Alps Villa Modern Primarypiece by Camillo Botticini Architect

The Alps Villa home by Camillo Botticini Architect is a modern beacon of a home built into the hillside providing an amazing view. However, it also is designed to enhance the natural landscape.

Just look at it from below while looking up to the mountains, it really is a spectacular addition to the landscape as homes go.


It’s 350 m(3,767 square feet) in size and sits 700 meters above sea level. Due in large part to the steep slope, the home is built into the earth on a cleared, large grassy area with towering mountains rising behind it.

On the backside (north side) is a large courtyard that provides a beautiful view of the rising mountains.

The home is in an irregular “C” shape and includes a courtyard wrapped around by the house on 3 sides. The west side of the home has 3 bedrooms that look out onto the courtyard.

The center of the C shape is the living room with a view down the mountain. The east wing has the highest ceiling and includes a mezzanine.

The home is extremely energy efficient. It has a heat pump and ventilated walls (very thick at 65 cm) which create stable temperatures regardless of outside conditions. Not only does this keep climate control costs low for the owners, but it’s also extremely environmentally friendly. It was granted an A+ Italian Energy Efficiency Certificate.

One interesting feature is that all the living spaces are connected by a ceiling made by triangular planes with a continuous and recessed light system.

As you can see below, throughout the house there’s integration between inside and outside. The courtyard makes this possible so that there’s plenty of natural light throughout.

Enjoy the gallery below.

  • Progetto/Architectural design: Camillo Botticini Architetto
  • Progettazione Strutturale/Structural engineering: Ing. Franco Palmieri
  • Progettazione Impiantistica/Services engineering: Planex srl
  • Collaboratori/Collaborators: arch. Lucia Fanetti, Ing. Paolo Dellana, arch. Giorgia Guseo, arch. Stefano Farina
  • Impresa/Construction Company: Baglioni Costruzioni srl
  • Direttore Cantiere/Supervisor of construction: Geom. Roberto Migliorati
  • Fotografo/Photograph: Niccolò Galeazzi – Eugeni Pons
  • Area/Area:. 360 m2

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