30 Southwestern Kitchen Ideas for 2019

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Southwestern orange kitchen with tall stool and tiled floor.

Source: Zillow DigsTM

Mid-size kitchen with curved island.
White kitchen with dark brown island. The dark brown natural wood island stands out amid the all white kitchen.

Southwestern kitchen with beam ceiling, gray tile backsplash and central island with a breakfast bar.


z-southwestern kitchen-with-exposed-beams-and-terracotta-tile-oct-6-2017
Southwestern kitchen with brick flooring
z-southwestern kitchen-with-breakfast-nook-oct-6-2017

Whether you live in the southwestern part of the United States or are a fan of the Old West, having a southwestern designed kitchen may appeal to you. Southwestern designs are not as popular as they were in the past as only 0.17% of kitchens out of 1.78 million have this design. However, if you want to incorporate this style into your home, here are some southwestern kitchen design ideas.

Southwestern Design Features

Southwestern interior designs draw from several cultural influences found in the southwest part of the US. It is a combination of Spanish and Native American influences, along with touches of contemporary American styles. Natural materials are important to this style, as is color and the furnishings.

Southwestern Materials

Natural materials are important for southwestern designs as most homes emphasis them. Wood is found throughout most kitchens with exposed wood beams, hardwood flooring, and wood furnishings. Adobe, which is a clay-like material formed into sun-dried bricks, used to build thick-walled homes are prominent in the desert southwest.

Adobe homes have a mud plaster covering to keep the bricks from cracking, and this plaster is found on both the exterior and interior as well. If your house isn’t adobe, the interior plaster can be imitated with certain painting techniques to add depth and texture to the walls. Stucco can also be used to add a southwestern aesthetic to the kitchen.

Southwestern Color Palette

The palette for a home with a southwestern design is mainly earth tones but in lighter shades. Since many southwestern houses are in desert climates, using dark or fiery colors can draw more heat. However, using softer versions can help keep the kitchen cooler. These colors include white, turquoise, light yellow, pale orange, and neutral colors like light tan.

The walls in a kitchen may also feature Mosaic or hand-painted tiles as backsplashes, on counters, and on the floors. A tiled floor can also help keep a home cooler during the summer months. These examples of southwestern kitchen design ideas can help you decide on which design elements to include in your home.

The furniture for a southwestern kitchen is usually wood, but it may come in many different styles. Farmhouse style tables and chairs are in some kitchens, or heavy sets with carvings on the seat back or with curved legs are reminiscent of Spanish style is also found in many kitchens that feature a southwestern style design.

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