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Feiticeira House by HUS Arquitetos

Feiticeira House by HUS Arquitetos

The Feiticeira house is located in a privileged terrain by the sea, featured by a big slope, the main character in this project planning.

The several volumes of this built complex, develop into different floor levels, allowing a more pleasant path down to the sea, where a pier and a wood deck give access to boats.

The main volume, where the bedrooms, living room and kitchen are located, was designed in a way that all rooms would face the same view. From that on, a big exterior deck extends with an infinity pool, the most important social area of the house, a perfect place to enjoy a sunset.

Its glass façade and its big bifold doors allow different levels of privacy to each room. As the proposition of this project was using all levels in the best way possible, the superior slab, which previously would become a useless space, was transformed into another social area with vegetation. It is accessed by a metallic catwalk that brings the main car entry to the house roof. This catwalk then transforms into a stair that leads to the main entry of the house, on the inferior level.

Featured by a minimalist simplicity, the project is limited to 3 different materials, concrete, wood, and glass.

The other two volumes of this complex, the caretaker´s and the guest´s house, maintain the same minimalist principle and have equally sea views, however attending the privacy needs in each case.

Architecture: HUS Arquitetos
Year: 2018
Area: 1200 m²
Location: Praia da Feiticeira, Ilhabela (SP)
Photos: Pedro Mascaro