to keep your jewelry out of sight of visitors, jewelry storage that hangs over the back of your door is easily accessible but out of the way. You won’t ever have to worry about people finding your jewelry collection, as most people will not bother to close the bedroom door to look for jewelry.



Lockable jewelry box

Source: Wayfair

Chances are good that if you have a fair amount of jewelry that your whole collection may be worth something. The best way to make sure that your jewelry is safe at all times is to buy storage that is lockable. This will give you peace of mind that people can’t easily get into your jewelry storage and take your jewels.

This is especially important if you have particularly expensive pieces or fine jewelry that you want to protect. While smaller jewelry boxes can be easily taken from your home, if you opt for larger locking jewelry storage, you can rest easy that it will be protected at all times.


Personalized jewelry box

Source: Etsy

Perfect for the person who wants a personal touch on their jewelry storage, options that are personalized generally make a very thoughtful gift. A person’s first jewelry box, a travel case with their name on it, or a ring bowl that has the date of their upcoming wedding are all great gifts that people are sure to love.

Taking the time to get your jewelry storage personalized is just an extra step that will show the recipient that you care. It’s also a great choice if you have multiple children who share a room and you do not want to have to hear them fighting over what jewelry belongs to whom.


Jewelry box with mirror

Source: Wayfair

A mirror attached to your jewelry storage is the best way to make it easy for you to check your appearance before you head out the door. This is especially useful if you live in a smaller home or do not have a lot of room in your bedroom for a mirror and a separate jewelry box.



Wooden jewelry box

Source: Houzz

Wood is a classic material for your jewelry storage and generally looks very timeless and is strong enough to withstand minor bumps. You do have to be careful when choosing wood for your jewelry storage as it can be negatively affected by high humidity, so if your bathroom produces a lot of steam or you live in a very humid climate, it could damage the wood.


Concrete jewelry box

Source: Houzz

For a modern look that will instantly update your home, look for jewelry storage that is made out of concrete. You do have to be careful when you opt for this material as you do not want your jewelry to be damaged. Carefully placing your jewelry on or in the storage and then also being careful when you remove it will ensure that your jewelry isn’t scratched by the hard surface of the concrete.


Leather jewelry box

Source: Wayfair

For a very high quality look that will look fashionable in any bedroom, opt for leather. It’s rather easy to take care of this material, as leather really only needs to be wiped down from time to time to prevent dust from building up on the surface.


Jewelry box made out of glass

Source: Houzz

For a very light look that won’t add any visual weight to your room, opt for glass for your jewelry storage. You can typically find jewelry trays made of glass and they are beautiful, allowing your jewelry to be the star of the storage.


Jewelry box made out of shell

Source: Houzz

Shell is gorgeous and adds a lot of interest to your jewelry storage. When shopping for shell jewelry storage, you will want to make sure that you like the color scheme, as some tend to be very bright while others are darker. The right shell jewelry storage will do more than just keep your jewelry safe and in one place. It will also be a great statement piece on your dresser.


Jewelry box made out of paper

Source: Houzz

While not as sturdy as other materials, paper may work for your storage needs. Generally, this type of storage is used in jewelry stores when the owner wants to be able to display a number of different pieces. They can be used in a home setting as well, and can work especially well in a large walk-in closet if you want all of your jewelry to be displayed at all times.


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