Mediterranean Home Decor Style Guide for 2019

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Here's a massive guide all about Mediterranean design style for home architecture. Includes massive Mediterranean home interior design photo gallery.

Welcome to the Mediterranean home decor style guide for 2019 where you can see photos of all interiors in the Mediterranean style including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, foyers and more.

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I can totally see why the Mediterranean style is fairly popular for home design.  It has a grandeur to it both outside and inside.

It’s certainly not a humble design; instead it strives to create a grand appearance using arches, columns, decorative elements and textures.

The contemporary Mediterranean interior design style is based on looks and ideas from the Mediterranean Sea area of Spain, Italy, and Greece.

It’s a more modern style based on the old-fashioned Spanish styles. You’ll find some very ornate styles and accents in this Mediterranean style as well as larger and more heavy units.

This means you’ll find textures as well as some overall louder colors. It’s definitely a fun style because it’s a little wilder but it’s also something you can play around with and create your own unique aspects with a Mediterranean furniture style.

This article sets out to clarify exactly what the Mediterranean style is for home design, starting with a gallery.

Distinguishing Mediterranean Home Decor Features


Below is a diagram pointing out some of the elements that in totality create a Mediterranean style.  Keep in mind that not all elements are unique to Mediterranean.  They are also found in other styles; however, it’s when used in unison the design becomes Mediterranean.

  • Stucco or brick exterior
  • Ornate eaves and decorative elements
  • Plenty of brick, especially on walkways and driveways.
  • Use of arches for windows, doors and entry-points.
  • Earth tones.
  • Tile roof.
  • Juliet balconies.
  • Plenty of curves.


Below is a photo pointing out some classic Mediterranean interior design features.

Illustrated guide to Mediterranean home decor

Many interior features echo exterior features.

Here are key Mediterranean interior style features:

  • Mediteranean style living room and kitchen.Arches
  • Columns
  • Ornate features including furniture
  • Tile and brick
  • Earth tones
  • Large furniture
  • interior balconies
  • Tall ceilings (not always, but it’s no uncommon)
  • Curves.

Related Styles

  • Tuscan
  • Spanish
  • Southwestern

The best features of the Mediterranean design are the tiles. These are one of the most iconic aspects of the style and they’re the piece that most people really think of with anything Mediterranean and it’s extremely important.

They come in with a range of different colors and styles, as well as patterns that will create a unique look that you can do anything you like with. Other design features include the textured walls and the rounded doorways contrary to the more standard rectangular forms of other styles.

Other distinguishing features include arches, columns and earth tones such as beige, mustard yellow, brown mixed with splashes of bright colors (via tiles).

It’s all influenced by some Moroccan style and it does this with the bold colors and the filigree styling of lights. Everything is going to be textured and layered to provide even more texture or to showcase the spaces, which are generally large in this style.


Mediterranean home decor accessories and materials.When it comes to the materials associated with this style you’re going to find a whole lot of texture. You’ll see layered paint on the walls and a whole lot of bronze, iron, and lighting.

All of this is going to create a unique look that really showcases the Spanish and southwestern influences. It has warm and earth tones throughout the patterns and different materials.

You’ll find terra cotta tiles, stucco accents, wood beams in rustic styles and tones, and much more. All of this can be in a range of different colors that sometimes flare out in a bold flash in one area or another or even in shimmery styles from the metals that are popular as accent pieces.


Mediterranean home decor furnishings example.The furniture in this style of home is going to be ornamental and styled. You may get some basic aspects to the furniture but there are always going to be accents throughout that feature intricate and beautiful carvings.

You’ll see some bolder and more neutral colors accompanying each other and you’ll even have some more plush fabrics and padding. This translates to some formal but still somewhat comfortable furniture. Furniture is generally very solid and long lasting as well, in materials like wood, wrought iron a whole lot more.

You’ll find some furniture pieces that feature bronze to provide an accent and you’ll definitely see pieces that feature arches coming from the doorways and even the windows that are already in these accented styles.

Décor Accessories

Mediterranean style dishware.If you want some accessories you’re definitely going to want to look at bolder and more fun colors.

The Mediterranean style has influences with a lot of layers. You will find burnished bronze accent pieces along with all the tiles that can be inlaid into the furniture, decorative on the floors or even on the walls in frames or just alone.

The biggest accessories are really the exposed beams in the ceiling and the shaped doorways and windows. You’ll find gold accents as well as flowy curtains, wrought iron and some filigree fixtures for lights. You’re also going to have a whole lot of heavy pieces of furniture.

When it comes to the accent tables you’ll find heavy pieces but the flowy accents that go along with them help to balance this out. The walls and everything around you will have texture or layers and you’ll find some stenciled patterns that are developed throughout the room and on everything in it.

You’ll have things like mirrors with bold wooden frames or a large table with heavy carving countered with light and gauzy curtains or tile work laid into the floor.

Why it Looks Great

Mediterranean style art example.The Mediterranean style is most definitely something you want to put in your home and that’s because of the colors and textures that get mixed together.

The influences of a variety of different aspects like Moroccan and Spanish will create something unique. You’re also going to have more freedom to get a little bit random and a little bit eclectic. That’s because of the bold colors and the varied styles that all come together or can be pulled together at the same time. It’s definitely something you won’t want to miss.

If you like a bold and bright color palette with Spanish and Tuscan décor and a stunning Mediterranean kitchen or dining room, this is somewhere you can get that without feeling like you’re too overwhelmed with clutter and belongings.

Related Styles

Often interior designs are a mix of styles in which case it can difficult to classify the design.  Common combinations that include Mediterranean are rustic, farmhouse and Spanish.

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