LEGO Apartment: 258 Sq Ft Magically Transforms into 5 Rooms

Watch this video of a magical 258 square foot apartment turn into 5 rooms with custom space-saving cabinets and furniture.

While many people strive for bigger homes, this video is an example of how you can lack for nothing in only 258 square feet.

What’s even more remarkable, every furnishing and element needed for any room is hidden within the custom-built cabinets along the walls.  Essentially, it’s a bare cube apartment that magically transforms into five rooms.

Rooms that Magically Appear:

Kitchen:  Fully functional kitchen is hidden within the wall cabinets.

Bedroom:  Bed rolls out from underneath the window.

Dining Room:  Dining table for 5 drops down from the wall.

Bathroom:  Glass cube bathroom tucked on inside of cube apartment.

Living Room:  Bed converts into comfortable sofa.

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Clean-up is dead-simple.  Everything is nearly within arm’s-reach.  The custom space-saving “transformer-like cabinetry” looks great.

Another Space-Saving Video Featuring Space-Saving Furniture

(I like the 2 desks that transform into beds).

(c) 2015

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