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Gomez Road House Expansion Showcases Prestigious Art Collection by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

A gorgeous Jupiter Island, Florida home gets a makeover to include an art gallery by utilizing a nearby vacant lot. A separate pavilion, with a walkway and lap pool, connects the residence and art complex.

Photo: Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

The owner wanted home galleries to display an art collection of 18th and 19th Century American portraits, landscapes and Southeast Asian sculptures. The existing home needed an expansion to accommodate the artwork.

Hughes Umbanhowar Architects designed and built a new pavilion to flesh out the original 1935 Maurice Fazio home. The square footage jumped to 3,800 square feet with the addition of the gallery pavilion. Built to match the measurements and personality of the main residence, the new pavilion features limestone flooring and a concrete foundation. The expansion has customized Fleetwood modern aluminum windows and doors, specially made for the Florida lifestyle and weather.

The center pool includes landscaping and palm trees surrounding a patio to provide an outdoor gathering place for entertaining.

A pool in the center of the property provides a visual focal point. The abstract sculpture in the middle sets the theme for the new pavilion, even before visitors step inside the galleries. At night ground level lights illuminate the pool and patio area. Potted plants and a few more small sculptures add flair to the outdoor space.

The pavilion with Southeast Asian art has a picture window overlooking the patio area. Large windows with clerestories frame another part of the pavilion gallery. The sculptures, perched on glass, wood or plaster stands, are bathed in the soft light from outside. A sofa, off to the side, provides a comfortable place for art admirers to relax or discuss the sculptures.

An art gallery/dining area celebrates 18th and 19th Century American art. A colonial-style mahogany table, with accompanying chairs, sits in the middle of this historical portrait gallery. Two tall white, open-shelved cabinets with glass doors display collectible plates, pots, and cups. A portrait, with a collectible urn on a small cabinet underneath it, takes up a focal point between the display cases. Another portrait hangs above a small mahogany table that displays another urn.

A smooth, flat roof plane protects the pavilion’s rooms – and the walkway in front of them – from the elements. An outdoor dining entertainment area bridges the gap between both rooms, also shielded by the roof. It oversees the pool, patio, and surrounding landscaping.

This art gallery expansion provides a separate pavilion for social functions and arts-oriented events. It leaves the original house solely as a residence, providing quiet and privacy for the owner. The expansion is more than a separate space for a home art gallery. It provides a sanctuary for special occasions, with dining, lounging, and a lap pool.

Check out more photos of the Gomez Road expansion from the project’s architects, Hughes Umbanhowar Architects.

Photos and Design: Hughes Umbanhowar Architects.