Damushan Teahouse by DnA_Design and Architecture

Damushan Teahouse by DnA_Design and Architecture

Location: Songyang Damushan Tea Valley, Lishui, Zhejiang Province
Program: Tea House/ Tea Art Training
Client: Songyang Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
Architecture Design: DnA_ Design and Architecture
Principle Architect: Xu Tiantian
Design Team: Xu Tiantian, Zhang Longxiao, Zhou Yang
Interior Design: DnA_ Design and Architecture
Lighting Design: Zhang Xin Studio, Architecture Department of Tsinghua University (Zhang Xin, Han XIaowei, Zhou xuanyu)
Structure System: Shearing Wall
Gross Floor Area: 477.75m2
Building Foot Print: 372.83m2
Design Period: 2014.12-2015.01
Construction Period: 2015.02-2015.08
Completion Time: 2015.08
Photographers: Wang Ziling, Chen Hao, Zhou Yang

With the success of the bamboo pavilion, Damushan Tourism Committee decided to build a new tea house on a linear sunken site facing a reservoir on its west side as an addition to a pre-existing long corridor pavilion.

The tea program is divided into two parts: a two-story space in the north and two private rooms in the south. The two-story space is designed to house major groups of visitors and faces a shaded plaza on its west with five phoenix trees next to the public walkway. Two private rooms are stretched across a private corridor and lean over the water edge.

This leaves a more secluded alley experience away from the public walkway, yet creates direct, open, and picturesque views for both private rooms, with individual abstract “zen” courtyards on the east to form a contrasting experience. The articulation of a dialogue between teahouse and nature will invite light, breeze, view, and reflection into this tea space, for visitors to contemplate the ephemerality of our nature. This teahouse at the center of the tea plantation is functioning as a temple of tea.

After the completion of the building, a young woman, Meng Xiaoxue, who grew up in a tea farmer family from this region started to operate this teahouse with new functions such as a teaching program as well as other cultural tea ceremonies. Her business soon expanded into innovative tea production. This teahouse is now the incubation for culture and economy in development.

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